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The present position: TopAgriculture and forestry industrial of this together with middle auspicious decoration for giftsIt is made with forest of Kanazawa of the inside of thisIt is findings of mail delivery information from this
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Findings of mail delivery information

・It is findings of bear haunting information delivering by mail through Kanazawa Bousai.com (notice of Kanazawa-shi disaster information email service).
・Bear haunting information email that delivery is hoped for is this

Findings of 2019 mail delivery information

Update day: January 6, 2020

NO Delivery day Haunting place The haunting date and time  Findings Delivery school bottom, district
190January 5SuehiromachiJanuary 5 17:38Bear and confirmationWood, riding ground
189December 24WakamatumachiDecember 24 around 15:40Bear and confirmationTagami
188December 9WakamatumachiDecember 9 around 13:20Bear and confirmationTagami
187November 30YamakawamachiNovember 30 around 22:00Bear and confirmationSaigawa
186November 29UeyamamachiNovember 29 around 7:00Bear and confirmationYuwaku
185November 29KitabukuromachiNovember 29 around 5:00Bear and confirmationYuwaku
184November 26KamitatsumimachiNovember 26 18:30Bear and confirmationSaigawa
183November 23MakimachiNovember 23 7:55Bear and confirmationThe setting sun temple
182November 22HigashiharamachiNovember 21 around 22:00Bear and confirmationMitani
181November 22HigashinagaemachiNovember 22 around 14:20Bear and confirmationThe setting sun temple, Tagami
180November 21KamitatsumimachiNovember 21 around 20:00We cannot identify with bearSaigawa
179November 21Tokiwa-choNovember 21 around 8:00Bear and confirmationWood
178November 21KaminakamachiNovember 21 around 9:10Bear and confirmationHigashiasakawa
177November 20GoshomachiNovember 20 around 12:15Bear and confirmationKosaka, Moriyama, the setting sun temple
176November 17SuehiromachiNovember 17 around 10:30Bear and confirmationKosaka, Moriyama
175November 12SuemachiNovember 12 around 8:00Bear and confirmationSaigawa, Higashiasakawa
174November 12FutamatamachiNovember 12 around 0:50Bear and confirmationIouzen
173November 3SeryoumachiNovember 3 around 18:35We cannot identify with bearSaigawa
172November 3ItagayamachiNovember 3 around 6:55Bear and confirmationYuwaku
171November 1TawaramachiNovember 1 around 10:30Bear and confirmationTawara, Iouzen
170October 31FutamatamachiOctober 31 around 6:00Bear and confirmationIouzen
169October 30KamitatsumimachiOctober 30 around 14:30Bear and confirmationSaigawa
168October 29SuemachiOctober 29 around 7:00Bear and confirmationSaigawa, Higashiasakawa
167October 29WakamatumachiOctober 28 around 23:30Wild boar and confirmationTagami
166October 27Wakunami 2October 27 around 3:40Wild boar and confirmationKodatsuno, Sakiura
165October 24KakumamachiOctober 24 around 4:00Bear and confirmationTagami
164October 23TsukazakimachiOctober 23 around 22:40We cannot identify with bear
(we cannot confirm trace of bear)
Morimoto, Yakushi Valley
163October 23TatsumimachiOctober 23 around 13:00Bear and confirmationHigashiasakawa, Saigawa
162October 23TatsumimachiOctober 22 around 16:00Bear and confirmationHigashiasakawa, Saigawa
161October 23BoukoujimachiOctober 22 around 10:00Bear and confirmationChisaka, Morimoto
160October 23TatsumimachiOctober 22 around 16:30Bear and confirmationHigashiasakawa, Saigawa
159October 21TatsumimachiOctober 19 around 10:20Bear and confirmationHigashiasakawa, Saigawa
158October 20KamitatsumimachiOctober 19 around 17:00Bear and confirmationSaigawa
157October 19YoshiwaramachiOctober 19 around 20:45Bear and confirmationMorimoto
156October 19WakamatumachiOctober 19 around 7:45Bear and confirmationTagami
155October 18WakamatumachiOctober 18 around 15:58Bear and confirmationTagami
154October 16ShimodanimachiOctober 16 around 18:28Bear and confirmationYuwaku
153October 13KamitatsumimachiOctober 13 around 14:00Bear and confirmationSaigawa
152October 12AodanimachiOctober 11 around 18:00Bear and confirmationSaigawa
151October 11TagamimachiOctober 11 around 6:10Bear and confirmationTagami
150October 103, TaiyogaokaOctober 10 around 19:25Bear and confirmationTagami
149October 10KoraimachiOctober 10 around 19:10Bear and confirmationRiding ground
148October 10UtatsumachiOctober 10 around 14:20Bear and confirmationRiding ground, Moriyama
147October 9KamitatsumimachiOctober 9 around 19:20Bear and confirmationHigashiasakawa, Saigawa
146October 82, HigashiyamaOctober 8 around 20:30Bear and confirmationMoriyama, riding ground
145October 8KamitatsumimachiOctober 7 around 9:00Bear and confirmationHigashiasakawa, Saigawa
144October 29, YonaizumimachiOctober 2 around 15:40We cannot identify with bear
(it requires attention sequentially)
143October 2OkuwamachiOctober 1 around 15:00Bear and confirmationSakiura, 11 shop
142October 2Hisayasu 6October 2 around 7:45We cannot identify with bear
(it requires attention sequentially)
Three horses, Hushimidai,
Yonaizumi, Togashi
141October 2TatsumimachiOctober 1 around 21:20Bear and confirmationSaigawa
140October 2ShioujimachiOctober 2 around 6:30Bear and confirmationYakushi Valley
139October 2TagamimachiOctober 2 around 6:00Bear and confirmationTagami
138October 22, SuzumidaiOctober 1 around 20:40Bear and confirmationWood
137October 1TagamishinmachiOctober 1 around 6:50Bear and confirmationTagami
136September 28TagamimachiSeptember 28 around 21:00Bear and confirmationTagami
135September 28KumabashirimachiSeptember 28 around 6:00Bear and confirmationSaigawa
134September 27HigashimachiSeptember 27 around 20:36We cannot identify with bearYuwaku
133September 26AzukizawamachiSeptember 26 around 13:20Bear and confirmationTawara
132September 25KumabashirimachiSeptember 24 around 13:00Bear and confirmationSaigawa
131September 25TawaramachiSeptember 25 around 12:28Bear and confirmationTawara
130September 25KamitatsumimachiSeptember 25 around 6:55Bear and confirmationSaigawa
129September 243, SuzumidaiSeptember 24 around 14:51Bear and confirmationTagami
128September 23HigashimikagemachiSeptember 23 around 10:05Bear and confirmationWood
127September 23TagamimachiSeptember 23 around 5:58We cannot identify with bearTagami
126September 21Hisayasu 6  September 21 around 3:45Bear and confirmationThree horses, Hushimidai,
Yonaizumi, Togashi
125September 20ShiboutakasakamachiSeptember 20 around 8:00Bear and confirmationHanazono
124September 20TakematamachiSeptember 19 around 8:30Bear and confirmationMitani
123September 20OkuwamachiSeptember 19 around 18:00Bear and confirmationSakiura
122September 18FukuroitayamachiSeptember 18 around 10:30Bear and confirmationHigashiasakawa
121September 18TsutsujigaokaSeptember 18 around 9:30Bear and confirmation11 shop
120September 18Tokiwa-choSeptember 17 around 23:50Bear and confirmationWood
119September 17TawaramachiSeptember 17 around 9:30Bear and confirmationTawara
118September 13HabamachiSeptember 13 around 8:00Bear and confirmationYuwaku
117September 5SuehiromachiSeptember 5 around 6:34Bear and confirmationTagami, the setting sun temple
116September 3BesshomachiSeptember 3 around 18:40Bear and confirmationUchikawa
115September 3TakaomachiSeptember 3 around 18:26Wild boar and confirmationHushimidai
114September 2KiriyamamachiSeptember 2 around 16:20Bear and confirmationMitani
113August 22AsahimakimachiAugust 22 around 15:50Bear and confirmationHanazono, Mitani
112August 22KakumamachiAugust 22 around 8:25Bear and confirmationTagami
111August 21WakamatumachiAugust 21 around 7:02Bear and confirmationTagami
110August 21WakamatumachiAugust 21 around 6:58Bear and confirmationTagami
109August 21WakamatumachiAugust 21 around 6:41Bear and confirmationTagami
108August 20KakumamachiAugust 20 around 18:30Bear and confirmationTagami
107August 10TanoshimamachiAugust 10 around 21:15We cannot identify with bearIouzen
106August 8NishiichinosemachiAugust 8 around 15:45Bear and confirmationYuwaku
105August 5KamiyachimachiAugust 5 around 8:50Bear and confirmationKosaka, Chisaka
104August 3Water FuchimachiAugust 3 around 6:30Bear and confirmationSaigawa
103August 1HigashinagaemachiAugust 1 around 21:55Bear and confirmationThe setting sun temple
102August 1TawaramachiAugust 1 around 14:30Bear and confirmationIouzen, Tawara
101July 31HigashinagaemachiJuly 31 around 16:41Bear and confirmationThe setting sun temple, Tagami
100July 29KiriyamamachiJuly 29 around 9:50Bear and confirmationMitani
99July 25KakumamachiJuly 25 around 15:10Bear and confirmationTagami
98July 20WakamatumachiJuly 20 around 16:20Bear and confirmationTagami
97July 20HigashinagaemachiJuly 20 around 9:10We cannot identify with bearThe setting sun temple, Tagami, wood
96July 18ShimizumachiJuly 18 around 16:05Bear and confirmationThe setting sun temple
95July 14TaiyougaokaJuly 14 around 14:50Bear and confirmationHigashiasakawa, Tagami, the setting sun temple
94July 13TomuroshinboJuly 13 around 10:50We cannot identify with bearTawara, the setting sun temple
93July 12DairahonmachiJuly 12 around 15:10Bear and confirmationHigashiasakawa
92July 12KishigawamachiJuly 11 around 20:51Bear and confirmationHanazono
91July 10KakumamachiJuly 10 around 11:00Bear and confirmationTagami
90July 9TawaramachiJuly 9 around 7:50Bear and confirmationIouzen, Tawara
89July 9AzukizawamachiJuly 9 around 9:20Bear and confirmationIouzen, Tawara
88July 8TawaramachiJuly 8 around 17:55Bear and confirmationTawara
87July 8KakumamachiJuly 8 around 10:10Wild boar and confirmationTagami
86July 8TakematamachiJuly 8 around 9:00We cannot identify with bearMitani
85July 5KobishikemachiJuly 5 around 17:20Bear and confirmationYuwaku
84July 4Kubo 2July 4 around 21:00We cannot confirm trace of bearTogashi, Hushimidai
83July 2KakumamachiJuly 2 around 14:30Bear and confirmationTagami
82July 2SuehiromachiJuly 2 around 13:30Bear and confirmationWood
81July 2WakamatumachiJuly 2 around 12:50Bear and confirmationTagami
80July 2WakamatumachiJuly 2 around 9:50Bear and confirmationTagami
79July 2WakamatumachiJuly 2 around 8:00Bear and confirmationTagami
78June 30ObishikemachiJune 30 around 10:30Bear and confirmationHigashiasakawa
77June 28MitsukoujimachiJune 28 around 21:00Bear and confirmationUchikawa
76June 26KakumamachiJune 26 around 13:15Bear and confirmationTagami
75June 26Water FuchimachiJune 26 around 9:00Bear and confirmationSaigawa
74June 25KakumamachiJune 25 around 12:30Bear and confirmationTagami
73June 22KakumamachiJune 22 around 13:30Bear and confirmationTagami
72June 22AmaikemachiJune 22 around 12:14Bear and confirmationSaigawa
71June 21TagamishinmachiJune 21 around 7:35Monkey and confirmationTagami
70June 20BesshomachiJune 20 around 17:40Bear and confirmationUchikawa
69June 18FukatanimachiJune 18 around 13:40Bear and confirmationYakushi Valley
68June 18TagamishinmachiJune 18 around 7:40Bear and confirmationTagami
67June 17KakumamachiJune 17 around 6:45Bear and confirmationTagami
66June 17NakatomachiJune 17 around 6:45Bear and confirmationSaigawa, Uchikawa
65June 16Sakae-machi, MiikeJune 16 around 6:51We capture bearKosaka, Chisaka
64June 16Kamiyachimachi othersJune 16 around 6:43Bear and confirmationKosaka, Chisaka
63June 15KamiyachimachiJune 15 around 12:38Bear and confirmationKosaka, Chisaka
62June 15AmaikemachiJune 15 around 9:05Bear and confirmationSaigawa
61June 15MomosakamachiJune 15 around 6:20Bear and confirmationMorimoto
60June 14ObishikemachiJune 14 around 20:30Bear and confirmationYuwaku, Higashiasakawa
59June 14TatsumimachiJune 14 around 15:30Bear and confirmationSaigawa
58June 14MomosakamachiJune 14 around 16:30Bear and confirmationMorimoto
57June 14YoshiwaramachiJune 14 around 16:05Bear and confirmationMorimoto
56June 14HigashinagaemachiJune 14 around 10:30Bear and confirmationThe setting sun temple
55June 14KakumamachiJune 13 around 23:20Bear and confirmationTagami
54June 13HanazonoyawatamachiJune 13 around 17:48Bear and confirmationHanazono
53June 13TogiyamachiJune 13 around 13:20Bear and confirmationHanazono
52June 13TagamimachiJune 13 around 11:50Bear and confirmationTagami
51June 13AzukizawamachiJune 13 around 8:30Bear and confirmationTawara, Iouzen
50June 13SuehiromachiJune 13 around 9:00We cannot identify with bearWood
49June 12OhimachiJune 12 around 20:50Wild boar and confirmationKosaka, Moriyama
48June 12BesshomachiJune 12 around 19:30We cannot identify with bearUchikawa
47June 12KurumamachiJune 12 around 16:00Bear and confirmationMitani
46June 12TagamimachiJune 12 around 15:50Bear and confirmationTagami
45June 11TsubonomachiJune 11 around 11:00Bear and confirmationTogashi
44June 11YamashinachoJune 11 around 11:45Bear and confirmationTogashi, Nagasakadai
43June 11TagamimachiJune 11 around 9:56Bear and confirmationTagami
42June 102, SannouchoJune 10 around 17:45Bear and confirmationThe setting sun temple
41June 9KatatanimachiJune 9 around 18:29Bear and confirmationMorimoto, Yakushi Valley
40June 9YoshiwaramachiJune 9 around 17:55Bear and confirmationMorimoto, Yakushi Valley
39June 9AzukizawamachiJune 9 around 16:58Bear and confirmationIouzen
38June 9KamiyachimachiJune 9 around 8:33Bear and confirmationKosaka
37June 9NaruwamachiJune 9 around 5:30Bear and confirmationKosaka, Moriyama
36June 9NaruwamachiJune 9 around 6:10Bear and confirmationKosaka, Moriyama
35June 8YamashinachoJune 8 around 18:45Wild boar and confirmationTogashi, Nagasakadai, 11 shop
34June 8NaruwamachiJune 8 around 12:25Bear and confirmationKosaka, Moriyama
33June 7KosakamachiJune 7 around 7:05Bear and confirmationKosaka
32June 6UtatsumachiJune 6 around 10:13Bear and confirmationRiding ground, Moriyama
31June 63, SuzumidaiJune 6 around 7:00Bear and confirmationWood
30June 3KakumamachiJune 3 around 19:20Bear and confirmationTagami
29June 3TagamimachiJune 3 around 12:44Bear and confirmationTagami
28June 3ShimowakunamimachiJune 1 around 8:00Bear and confirmationYakushi Valley
27June 1WakamatumachiJune 1 around 13:00Bear and confirmationTagami
26June 1NagasakamachiJune 1 around 9:20Raccoon dog and confirmationNagasakadai, Togashi
25May 31TomuroshinboMay 31 around 17:30Bear and confirmationTawara
24May 30KamitatsumimachiMay 30 around 18:20Bear and confirmationSaigawa
23May 30TsukiuramachiMay 30 around 17:15Bear and confirmationKosaka
22May 30KamiyachimachiMay 30 around 8:00Bear and confirmationKosaka
21May 29KamiwakunamimachiMay 29 around 9:50Bear and confirmationYakushi Valley
20May 29KanagawamachiMay 28 around 7:00Bear and confirmationHigashiasakawa
19May 29ShimooshiharamachiMay 29 around 5:30Bear and confirmationYuwaku, Saigawa, Higashiasakawa
18May 27WakamatumachiMay 27 around 18:25Bear and confirmationTagami, the setting sun temple
17May 27IchinosemachiMay 26 around 7:00Bear and confirmationMitani, Iouzen
16May 27Tomuroshinbo-choMay 26 around 18:30Bear and confirmationTawara, Iouzen
15May 26KurumamachiMay 26 around 18:00Bear and confirmationMitani
14May 26KakumamachiMay 26 around 15:35Bear and confirmationTagami
13May 24KakumamachiMay 23 around 21:15We cannot identify with bearTagami
12May 23SugaikemachiMay 23 around 6:00Bear and confirmationSaigawa, Yuwaku
11May 23HigashinagaemachiMay 23 around 11:00Bear and confirmationThe setting sun temple
10May 21ShimodanimachiMay 21 around 8:30Bear and confirmationYuwaku
9May 20OkuwamachiMay 17 around 19:00We cannot identify with bear11 shop
8May 17SuehiromachiMay 17 around 7:40Bear and confirmationWood
7May 14KokyoumachiMay 14 around 6:30Bear and confirmationYuwaku
6May 1MinamisengokumachiMay 1 around 8:35Bear and confirmationHanazono
5April 25HigashiharamachiApril 25 around 16:20Bear and confirmationMitani
4April 241, TakaominamiApril 23 around 19:15Bear and confirmationOugidai, Hushimidai, Nuka
3April 20KitabukuromachiApril 20 around 18:00Bear and confirmationYuwaku
2April 12KotosakamachiApril 11 around 15:00Bear and confirmationHanazono
1April 6NagasakamachiApril 6 around 9:30Bear and confirmationNagasakadai, Togashi


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