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Registration Kanazawa Shigusa

Image of Kanazawa Shigusa


2010 "registration Kanazawa Shigusa "

Ⅰ Consideration of living

  • Consideration words of easy thanks by Kanazawa accent
    "kiganenaa" (thank you for having mind so much)
  • Consideration words to console partner by Kanazawa accent
    "shinashinaato" (please relax patiently)
  • Taste and manners of tea ceremony and flower arrangement breathe in living.
    (we provide tea displaying seasonal flower at the entrance casually and treat)

Ⅱ uyamainoshigusa

  • We tell anti-suruuyamaino heart in greetings of weather to person and nature.
  • There are manners and customs of thanks to offer firstling and mine thing, and to do, and to have "cast-off".
  • We express honorific deuyamaino feeling.
    Do ...; true ... (do) tetai (please do) where do (do), and - island leaves for (do)

2009 "registration Kanazawa Shigusa "

Ⅰ We distribute mind of house

  • We live by doing arrangement of house which valued sense of the seasons and greet customer.
    (indoor arrangement such as shoji, bamboo-woven door, noren, cushion)
  • You do Yukitsuri and follow garden tree, and please taste winter Taste to person via way.
  • Snow shoveling in front of house wants to thin Susumu of the neighbor a little.

Ⅱ Consideration of meal

  • Celebrate
    At the time of festivals of Kanazawa "is equal", and cook no dishes, and celebrate.

    Example oshi-zushi, Berobero
  • Treat
    We treat customer with cooking of Kanazawa using products of the district full of senses of the seasons.

    Stewed various dishes, jibu, eggplants and somen of example lotus root, spiral core-patterned gluten bread with egg
  • Sharing of a gift
    We share mine thing or dishes which we cooked to neighborhood and acquaintance.

    Do whether is example without trying to be, daikon zushi

Than 2008 "registration Kanazawa Shigusa "

Gesture of hospitality

  • When customer comes, we sprinkle the entrance and greet.
    Outside the entrance, we sprinkle inside. In this of purge call for the cool at summer dusk at the same time to have a meaning.
  • We provide cake to attach to tea with tray on two pieces of standard size Japanese paper which we made folio respectively.
    "Each tray" is small tray to put cake for one on.
    We are intended to wrap standard size Japanese paper when customer did not have cake, and to hand.
  • When it is unexpected customer, and there is not preparation for cake, we may provide thing which we had to present saying "it is way lapse of memory, but takes".
    It is quality of Kanazawa at any time that does not forget "heart of hospitality ".
  • "Sorry" wants to leave "oidasubase" for "hospitality words" by beautiful Kanazawa accent such as "without "is it shade?" compliment".
    It is soft, and, for words of Kanazawa with intonation, feeling of thanks, respect to partner is put.
  • It is one of the things which want to leave seasonal event cake including "fortune plum" "Kinkatou" "icehouse. steamed bun" "Goshikinamagashi".
    We color New Year holidays and the Girl's Festival, knot of daily life including marriage ceremony type with lovely cake.

Gesture of consideration

  • Mutual concessions on snowy straight road and sidewalk piled up.
    It is gesture only by Kanazawa of snowy district. At first it is consideration for partner to avoid one step from oneself.
  • When we run way with melting snow device in car, we lower speed for walker.
    It may be said that this is gesture only in snowy district.
  • We want to leave "consideration words" by Kanazawa accent that "bean jam" is clean "with much effort".
    There is feeling to come simply because it is words that we got used to.

Video of Kanazawa Shigusa

Gesture "sprinkled water" of hospitality

Gesture "sprinkled water" of hospitality

We play video (WMV form: for 50 seconds)

Gesture "way lapse of memory" of hospitality  "standard size Japanese paper of folio"

Gesture "way lapse of memory" of hospitality "standard size Japanese paper of folio"

We play video (WMV form: for one minute 02 seconds)

Gesture "beautiful Kanazawa accent " of hospitality

Gesture "beautiful Kanazawa accent " of hospitality

We play video (WMV form: for 22 seconds)


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