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The present position: TopIt is report, tax of the inside of thisIt is Official family registry, address transfer, certification of a seal impression/Various certifications of the inside of thisIt is Various certifications of the inside of thisWe issue, and it is given service at post office by this
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Grant service at post office

Information for grant service at post office

We can receive grants such as copying of Certificate of Residence at the next post office.

The handling post office

Futamata post office Futamatamachi, Kanazawa-shi i 12-3 (TEL 076-236-1042)
Mitani post office Miyanocho, Kanazawa-shi re2-3 (TEL 076-257-5610)
Morimoto Futsukaichi post office Futsukaichimachi, Kanazawa-shi nu 137-13 (TEL 076-258-0968)
Kigoshi, Kanazawa post office 1-151, Kigoshi, Kanazawa-shi (TEL 076-257-1862)

The handling certificate

  1. Copying (thing of the person or same household) of Certificate of Residence
  2. Matter certificate (extract from a person's family register) now personal all matter certificate (copy of a person's family register) of Official family registry
    (thing of person listed in the same Official family registry)
  3. Copying (thing of person listed in the same Official family registry) of tag of Official family registry
  4. Seal registration certificate
  5. The tax payment certificate (corporation is excluded)

※The person requested from come to window. (by agent we cannot request.)
In addition, please bring identification cards for Identification which government and public offices including "driver license" "passport" "health insurance card" issued when you come.
In addition, please bring seal card (seal registration document) or seal notebook when you request seal registration certificate.

※When you want to know detailed thing about the handling, please contact Kanazawa City Hall Civil Department or the handling post office mentioned above.


Community Service Division Civil Department
Phone number 076-220-2241
FAX number: 076-224-2163

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