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The present position: TopIt is report, tax of the inside of thisIt is Official family registry, address transfer, certification of a seal impression/Various certifications of the inside of thisFrom this toward the foreign inhabitants
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Toward the foreign inhabitants

Toward the foreign inhabitants living in Kanazawa-shi

Operation of "resident-registry network system" is started toward the foreign inhabitants.
Operation of resident-registry network system (the nationwide resident-registry network) is started on July 8, 2013 even if we arrive at foreigner, and Certificate of Residence cord is listed in Certificate of Residence of foreign inhabitants.
As you notify of Certificate of Residence code by mail to family nurturer on after July 8, 2013, in Kanazawa-shi, please keep carefully. In addition, there is no procedure to be necessary by this notice.

Registration system which related to toward the foreigner from July 9, 2012 changed.

Alien Registration Act was abolished, and Certificate of Residence was made toward the foreign inhabitants

Conventional alien registration system was abolished on July 9, 2012, and foreign inhabitants was targeted for application of the Basic Resident Registration Act, too. Therefore, Certificate of Residence of foreign inhabitants was made.
As a general rule, Certificate of Residence which becomes targeted for making is foreigner residing lawfully more than March (called "medium-and-long term resident".) or special permanent resident.

Report about change of address is necessary

After performing notice of the change of address until now in municipality where we lived in, and having received notification of change of residence like Japanese, we bring notification of change of residence in municipality of new address and will perform notice of the change of address. On notice of the change of address, please bring residence card of all the households or special permanent resident certificate by all means.
In addition, notice of the change of address is necessary even if we obtain re-entry permit when we are transferred abroad.

"Residence card" or "special permanent resident certificate" is issued

In substitution for conventional "certificate of alien registration," "residence card" is issued toward the medium-and-long term resident. In addition, "special permanent resident certificate" is issued toward the special permanent resident.
(as "certificate of alien registration" is effective after the new system enforcement sequentially, it is not necessary to file for reshuffling immediately)

With residence card

For medium-and-long term resident, it is certificate issued with permission to be concerned with the residence such as change permission of shore leave and residence status, update permission of the residence period at the sky seaport or window of district Immigration Bureau.

With special permanent resident certificate

Special permanent resident certificate is certificate issued at the municipality window same as before for special permanent resident.

External link and reference

Please refer at the following if you have any questions.
Ministry of Justice Immigration Bureau, the foreign residence synthesis information center TEL (0570) 013904

Thing about resident-registry network system

About Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications related link "Basic Resident Register system to be concerned with foreign inhabitants"

Thing about special permanent resident system

To Ministry of Justice related link "special permanent residents"

Thing about the residence management system and residence card

To Ministry of Justice related link "foreigners residing in Japan"


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