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The present position: TopIt is report, tax of the inside of thisIt is Official family registry, address transfer, certification of a seal impression/Various certifications of the inside of thisIt is Identification from this
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About Identification at window

In late years Official family registry, case reporting falsehood (lie, falsehood) for the purpose of abuse of Certificate of Residence occur while interest in personal information protection increases while the person does not know, and it is nationwide social problem.
About person who came to have notification forms, we carried out Identification until now, but the Census Registration Act, the Basic Resident Registration Act were revised, and this was required from May 1, 2008 to prevent this in Kanazawa-shi.

In Identification at window, I would like your understanding and cooperation!

1.Report and proof that are targeted for Identification

Report of Official family registry Report of marriage registration discussion divorce paper notification of adoption divorce by consent certificate of recognition
Resident move notification Notice of the change of address notice of the change of address Change of address notification household notification of change
Certificate Certificate about Certificate of Residence, Official family registry, City tax

2.Identification cards which have you show for Identification

(take thing in expiring date.)

  • Report of Official family registry
  • Official family registry certificates
  • Driver license
  • Personal number card
  • Basic Resident Register card (with photograph of the face)
  • Passports
    One that does not have the thing mentioned above is two from next
    Identification of health insurance person insured, identification of care insurance person insured, pension book or rente,
    Identification card which corporation issued or student identification card
  • Resident move notification
  • Copying of Certificate of Residence
  • Tag of Official family registry
  • Driver license, personal number card, Basic Resident Register card (with photograph of the face), passport, one including identification of health insurance person insured

3.When we cannot show identification cards at window

Report of Official family registry When I cannot confirm that it is the person of report, I send notice of the effect that "accepted report" after the acceptance of report to the person (report person) who was not able to confirm.
Resident move notification When case and agent who were not able to confirm that it is the person of report come, I send the "resident move notification acceptance" notice to the person (report person).

※Please note that change of Full Name sends notice to "former address" in "former him" about which there was by report about one performed address change of after the same day.
※We can do "the non-acceptance proposal" at window so that it is not reported divorces against intention of the person about report of Official family registry.
For more details, please refer to Civil Department Official family registry charge (076-220-2241).


Community Service Division Civil Department
Phone number 076-220-2241
FAX number: 076-224-2163

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