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About collection of storage food (alpha rice) for disaster

About findings of alien substance mixture to storage food (alpha rice) for disaster


 Because there was report of alien substance mixture to alpha rice for disaster storage that we ate from Childcare Center (① Moriyama Childcare Center ② Yagi Childcare Center) of two city on March 18, we performed cause investigation in manufacturer and received report about the result as follows.


(1) About shape of alien substance and property
 ① It is rock piece of white at 2*2*1mm
 ② Piece of polystyrene resin which is black with about 8mm in diameter, dome form of about 2mm in height
   We are estimated to be some kind of caps by the appearance.
(2) About possibility inspection of alien substance mixture in manufacturing facility
 ・In manufacturing facility, there are not machine parts or appliance using material like alien substance.
 ・Because we carry out measures that can remove alien substance at plural points during process and we sort and are removed if it is shape of the alien substance concerned and the appearance, possibility to remain in products is very low.
 ・From production daily report of the day of the production, there are not production trouble or damage of production line.
(3) About inspection of non-consumption alpha rice which we collected
 ・For 99 number of the collections 4,950 meals
 ・We opened target article to sorting stand about inspection contents rice, ingredients each, and we performed, but alien substance was not detected inspection by viewing in in five workers both at the same time.
○ We were not able to pinpoint mixture course definitely as a result that alpha food of manufacturer investigated.
 In addition, there is not report of health hazard by alien substance mixture by today.
 It was decided that investigation about this matter was finished by the above having this.
 In addition, is 1-layer in manufacturer; alert; and called for thorough alien substance removal, and will alert in future when eat disaster prevention storage food by training to have confirm by viewing beforehand.


About collection of storage food (alpha rice) for disaster

 From around last December, we have provider return goods to reach the expiration date in 2020 when there is object about alpha rice which we distributed at hand in alien substance mixture being possible (March 19, 2021 public announcement) with the proviso that we consume before the expiration date or have you contact at the following when it is unknown and would appreciate your cooperation for collection.

 Kanazawa-shi Crisis-Management Division 076-220-2366 (weekdays 9:00-17:45)

Alpha rice whole view

The front

The expiration date indication


Emergency Services Division Crisis-Management Division
Phone number 076-220-2366
FAX number: 076-233-9999
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