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The present position: TopHygiene medical of this health of the insideIt is funeral hall of the inside of thisIt is the fee for use of funeral hall from this
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The fee for use of funeral hall

Division Unit Amount of money
The city The suburbs
CrematorBody12 years or olderOne body5,000 yen50,000 yen
Under 12 years oldOne body3,000 yen30,000 yen
Stillborn childOne body1,000 yen10,000 yen
FilthOne bag (to 5 kg)1,000 yen10,000 yen
Waiting roomOne two hours5,140 yen
MortuaryOne 24 hours1,020 yen

When we correspond next each, amount of money to set of the city column of this table applies.

  1. When the body dead concerned puts at the time of death and has address in Motoichi
  2. When father of stillborn child stillborn child concerned or mother has address in Motoichi
  3. Hospital, medical office for destruction by fire of filth filth concerned are cases in area of Motoichi


Community Service Division Civil Department Environmental Health Office
Phone number 076-220-2228
FAX number: 076-224-2163

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