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The present position: TopDisaster prevention of the inside is safe of thisIt is disaster prevention of the inside of this
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Disaster prevention

About findings of alien substance mixture to storage food (alpha rice) for disaster

 About alien substance mixture to alpha rice which had report on Thursday, March 18, 2020, we received report of findings from manufacturer.
 Findings to this page.


Registration of notice of disaster information email service (Kanazawa Bousai.com)

Intelligence is important for disaster. Let's enroll in Kanazawa Bousai.com!

 "Kanazawa Bousai.com" is service to deliver the latest weather information, evacuation information to cell-phone, smartphone by mail for heavy rain, flood, disaster such as the earth and sand disaster. In late years large-scale disaster caused by local heavy rain and large-scale typhoon occurs in each places of the whole country. Let's prepare for evacuation action to follow command from intention, disaster for everyday intelligence.
 Please confirm registration method on homepage of the following link.

Urgent information telephone directory enquiries

You can confirm broadcast content of Multiple Adressing Disaster Prevention Radio on the telephone.
TEL: 0180-99-7171

About action that you should take when ballistic missile may drop

We will tell citizen's all of you about action that you should take when ballistic missile may drop.

Communication just after from ballistic missile discharge

・Ballistic missile hits the ground from discharge extremely in a short time.
・When missile may fall to Japan, we utilize J alert and spread message with special siren sound in emergency broadcast system and will tell about emergency information by emergency breaking news emails.

If message flows, please take the following actions promptly.

[when we need outdoors]
・We evacuate to the inside or underground shopping center of building (building which is firm if we can do it) nearby.
・We hide ourselves in shade near when there is not suitable building or the ground can lie down and protects the head.

[when we need indoors]
・We are separated from window as much as possible and move to cave if possible.

According to instructions from administration, please act calmly.

In addition, please refer to related link for more detailed information.

List of related links

National protection portal site (external link)
About action at the time of ballistic missile fall (external link)
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Q&A (external link) about action at the time of ballistic missile fall
Summary of J alert
About transmission of ballistic missile information by J alert (external link)
Q&A (external link) about transmission of ballistic missile information by J alert
About inflection of delivery service of national protection information by smartphone application


Mental attitude of disaster

For earthquake

For tsunami

For rain and wind

For nuclear-power disaster

Your Refuge shelter map

Disaster prevention measures of Kanazawa-shi

About national protection

About crisis management

We accept visit to group facility and child disaster prevention lesson of citizen's all of you in Okuwa disaster prevention base open space.

Okuwa disaster prevention base open space



Emergency Services Division Crisis-Management Division
Phone number 076-220-2366
FAX number: 076-233-9999
[email protected]

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