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It is located now: TopAgriculture and forestry industrial of this together with middle auspicious decoration for giftsIt is agriculture of Kanazawa of the inside of thisIt is Kanazawa agricultural college school from this
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Kanazawa agricultural college school

About "Kanazawa agricultural college school"

State of the agriculture training

Kanazawa agricultural college school was established in March, 2006 to bring up leading figure of agriculture of Kanazawa-shi, and 99 people completed the training so far.
We bring up scholar of professional agriculture to take production of Kaga vegetable and activation of production center on through the training for 2 years.

Training contents


・One to be able to make shuno into in Kanazawa-shi
・It is one 65 years or younger 18 years old or older

The offer staff

・Around ten people


・Internship: Two years
・Training day: Basic training two days a week
      First year month, Thursday, second year fire, Friday (as for each time around three hours of the morning)
         ※Other than the basic training, there are the management power improvement training or the foster parent farmhouse training, too
          In addition, whole year (for from Monday to Friday corresponding to agriculture next-generation human resources investment business (preparations type)
          There is training course of) for from 8:30 to 16:30, too

Training contents

Lecture, training to learn cultivation technology of vegetables
Item Main contents Training days

The basic training ・Lecture (cultivation technologies)
・Cultivation training by intern combination
・Making of shunokeikaku
2nd / week 
First year month, Thursday
Second year fire, Friday
(morning around three hours)
(around 100 days a year)
The management power improvement training ・Lecture (management philosophy, farming plan, management)Around ten times of / year
(each time around two hours)

The specialized training ・Specialized cultivation training of whole year
・Farming practice training others              
From Monday to Friday
A course:
   From 8:30 to 16:30
B course:
   There is no time designation
The special training ・The local training by instruction such as "artisans of agriculture"
・Operation training others of agricultural machine
Principle Wednesday
Around 12 times of / year
(each time around two hours)
The foster parent farmhouse training ・The advanced technical acquisition by the cause of assiduous farmerExperience-based course:
  It is / item more than five days
Practice course:
  It is / item more than two months
Practice course (reinforcement type):
  It is / item more than two months

※We attend higher than 1 training for one year

Training place

・Other than Kanazawa-shi Agriculture Center farm, market of producer


Free (but teaching materials costs bear the actual expenses of intern)
・College takes out accident insurance on an internship by lump (intern bears a part of the premium)
・Agricultural machine, farming implements, agriculture material, work clothes lend
・Intern prepares boots, raincoat, scissors, work gloves necessary for work


・The situation (almost more than 80%) in internship present issues diploma to one meeting completion authorization standard
After the training completion, there are various support systems

Recruitment of 2018 Kanazawa agricultural college school the 14th batch

Around ten offer staff
Internship two years (from February, 2019 to January, 2021)
We submit application method "Kanazawa agricultural college school training application" to Kanazawa-shi Agriculture Center (possible mail)
Application period from Tuesday, August 7, 2018 to Monday, November 26, 2018 ※Must arrive 

      ・Recruitment of Kanazawa agricultural college school interns leaflet: The surface (Portable Document Format)
      ・Recruitment of Kanazawa agricultural college school interns leaflet: The back side (Portable Document Format)

      ・Recruitment of Kanazawa agricultural college school interns essential point (Portable Document Format)
      ・Kanazawa agricultural college school training application (Portable Document Format)
      ※Training application other than Kanazawa-shi Agriculture Center Kanazawa City Hall Civil Department and
       It is in civic center window
      ※For more details, please feel free to contact to Kanazawa-shi Agriculture Center
Recorded interview of other training scenery and interns, completion life; "iine Kanazawa "agriculture in Kanazawa
     Let's begin! We can watch Kanazawa agriculture college from the following URL. Interesting one
     Please see by all means.
      ・iine Kanazawa "let's begin agriculture in Kanazawa! Kanazawa agricultural college school"
       (Hokuriku Broadcasting: on October 20, 2018 broadcast)


Agriculture and forestry fisheries station Agriculture Center
Phone number 076-249-2744
FAX number: 076-249-4470

Person wanting to know farmhouse in Ishikawa and agricultural corporation and Ishikawa agriculture affiliate look at Ishikawa agriculture synthesis support mechanism homepage.

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