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The present position: TopDisaster prevention of the inside is safe of thisIt is crime prevention of the inside of this
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Crime prevention

 We support setting and electricity charges of security street light to plan security of prevention of crime in the night and civic traffic in Kanazawa-shi. In addition, we issue Clappers as support to local voluntary security organization.
 Furthermore, we carry out security patrol jointly with local various places and police station and promote environmental purification.


 With ESCO business introduction, reception counter as follows was changed about repair running out of ball of street light from April, 2018.

 ・References such as trouble of street light, running out of ball, construction
   The ESCO secretariat (the Ishikawa Electric construction industrial guild)
   Reception hours from 9:00 to 17:00 (except Saturdays, Sundays and holidays)
    TEL 076-240-8828
    FAX 076-240-8829
    MAIL esco-k@dennet.jp

Setting of street light (crime-prevention light)

 Because LED of street light propelled becoming in Motoichi, we introduced ESCO business from April 1, 2018.

With ESCO business

 Construction and the next maintenance to change the public street light of the public street light A contract (power consumption is small electricity charges thing of fixed amount) that company which contracted with city by abbreviation of Energy Service Company business was installed in telephone poles in the city for LED light all at once work, and plan reduction of burden on town assembly modifying electricity bill or maintenance with reduction of environment load.

New street light

 About new establishment, submission of request book is necessary as before.
 ※We would like reception desk of new request of 2019 by the end of January, 2020.
 We install new establishment by the following at a certain crime in the night or threat point (principle city street) of Traffic accident.
The number of 1 setting light
  By the situation of setting place, we install in any of the following standard.
(1) When we install in telephone pole
       According to the number of the households of town assembly per 1 town assembly 1, we set up the number of the following lights in limit.
           Town assemblies less than 100 households         1 light
           Town assembly 2 light which is less than 400 households 101 households or more
           Town assembly 3 light which is less than 600 households 401 households or more
           Town assembly 4 light which is less than 800 households 601 households or more
           Town assemblies more than 801 households         5 lights
      ※ But of area where district maintenance plan to prescribe in 5 Paragraph 2 Paragraph 1 of Town Planning and Zoning Act Article 12 was established
    In area except that area that is town to beat, and to prescribe in regulations Article 2 Paragraph 1 about promotion of Kanazawa-shi domiciliation
    We set a ceiling of twice the number of the limit lights and, about hitting town assembly, install.
(2) When there is not telephone pole and installs pole newly and attaches street light
      (but securing of power supply being easy)
       Exchanging the number of the limit lights 3 light when we install in telephone pole to one steel tube pillar and install.
      (maintenance of steel tube pillar after setting becomes town assembly management.)
       In addition, town assemblies less than 400 households convert the number of the limit lights into one steel tube pillar each and install.
2 setting conditions
    As a general rule, there are telephone poles of city street, and stay away from existing street light 30m or more.

3 setting application
    You attach position of telephone pole and position figure which showed telephone pole number clearly to setting request book, and please apply.
   (Manager of town assembly or town assembly mark is necessary for application.)

4 setting request books, each written consent
We attach 5 lighting equipment LED lights.

6 expense burden cities install.
       Company which city entrusted with performs repair of appliance of street light.

 ※But electric bill payment after setting, maintenance of steel tube pillar become town assembly.

Existing street light

 Please inform the ESCO secretariat mentioned above of inquiry running out of trouble, ball about existing street light (crime-prevention light).

Voluntary security activity

We recommend about promotion of voluntary security activity in area for crime restraint in each town assembly in Kanazawa-shi.
Inhabitants patrol that utilized Clappers in particular,

  1. Person hearing sound of Clappers confirms locking and key credit.
  2. We are effective in letting you lock each person's heart.
  3. With uplift of security consciousness, it is perfect opportunity to regain lost local bond (solidarity).

We issue Clappers for activity of town assembly in Kanazawa-shi.

Contact information Crisis-Management Division
1-1-1, Hirosaka TEL: 220-2366

Crime, Traffic accident dials 110

Point of emergency call to the police

  1. What was there? Traffic accident, thief
  2. When did you meet? What time
  3. Where was it? Signal name, name of a street, address or outstanding building
  4. Criminal and car? The numbers of sex, age, height build, clothes, escape direction, car
  5. States of one or the damage situation, accident that how turns out now
  6. Relations with your address, Full Name, phone number case, accident

※Report which is not emergency, various consultation, requests are the nearest police stations, or please call # 9110 (the Ishikawa Police headquarters Police security counselor's office).

Embarrassing thing consultation

Please consult with police box, police box, police station of neighborhood or each consultation counter about consultation about crime and crime prevention in anything.
Contact information
Police station out of Kanazawa 222-0110
Kanazawa east police station 253-0110
Kanazawa west police station 266-0110
Each consultation counter
The police security consultation 225-9110
To person having a problem with Traffic accident 225-1690
Various telephone consultation guidance Various telephone consultation guidance
Homepage of the Ishikawa Police http://www2.police.pref.ishikawa.lg.jp/index.html

Security relations (information of the Ishikawa Police headquarters homepage clicks each item)

Mail delivery of security information

We deliver email about crime occurrence information in Kanazawa-shi and security measures in each security association. Person that delivery is hoped for inputs "security email into the following address with hope", and please send by email.

  • Security association (the police station out of Kanazawa) out of Kanazawa 
    "Lively safely email" (address nakabohan@tune.ocn.ne.jp)
    Telephone 262-1284
  • Association of Kanazawa east crime prevention (Kanazawa east police station)
    "Refreshing safely email" (address higashibohan@po4.nsk.ne.jp)
    Telephone 251-1110
  • Association of Kanazawa west crime prevention (Kanazawa west police station)
    "nishi child net" (address kana2684424@po4.nsk.ne.jp)
    Telephone 226-0110

National local safe exercise

Aum Shinrikyo measures

Continued faith to founder Asahara continues now, and it is said to group which succeeded Aum Shinrikyo which caused indiscriminate mass murder case by the sarin subway attacks in Tokyo in March, 1995 that we push forward expansion of believer for youths who do not know case.

In Kanazawa-shi, base facility of this group exists and inhabitants around the facility usually have big uneasiness and live.

As measures to such a thing, we join the Aum Shinrikyo measures-related municipalities Network (existing Aum Shinrikyo measures-related city and district town Network) in Kanazawa-shi in 2005 and hold liaison conference (4 person meetings) with grant and Related institutions of subsidy for activity of Kanazawa Aum Shinrikyo measures meeting to organize request to information exchange and country with the member local government in local resident including what is active regularly and we plan information sharing for problem and are active variously.

Recent approach process


Emergency Services Division Crisis-Management Division
Phone number 076-220-2366
FAX number: 076-233-9999

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