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The present position: TopIt is social movement, consultation of the inside of thisIt is promoted town, Kanazawa of student of the inside of this
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Promotion of town, Kanazawa of student

About promotion of town, Kanazawa of student

Kanazawa town development student meeting

It is introduction of student tissue "Kanazawa town development student meeting" who waits, and becomes promotion base of Kanazawa of student.
The details including state of application and activity to the ninth member, please click entry.

About town citizen interchange hall of Kanazawa student

It is student, civic interchange, introduction of Base for movement "town citizen's interchange hall of Kanazawa student".
The details including usage guidance of "town citizen interchange hall of Kanazawa student", please click entry.

Student supporter company registration system

We raise companies supporting "town promotion of student"!
For more details, please click entry.

About promotion of 2018 "town, Kanazawa of student"

It is approach and introduction of state of implementation of 2017 to propel town of student performing in 2018. Please contact each department in charge published under each page for inquiry about listed business.

Approach this year

Approach until last year


Community Service Division promotion of civic cooperation section
Phone number 076-220-2026
FAX number: 076-260-1178

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