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The present position: TopIt is house, traffic, town development of the inside of thisIt is the town development regulations of the inside of thisThe regulations about promotion of comfortable, beautiful town development from this without littering in Kanazawa-shi
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The regulations about promotion of comfortable, beautiful town development without littering in Kanazawa-shi

The regulations about promotion of comfortable, beautiful town development without littering in Kanazawa-shi

From December 1, 2018 around Higashi Chaya district, as for "the littering, prevention important point area" is enlarged!

 It is increased to former Kimachi district where "prevention important point area is next to littering" around Higashi Chaya district from December 1, 2018.
 In important point area, littering, walking-smoking and walking-smoking, leaving of feces of pet are prohibited.
 In around Kanazawa Station, Kohrinbo district, Musashi district, around Kenroku-en Garden, 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa, Nagamachi Samurai Houses district, "littering becomes prevention important point area".

 Ranges of important point area look at this in detail.

With comfortable, beautiful town development…

In Kanazawa-shi, we worked on improvement such as manner of garbage, manner of pet, manner of cigarette until now in cooperation with "Kanazawa citizen meeting that made manner better". However, in spite of these approaches, heartless act of some people and lack of manner are seen, and it is to dishevel good society.
Also, in these regulations, "littering such as cigarette butt or empty can" that are act to be connected for aggravation of living environment which is familiar to citizen in particular "leaving of feces of pet including house dog" establishes that companies such as city, citizen collaborate for prevention such as "smoking or walking-smoking in crowd" that are nuisance act to endanger neighboring people and wrestle.
Anyone without these acts aims at realization of beautiful town Kanazawa who can spend time comfortably, and let's push forward approach with the whole citizen more.

Manner of garbage, manner of pet, manner of cigarette

With littering

We are in throwing away thing which we can throw away in thing which is similar to cigarette butt and empty can, empty bottle, container of plastic bottle or other food and drink, waste paper to chew, and to lend of chewing gum, plastic these waste or other easily in collection container and place except established place.

With walking-smoking

We say that we have cigarette with thing and fire to smoke with fire in facility which road and park, outdoor public places of open spaces and school, assembly room, many people including exhibit space use. Not only smoking that we stop but also smoking in facility which smoking while we ride bicycle, motorcycle, many people use is included. (but smoking at place that can smoke that manager of facility appointed is not included.)

About the handling of new cigarette

 Because we do not use fire in the smoking of new cigarette (heating-type cigarette, electronic cigarette), it is not said that it is targeted for regulation of the regulations, but I would like cooperation currently to have you smoke at decided place including smoking area.
 In addition, please be careful in what littering of new cigarette butt is prohibited as well as empty cans at public places of whole city, and is targeted for regulation of the regulations.


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