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To person moving from Kanazawa-shi to other municipalities

When we are transferred, various procedures are necessary transference.
Please report without forgetting.

Notice of the change of address

You are going to be transferred with the transference planned site, and please report the date.

Procedure of National Health Insurance

In the case of procedure of notice of the change of address, return.

Procedure of National Pension

Please go through the procedure newly in transference.

Transfer procedure

You tell school at school, and, after notice of the change of address, please do transference procedure at school.

Procedures such as motorcycles

Please do procedure to return number plate of Kanazawa-shi issuance.


Please refer to Kanazawa City Hall main government building or civic center of neighborhood.

Electricity, gas


Electricity varies in frequency by area. Performance of electric appliance declines and may cause fire. We will have electric shop coordinate.
Calory of gas has various kinds.
We will have you adjust in gas company and specialty store.

Address change procedure to post office

In the case of moving, you bring seal to post office of neighborhood, and you fill in new address and former address, and please submit to paper of address change.


Community Service Division Civil Department
Phone number 076-220-2241
FAX number: 076-224-2163

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