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The present position: TopAgriculture and forestry industrial of this together with middle auspicious decoration for giftsIt is made with forest of Kanazawa of the inside of thisTo prevent accident from this
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To prevent accident

Because we do not meet bear!

We make sound, and let's inform to bear!

・When we enter mountain, we wear appearing thing of sound including radio and bell, and let's tell bear about human existence.

Of morning and evening and weather when is bad, is careful!

・During one day, it is the evening in the morning that it moves into action particularly lively. We will go down mountain before dusk.
・When weather is bad, and sound of rain and sound of wind are strong, both bear and person become hard to notice each other's existence. In addition, attention to bear is apt to fade when we are absorbed in wild plants collecting or fishing. Let's always mind people.

We are careful about haunting information!

・Let's confirm bear haunting information before entering mountain.
・We return, or let's detour if we find feces and footprint of new bear.


Bear image

Because we do not draw bear!

Garbage induces bear!

・Please take camping and mountain climbing, wild plants, mushrooms collecting, garbage which appeared including fishing to go by all means.
・You leave garbage around house and must not throw away garbage along the road. Bear which learned taste of garbage is dangerous.

If we meet!

Let's leave calmly without being upset

・Let's leave calmly without making noise without being upset not to excite bear.
・You must not escape on the run at all. Bear has habit to chase escaping thing.
・Even if bear is far, you must never come back.

If we see child bear

・There is mother bear near. Let's leave for safe place immediately because we are dangerous.

Please inform of thing about bear at the following 


The agriculture and forestry fisheries station Forest Restoration
Phone number 076-220-2217
FAX number: 076-222-7291
[email protected]

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