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The present position: TopAgriculture and forestry industrial of this together with middle auspicious decoration for giftsIt is made with forest of Kanazawa of the inside of thisIt is findings of mail delivery information from this
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Findings of mail delivery information

・It is findings of bear haunting information delivering by mail through Kanazawa Bousai.com (notice of Kanazawa-shi disaster information email service).
・Bear haunting information email that delivery is hoped for is this

Findings of 2020 mail delivery information

Update day: December 2, 2020

NO Delivery day Haunting place The haunting date and time  Findings Delivery school bottom, district
321December 1KitagawamachiDecember 1 around 16:50Bear and confirmationMitani
320November 30NarusemotomachiNovember 30 around 8:00Bear and confirmationMitani, Yakushi Valley
319November 25GoshomachiNovember 25 around 8:25Bear and confirmationKosaka, the setting sun temple
318November 24KurumamachiNovember 24 around 20:20Bear and confirmationMitani
317November 24ShioujimachiNovember 24 around 7:30Bear and confirmationYakushi Valley, Hanazono
316November 23SunagozakamachiNovember 23 around 6:30Bear and confirmationIouzen
315November 21SuemachiNovember 21 around 18:00Bear and confirmationSaigawa, Uchikawa
314November 20Tomuroshinbo-choNovember 20 around 16:15Bear and confirmationTawara
313November 19KamiwakunamimachiNovember 19 around 9:00Bear and confirmationYakushi Valley
312November 192, TaiyogaokaNovember 19 around 8:00Bear and confirmationHigashiasakawa, Tagami
311November 17OritanimachiNovember 17 around 7:00Bear and confirmationYuwaku
310November 16OkuwamachiNovember 16 around 20:00Bear and confirmationSakiura, 11 shop
309November 16ShimizudanimachiNovember 16 around 16:45Bear and confirmationMitani
308November 16OkuwamachiNovember 16 around 13:00Bear and confirmation11 shop
307November 16SuemachiNovember 16 around 9:00Bear and confirmationSaigawa, Uchikawa
306November 14TawaramachiNovember 14 around 16:35Bear and confirmationTawara
305November 14SuemachiNovember 14 around 11:00Bear and confirmationSaigawa
304November 14YuwakuarayamachiNovember 14 around 10:40Bear and confirmationYuwaku
303November 13YuwakuarayamachiNovember 13 around 16:45Bear and confirmationYuwaku
302November 13TawaramachiNovember 13 around 16:10Bear and confirmationTawara
301November 13YuwakuarayamachiNovember 13 around 6:36Bear and confirmationYuwaku
300November 12Itagatani-choNovember 12 around 20:00Bear and confirmationYuwaku
299November 12YuwakuarayamachiNovember 12 around 12:10Bear and confirmationYuwaku
298November 121, MinamishijimaNovember 11 around 17:22Bear and confirmationShijima
297November 12WakamatumachiNovember 11 around 15:30Bear and confirmationTagami
296November 12YamanouemachiNovember 12 around 1:00We cannot identify with bearMoriyama
295November 12YuhideramachiNovember 11 around 18:20Bear and confirmationThe setting sun temple
294November 12ShimizudanimachiNovember 12 around 2:40We cannot identify with bearMitani
293November 112, TaiyogaokaNovember 11 around 19:26Bear and confirmationTagami, Higashiasakawa
292November 11OkuwamachiNovember 11 around 12:33Bear and confirmationSakiura, 11 shop
291November 11SuemachiNovember 11 around 8:00Bear and confirmationSaigawa, Uchikawa
290November 11YuwakuarayamachiNovember 11 around 6:55Bear and confirmationYuwaku
289November 10TatsumimachiNovember 10 around 12:20Bear and confirmationSaigawa
288November 10ShimowakunamimachiNovember 10 around 11:00Bear and confirmationYakushi Valley
287November 10YuwakuarayamachiNovember 10 around 7:00Bear and confirmationYuwaku
286November 92, TsuchishimizuNovember 9 around 20:40Bear and confirmationSakiura
285November 9YuwakutagojimamachiNovember 9 around 12:08Bear and confirmationYuwaku
284November 9NodamachiNovember 9 around 9:10Bear and confirmationTogashi, Nagasakadai
283November 9YuwakuarayamachiNovember 9 around 7:40Bear and confirmationYuwaku
282November 8TagamihonmachiNovember 8 around 8:40Bear and confirmationTagami, Higashiasakawa
281November 8YuwakuarayamachiNovember 8 around 7:25Bear and confirmationYuwaku
280November 7SuemachiNovember 7 around 22:00Bear and confirmationSaigawa
279November 7TourokumachiNovember 7 around 7:00Bear and confirmationYuwaku, Higashiasakawa
278November 6YuyagaharamachiNovember 6 around 23:30Bear and confirmationTawara
277November 6Kubo 1November 6 around 21:40Bear and confirmationTogashi
276November 6TagamihonmachiNovember 6 around 9:11Bear and confirmationTagami
275November 6SuemachiNovember 6 around 4:30Bear and confirmationSaigawa
274November 5SuemachiNovember 5 around 18:15Bear and confirmationSaigawa
273November 5KaminakamachiNovember 5 around 9:00Bear and confirmationHigashiasakawa
272November 5SuemachiNovember 5 around 7:39Bear and confirmationSaigawa
271November 4Kubo 3November 4 around 20:00Bear and confirmationHushimidai, Togashi
270November 3YuhideramachiNovember 3 around 17:05Bear and confirmationThe setting sun temple
269November 31, TaiyogaokaNovember 3 around 13:30Bear and confirmationHigashiasakawa
268November 3FukuroitayamachiNovember 3 around 11:30Bear and confirmationHigashiasakawa
267November 3YamashinachoNovember 3 around 7:30Bear and confirmationTogashi
266November 23, TakaominamiNovember 2 around 5:00We cannot identify with bearOugidai, Hushimidai
265November 1KanagawamachiNovember 1 around 19:20Bear and confirmationHigashiasakawa
264November 1ChoushimachiNovember 1 around 8:00Bear and confirmationHigashiasakawa, Saigawa
263October 30KishigawamachiOctober 30 around 22:30Bear and confirmationHanazono
262October 31MomosakamachiOctober 31 around 8:00Bear and confirmationChisaka
261October 31NakatomachiOctober 31 around 8:50Bear and confirmationSaigawa, Uchikawa
260October 31TakaomachiOctober 31 around 8:00Bear and confirmationOugidai, Hushimidai
259October 30TagamimachiOctober 30 around 17:30Bear and confirmationTagami
258October 30TagamimachiOctober 30 around 17:25Bear and confirmationTagami
257October 30NarusemotomachiOctober 30 around 12:50Bear and confirmationYakushi Valley, Mitani
256October 30KamitatsumimachiOctober 30 around 10:17Bear and confirmationSaigawa
255October 291, TakaoOctober 29 around 22:30Bear and confirmationTogashi, Hushimidai
254October 29TatsumimachiOctober 29 around 7:00Bear and confirmationSaigawa
253October 28KokyoumachiOctober 28 around 3:00Bear and confirmationYuwaku
252October 28OkuwamachiOctober 28 around 11:15Bear and confirmationSakiura
251October 28MiyanomachiOctober 28 around 9:52Bear and confirmationMitani
250October 28KamitatsumimachiOctober 28 around 8:00Bear and confirmationSaigawa
249October 28NakatomachiOctober 28 around 9:15Bear and confirmationSaigawa, Uchikawa
248October 28AsakawamachiOctober 28 around 7:05Bear and confirmationHigashiasakawa, Saigawa
247October 28TawaramachiOctober 28 around 2:00Bear and confirmationTawara
246October 27SuemachiOctober 27 around 14:35Bear and confirmationSaigawa
245October 27SuemachiOctober 27 around 13:45Bear and confirmationSaigawa
244October 27RengemachiOctober 26 around 20:40Bear and confirmationUchikawa
243October 271, TakaominamiOctober 27 around 2:30We cannot identify with bearOugidai
242October 26TaiyougaokaOctober 26 around 18:00Bear and confirmationTagami
241October 26Kubo 3October 26 around 16:30We cannot identify with bearHushimidai, Togashi
240October 26RennyomachiOctober 26 around 13:00Bear and confirmationHigashiasakawa
239October 26BesshomachiOctober 26 around 11:30Bear and confirmationUchikawa
238October 26KamitatsumimachiOctober 26 around 9:00Bear and confirmationSaigawa
237October 25Hikita 2October 25 around 21:35We cannot identify with bearKosaka, Chisaka
236October 25KamitatsumimachiOctober 25 around 10:00Bear and confirmationSaigawa
235October 25UeyamamachiOctober 25 around 8:15Bear and confirmationYuwaku
234October 24AsakayamachiOctober 24 around 17:00Bear and confirmationHigashiasakawa
233October 24ChoushimachiOctober 24 around 15:10Bear and confirmationHigashiasakawa, Saigawa
232October 24YuyagaharamachiOctober 24 around 15:45Bear and confirmationTawara
231October 24KamitatsumimachiOctober 24 around 9:00Bear and confirmationSaigawa
230October 24MomosakamachiOctober 24 around 10:00Bear and confirmationChisaka
229October 23TagamimachiOctober 23 around 8:53Bear and confirmationTagami
228October 23TagamihonmachiOctober 23 around 8:40Bear and confirmationTagami
227October 23AmaikemachiOctober 22 around 21:57Bear and confirmationSaigawa
226October 23RennyomachiOctober 23 around 7:00Bear and confirmationHigashiasakawa
225October 22YamakawamachiOctober 22 around 18:18Bear and confirmationUchikawa
224October 22KosakamachiOctober 21 around 22:00Bear and confirmationKosaka
223October 22FutamatamachiOctober 22 around 8:00Bear and confirmationMitani, Iouzen
222October 22KokyoumachiOctober 22 around 7:45Bear and confirmationYuwaku
221October 22OikemachiOctober 22 around 6:00Bear and confirmationHanazono, Yakushi Valley
220October 21UtatsumachiOctober 21 around 18:10Bear and confirmationRiding ground, wood
219October 21RennyomachiOctober 21 around 15:05Bear and confirmationHigashiasakawa
218October 21KamiyachimachiOctober 21 around 7:00Bear and confirmationKosaka, Yakushi Valley
217October 21GoshomachiOctober 21 around 8:00Bear and confirmationMoriyama, Kosaka
216October 20TagamimachiOctober 20 around 20:50Bear and confirmationTagami
215October 20TanoshimamachiOctober 20 around 18:00Bear and confirmationIouzen
214October 20HigashiarayamachiOctober 20 around 8:00Bear and confirmationHigashiasakawa
213October 20KamiyachimachiOctober 20 around 7:00Bear and confirmationChisaka, Kosaka
212October 20AzukizawamachiOctober 19 around 19:50Bear and confirmationTawara
211October 19OkuwamachiOctober 19 around 17:40Bear and confirmationSakiura, 11 shop
210October 19TachiyamamachiOctober 18 around 18:45Bear and confirmationTagami, Sakiura
209October 191, NodaOctober 19 around 8:40Bear and confirmation11 shop, Nagasaka, Sakiura
208October 19Wakunami 2October 19 around 6:08Bear and confirmation11 shop, Sakiura, Saigawa
207October 18OkuwamachiOctober 18 around 22:15Bear and confirmation11 shop, Sakiura, Saigawa
206October 18TatsumimachiOctober 18 around 15:50Bear and confirmationSaigawa
205October 18AsakawamachiOctober 18 around 11:30Bear and confirmationSakiura, Saigawa, Higashiasakawa
204October 18AsakawamachiOctober 18 around 10:30Bear and confirmationSakiura, Saigawa, Higashiasakawa
203October 18KosakamachiOctober 17 around 9:00Bear and confirmationKosaka, Moriyama
202October 182, TsuchishimizuOctober 18 around 8:00Bear and confirmationSakiura
201October 17Kubo 1October 17 around 19:30We cannot identify with bearTogashi
200October 17Tomuroshinbo-choOctober 17 around 11:50Bear and confirmationTawara
199October 172, TaiyogaokaOctober 17 around 7:00We cannot identify with bearTagami
198October 17YuwakumachiOctober 17 around 11:30Bear and confirmationYuwaku
197October 17TochiomachiOctober 17 around 7:20Bear and confirmationYuwaku
196October 16UeyamamachiOctober 16 around 20:30Bear and confirmationYuwaku
195October 16HoushimamachiOctober 16 around 18:10We cannot identify with bear11 shop
194October 163, TagamihonmachiOctober 16 around 0:00We cannot identify with bearTagami
193October 16TerazumachiOctober 16 around 11:30Bear and confirmationSaigawa
192October 15HoushimamachiOctober 15 around 21:00Bear and confirmation11 shop
191October 15WakamatumachiOctober 15 around 18:00We cannot identify with bearTagami
190October 15TawaramachiOctober 15 around 12:50Bear and confirmationTawara, Tagami
189October 15SuemachiOctober 15 around 7:00Bear and confirmationSaigawa, Sakiura
188October 15YuyagaharamachiOctober 14 around 23:30Bear and confirmationTawara
187October 15OkuwamachiOctober 14 around 21:00Bear and confirmationSakiura, 11 shop
186October 14ShijimamachiOctober 14 around 17:30Bear and confirmationShijima
185October 14ChoushimachiOctober 14 around 14:00Bear and confirmationHigashiasakawa, Saigawa, Sakiura
184October 14TachimachiOctober 14 around 9:00Bear and confirmationHigashiasakawa, Saigawa, Sakiura
183October 14HigashiarayamachiOctober 14 around 0:00Bear and confirmationHigashiasakawa
182October 14KamiyachimachiOctober 14 around 6:00Bear and confirmationChisaka, Kosaka
181October 14OkuwamachiOctober 14 around 6:25Bear and confirmationSakiura, Saigawa
180October 14OkuwamachiOctober 14 around 6:27Bear and confirmationSakiura, Saigawa
179October 142, TsuchishimizuOctober 13 around 13:00Bear and confirmationSakiura
178October 13TagamimachiOctober 13 around 14:55Bear and confirmationTagami
177October 13YamakawamachiOctober 13 around 14:00Bear and confirmationSaigawa, Uchikawa
176October 13FukuroitayamachiOctober 13 around 6:00Bear and confirmationHigashiasakawa
175October 13SuemachiOctober 13 around 6:30Bear and confirmationSaigawa, Sakiura
174October 13KamitatsumimachiOctober 13 around 7:00Bear and confirmationSaigawa, Higashiasakawa
173October 12AsakayamachiOctober 10 around 4:30Bear and confirmationHigashiasakawa
172October 12EnaichoOctober 12 around 6:00Bear and confirmationSaigawa, Sakiura
171October 12NanamagarimachiOctober 12 around 6:00Bear and confirmationHigashiasakawa
170October 12TsutsujigaokaOctober 12 around 1:25Bear and confirmation11 shop
169October 11KaminakamachiOctober 11 around 9:00Bear and confirmationHigashiasakawa
168October 11TatsumimachiOctober 11 around 6:10Bear and confirmationSaigawa
167October 10AmaikemachiOctober 9 around 16:00Bear and confirmationSaigawa
166October 10ChoushimachiOctober 10 around 11:58Bear and confirmationHigashiasakawa
165October 10OkuwamachiOctober 10 around 9:30Bear and confirmation11 shop, Sakiura
164October 10TagamihonmachiOctober 10 around 9:35Bear and confirmationTagami
163October 10NodamachiOctober 9 around 17:30Bear and confirmationNagasakadai
162October 9FutamatamachiOctober 9 around 19:10Bear and confirmationIouzen
161October 9OnukamachiOctober 9 around 10:00Bear and confirmationNuka
160October 9AodanimachiOctober 9 around 14:54Bear and confirmationSaigawa
159October 9TakematamachiOctober 9 around 14:00Bear and confirmationMitani
158October 9BoukoujimachiOctober 9 around 11:15Bear and confirmationChisaka
157October 9FukuroitayamachiOctober 7 around 17:30Bear and confirmationHigashiasakawa
156October 9NodamachiOctober 9 around 9:10Bear and confirmationNagasakadai
155October 9ChoushimachiOctober 9 around 7:00Bear and confirmationHigashiasakawa
154October 9KamitatsumimachiOctober 9 around 7:40Bear and confirmationSaigawa
153October 9EnaichoOctober 9 around 6:40Bear and confirmationSakiura, Saigawa
152October 9TagamimachiOctober 9 around 7:00We cannot identify with bearTagami
151October 9BesshomachiOctober 9 around 5:30Bear and confirmationUchikawa
150October 9SuemachiOctober 8 around 23:10We cannot identify with bearSaigawa
149October 83, TsuchishimizuOctober 8 around 20:20Bear and confirmationSakiura
148October 8Wakunami 4October 8 around 19:23Bear and confirmationSakiura
147October 8TawaramachiOctober 8 around 13:40Bear and confirmationTawara, Tagami
146October 82, KasamaihonmachiOctober 8 around 2:35We cannot identify with bearKikugawa, Kodatsuno, Sakiura
145October 8OkuwamachiOctober 8 around 2:20We cannot identify with bearSakiura
144October 8Jounan 1October 8 around 2:12We cannot identify with bearKikugawa, Kodatsuno, Sakiura
143October 7KamiyachimachiOctober 7 around 9:00Bear and confirmationKosaka, Chisaka
142October 7KamiyachimachiOctober 7 around 8:30Bear and confirmationKosaka, Chisaka
141October 72, KodatsunoOctober 7 around 10:40Bear and confirmationTagami, Kodatsuno
140October 6SeryoumachiOctober 6 around 6:00Bear and confirmationSaigawa
139October 7TatsumimachiOctober 6 around 19:07Bear and confirmationSaigawa
138October 6OharamachiOctober 5 around 16:30Bear and confirmationUchikawa
137October 6OkuwamachiOctober 6 around 11:00Bear and confirmationSakiura
136October 6AzukizawamachiOctober 6 around 15:20Bear and confirmationTawara
135October 6OkuwamachiOctober 5 around 13:00Bear and confirmationSakiura
134October 6TsutsujigaokaOctober 6 around 8:00Bear and confirmation11 shop
133October 6SuemachiOctober 6 around 7:30Bear and confirmationSaigawa
132October 6TatsumimachiOctober 6 around 6:00Bear and confirmationSaigawa
131October 6TatsumimachiOctober 6 around 5:55Bear and confirmationSaigawa
130October 5NodamachiOctober 5 around 18:55Bear and confirmationTogashi, Nagasakadai
129October 5NakatomachiOctober 5 around 15:07Bear and confirmationSaigawa, Uchikawa
128October 4KosakamachiOctober 4 around 8:05Bear and confirmationKosaka, Moriyama
127October 4SuemachiOctober 4 around 8:50Bear and confirmationSaigawa
126October 4Wakunami 1October 4 around 6:45Bear and confirmationSakiura
125October 4OkuwamachiOctober 4 around 6:00Bear and confirmationSaigawa, Sakiura
124October 4TsutsujigaokaOctober 4 around 4:20Bear and confirmationSakiura, 11 shop
123October 3SuemachiOctober 3 around 16:00Bear and confirmationSaigawa
122October 3ArayamamachiOctober 3 around 13:00Bear and confirmationIouzen
121October 3NukadanimachiOctober 3 around 12:30Bear and confirmationNuka, Shijima
120October 2RengemachiOctober 2 around 21:05Bear and confirmationSaigawa, Uchikawa
119October 3KosakamachiOctober 3 around 9:00Bear and confirmationKosaka, Moriyama
118October 1TsutsujigaokaOctober 1 around 21:30Bear and confirmation11 shop
117October 1ShimizudanimachiOctober 1 around 20:30Bear and confirmationMitani
116October 1ShioujimachiSeptember 29 around 7:00Bear and confirmationYakushi Valley, Hanazono
115October 1SugaikemachiOctober 1 around 6:30Bear and confirmationSaigawa
114October 1KubomachiOctober 1 around 6:45Bear and confirmationTogashi, Hushimidai
113September 30NakatomachiSeptember 30 around 12:40Bear and confirmationSaigawa, Uchikawa
112September 30YuwakumagarimachiSeptember 30 around 8:36Bear and confirmationYuwaku
111September 30AzukizawamachiSeptember 30 around 8:36Bear and confirmationTawara
110September 30YuyagaharamachiSeptember 30 around 6:00Bear and confirmationTawara
109September 29TagamishinmachiSeptember 29 around 17:55Bear and confirmationTagami
108September 29OkuwamachiSeptember 29 around 16:50Bear and confirmationSakiura
107September 29OkuwamachiSeptember 29 around 7:00Bear and confirmationSakiura
106September 29OkuwamachiSeptember 29 around 6:30Bear and confirmationSakiura
105September 28ChoushimachiSeptember 28 around 22:00Bear and confirmationHigashiasakawa
104September 28TaiyougaokaSeptember 28 around 19:40Bear and confirmationTagami
103September 28TaiyougaokaSeptember 28 around 19:10Bear and confirmationTagami
102September 28TochiomachiSeptember 27 around 10:00Bear and confirmationYuwaku
101September 28KumabashirimachiSeptember 28 around 7:00Bear and confirmationSaigawa
100September 28KamiyachimachiSeptember 28 around 5:15Bear and confirmationChisaka, Kosaka
99September 27TawaramachiSeptember 27 around 14:50Bear and confirmationTawara
98September 27TsutsujigaokaSeptember 27 around 9:30Bear and confirmation11 shop
97September 26TawaramachiSeptember 26 around 10:05Bear and confirmationTawara
96September 26MiyanomachiSeptember 26 around 7:45Bear and confirmationMitani
95September 25KamitatsumimachiSeptember 25 around 20:10Bear and confirmationSaigawa
94September 24KamiyachimachiSeptember 24 around 11:00Bear and confirmationKosaka, Chisaka
93September 24TsukiuramachiSeptember 24 around 17:20Bear and confirmationYakushi Valley
92September 24YuyagaharamachiSeptember 24 around 14:30Bear and confirmationHigashiasakawa, Tawara
91September 24SugaikemachiSeptember 23 around 17:00Bear and confirmationSaigawa
90September 231, TakaominamiSeptember 20 around 9:00Bear and confirmationHushimidai, Ougidai, Nuka
89September 23NakatomachiSeptember 23 around 13:15Bear and confirmationSaigawa, Uchikawa
88September 23OharamachiSeptember 22 around 17:00Bear and confirmationUchikawa
87September 23Kubo 1September 23 around 8:30Bear and confirmationTogashi, Hushimidai
86September 23KamiyachimachiSeptember 23 around 8:20Bear and confirmationChisaka, Kosaka
85September 23AzukizawamachiSeptember 23 around 9:15Bear and confirmationTawara
84September 23KamitatsumimachiSeptember 23 around 6:00Bear and confirmationSaigawa
83September 22AzukizawamachiSeptember 22 around 14:33Bear and confirmationTawara
82September 22UeyamamachiSeptember 22 around 6:10Bear and confirmationYuwaku
81September 18SuemachiSeptember 17 around 22:00Bear and confirmationSaigawa
80September 16TagamishinmachiSeptember 16 around 10:25Bear and confirmationTagami
79September 14KamitatsumimachiSeptember 14 around 5:00Bear and confirmationSaigawa
78September 93, HokuyodaiSeptember 9 around 15:30Bear and confirmationYakushi Valley
77September 9TsutsujigaokaSeptember 9 around 10:00Bear and confirmation11 shop
76September 9FutamatamachiSeptember 9 around 5:40Bear and confirmationIouzen
75September 93, SuzumidaiSeptember 8 around 21:45We cannot identify with bearMisoguramachi, Zaimokuchou
74September 7YuyagaharamachiSeptember 6 around 11:54Bear and confirmationTawara
73September 3KurumamachiSeptember 3 around 6:00Bear and confirmationMitani
72August 311, TakaominamiAugust 29 around 17:00Bear and confirmationOugidai, Nuka, Hushimidai
71August 27TsutsujigaokaAugust 27 around 10:54Bear and confirmation11 shop
70August 23TsukikagemachiAugust 23 around 8:30Bear and confirmationHanazono
69August 21HabamachiAugust 21 around 17:40Bear and confirmationYuwaku
68August 20RennyomachiAugust 20 around 10:22Bear and confirmationTawara, Higashiasakawa
67August 18TsutsujigaokaAugust 18 around 9:10Bear and confirmation11 shop
66August 17OkuwamachiAugust 16 around 11:30Bear and confirmationSakiura, 11 shop
65August 14KamiyachimachiAugust 14 around 15:30Bear and confirmationChisaka, Kosaka
64August 12OkuwamachiAugust 9 around 14:00Bear and confirmationSakiura, 11 shop
63August 8NodamachiAugust 8 around 15:30We cannot identify as bearNagasakadai
62August 5TsutsujigaokaAugust 5 around 6:00Bear and confirmation11 shop
61August 4HigashimikagemachiAugust 3 around 23:19We cannot identify with bearRiding ground, wood
60July 31KanagawamachiJuly 31 around 16:00Bear and confirmationHigashiasakawa
59July 29OkuwamachiJuly 29 around 19:48Bear and confirmationUchikawa
58July 28TanoshimamachiJuly 28 around 14:20Bear and confirmationIouzen
57July 28SoubumachiJuly 25 around 17:30Bear and confirmationMitani
56July 27NakaomachiJuly 27 around 19:20We cannot identify with bearMitani, Hanazono
55July 27KamitatsumimachiJuly 27 around 16:30Bear and confirmationSaigawa
54July 24KamiyachimachiJuly 23 around 21:55Bear and confirmationChisaka, Kosaka
53July 22WakamatumachiJuly 22 around 11:00Bear and confirmationWood, Tagami, the setting sun temple
52July 20FukuroitayamachiJuly 19 around 18:15Bear and confirmationHigashiasakawa
51July 17HigashinagaemachiJuly 17 around 8:50Bear and confirmationThe setting sun temple, Zaimokuchou
50July 16OharamachiJuly 15 around 16:00Bear and confirmationUchikawa
49July 62, SannouchoJuly 6 around 19:25We cannot identify with bearThe setting sun temple
48July 6YuhideramachiJuly 6 around 14:00Bear and confirmationThe setting sun temple
47July 3TanoshimamachiJuly 3 around 18:20Bear and confirmationIouzen
46June 25TanoshimamachiJune 25 around 13:35Bear and confirmationIouzen, Tawara
45June 24BesshomachiJune 24 around 11:20Bear and confirmationUchikawa
44June 24KakumamachiJune 24 around 5:19Bear and confirmationTagami
43June 23MitsukoujimachiJune 23 around 17:14Bear and confirmationUchikawa
42June 23OkuwamachiJune 23 around 9:50Bear and confirmationSakiura
41June 23ImamachiJune 23 around 6:15Bear and confirmationMorimoto, Hanazono
40June 22YoshiwaramachiJune 22 around 17:30Bear and confirmationMorimoto, Chisaka
39June 22MomosakamachiJune 22 around 16:04Bear and confirmationChisaka
38June 18KitabukuromachiJune 18 around 16:20Bear and confirmationYuwaku
37June 17OharamachiJune 17 around 17:20Bear and confirmationUchikawa
36June 17OharamachiJune 17 around 14:00Bear and confirmationUchikawa
35June 16TachimachiJune 16 around 12:20Bear and confirmationHigashiasakawa, Tagami, Sakiura
34June 16TagamihonmachiJune 16 around 5:55Bear and confirmationTagami, Sakiura
33June 13NishikimachiJune 13 around 2:56Bear and confirmationSakiura
32June 12BesshomachiJune 12 around 14:00Bear and confirmationUchikawa
31June 11HigashiarayamachiJune 11 around 17:40Bear and confirmationHigashiasakawa
30June 112, KodatsunoJune 11 around 10:15Bear and confirmationTagami, Kodatsuno
29June 10FuruyadanimachiJune 10 around 18:45Bear and confirmationMitani
28June 9FutamatamachiJune 8 around 20:00We cannot identify with bearIouzen
27June 8TobiumechouJune 7 around 9:00Bear and confirmationMiso granary, Kodatsuno
26June 7MitsukoujimachiJune 7 around 18:00We cannot identify with bearUchikawa
25June 7TsuchishimizumachiJune 7 around 13:59We cannot identify with bearSakiura
24June 52, KodatsunoJune 5 around 13:53Bear and confirmationTagami, Kodatsuno
23June 52, KodatsunoJune 5 around 13:42Bear and confirmationTagami, Kodatsuno
22June 4TanoshimamachiJune 4 around 20:10We cannot identify with bearIouzen
21June 41, KodatsunoJune 4 around 5:17Bear and confirmationSakiura
20June 3NishikimachiJune 3 around 18:20Bear and confirmationSakiura
19June 3TsuchishimizumachiJune 3 around 15:30Bear and confirmationSakiura
18June 3TagamihonmachiJune 3 around 15:22Bear and confirmationTagami
17June 33, TsuchishimizuJune 3 around 14:50Bear and confirmationSakiura
16June 33, TsuchishimizuJune 3 around 14:45Bear and confirmationSakiura
15June 3OkuwamachiJune 3 around 13:40Bear and confirmationSakiura
14June 3OkuwamachiJune 3 around 10:00Bear and confirmationSakiura
13June 3YamanouemachiJune 3 around 10:00We capture bearMoriyama, riding ground
12June 32, HigashiyamaJune 3 around 9:00Bear and confirmationMoriyama, riding ground
11June 3YamanouemachiJune 3 around 8:37Bear and confirmationMoriyama
10June 3YamanouemachiJune 3 around 6:25Bear and confirmationMoriyama
9June 2TatsumimachiJune 2 around 20:50We cannot identify with bearHigashiasakawa, Saigawa
8June 2NodamachiJune 2 around 15:15Bear and confirmationNagasakadai
7June 1KakumamachiJune 1 9: Around 00Bear and confirmationTagami
6May 31BesshomachiMay 31 5: Around 20We cannot identify with bearUchikawa
5May 26YamashinachoMay 26 around 18:00Bear and confirmationNagasakadai
4May 14TomuroshinboMay 14 around 15:00Bear and confirmationTawara
3May 8TagamihonmachiMay 8 around 16:15Bear and confirmationTagami
2April 7YamashinachoApril 7 around 5:18Bear and confirmationTogashi
1April 5Saddle pipe townApril 7 around 6:45Bear and confirmationMitani, Yakushi Valley


The agriculture and forestry fisheries station Forest Restoration
Phone number 076-220-2217
FAX number: 076-222-7291
[email protected]

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