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Collection of stockpiled foods (alpha rice)

Survey results of foreign material contamination in stockpiled food (alpha rice)


 On March 18, Childcare Center of two locations in the city (1 Moriyama Childcare Center 2 Yagi, Childcare Center). Since there was a notification that foreign matter was mixed into the alpha rice for stockpiling of the disaster that was eaten, the manufacturer investigated the cause and received the following report on the results.

Survey results

(1) About shape and properties of foreign matter
 ① White rock piece with 2x2 x 1mm
 ② fragments of black polystyrene resin with a dome shape of about 8 mm in diameter and about 2 mm in height
   Some cap is estimated from the exterior.
(2) Verification of Potential Contamination of Foreign Materials in Manufacturing Plants
 ・In the manufacturing plant, there is no equipment or equipment that uses the same substances as foreign matter.
 ・Measures have been taken to remove foreign substances at multiple locations during the process, and the shape and appearance of the foreign matter will be sorted and removed, so it is very unlikely that the product will remain.
 ・There are no manufacturing troubles or damage to the production line from the manufacturing date report on the day of production.
(3) Inspection of uncollected alpha rice
 ・Collection: 99 boxes, 4,950 meals
 ・Inspection contents The target items for rice and ingredients were expanded to the sorting table, and five workers performed visual inspection at the same time, but none of them were detected.
○ As a result of an investigation by the manufacturer, Alpha Foods Co., Ltd., the contamination route could not be clearly specified.
 In addition, there has been no notification of health damage due to foreign material contamination by today.
 As described above, the investigation on this matter has been completed with this.
 In addition, we requested the manufacturer to further alert and thoroughly remove foreign substances, and in the future, when eating emergency stockpiled food during training, we will warn them to visually check in advance.


Collection of stockpiled foods (alpha rice)

 Since the expiration date will be reached in fiscal 2020, the distributed alpha rice may be mixed with foreign substances, provided that it is consumed within the expiration date from around December last year (published on March 19, 2021). If you have an object, please return it to the provider, or if you are unsure, please contact the following and cooperate with the collection.

 Kanazawa City Crisis Management Division 076-220-2366 (9: 00-17: 45 on weekdays)

Alpha Rice Overview


Expiration date

For inquiries

Emergency Services Division Crisis Management Division
Phone number: 076-220-2366
FAX number: 076-233-9999
[email protected]

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