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Public comment procedure (opinion open call for participants procedure)

With public comment procedure (opinion open call for participants procedure)

We deal with establishment, reorganization such as development, change and the regulations, rules such as basic measures of city and we announce draft and purpose beforehand and recruit opinions and are procedure making decision that is final in consideration of put opinion.
In Kanazawa-shi, we carry out "public comment procedure" based on "the regulations about civic participation in Kanazawa-shi and promotion of cooperation" and "opinion open call for participants procedure" based on "the Kanazawa-shi administrative procedure regulations".
We do not reply for sent opinion individually, but announce summary of opinion and way of thinking of city when we announce conduct result.

Thing about basic plan, regulations

Thing about rules


  • Rules
  • Examination standard, disposal standard (standard of disadvantageous disposal)
  • Administrative advice guidelines

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Community Service Division promotion of civic cooperation section
Phone number 076-220-2026
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