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The present position: TopAgriculture and forestry industrial of this together with middle auspicious decoration for giftsIt is village of Yuwaku Midori of the inside of this
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Village of Yuwaku Midori

Access to Kanazawa

Through the making of vegetables, experience about processing or other agriculture and forestry business of agriculture and forestry product, citizen got close naturally, and village of Kanazawa Yuwaku Midori deepened understanding about agriculture and forestry business in natural environments that were full of green and, as facility to contribute to promotion of agriculture and forestry business and activation of the outskirts area, was established in May, 2002.

Daikon owner system
Daikon owner system

Making soba experience
Making soba experience

Parent and child pear cultivation experience
Parent and child pear cultivation experience

General view

General view
Plottage about 3.3ha

  • Making soba experience
  • Side owner system
  • Japanese yam owner system
  • Daikon owner system
  • Harvest of pears experience
  • Other experience-based classrooms
  • Event of Yuwaku district
  • Farm products processing interchange center
  • Contact farm

Information for neighboring facilities

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Kanazawa Yumeji Yuwaku building

Hot water (public bath) of white heron

Hot water (public bath) of white heron

Filling with snow of icehouse.

Filling with snow of icehouse.

Forest of Kanazawa Yuwaku creation

Yuwaku Onsen tourist association

(the highlight, event information of Yuwaku)

Contact information

Village of Kanazawa Yuwaku Midori
Closed days: Every Tuesday (when holiday the next day), New Year holidays (from December 29 to January 3)
〒920-1122 47, Yuwakuarayamachi, Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa
TEL: 076-235-8033
FAX: 076-235-8032
E-mail: midorinosato@city.kanazawa.lg.jp 


The agriculture and forestry fisheries station agriculture fisheries promotion section
Phone number 076-220-2213
FAX number: 076-222-7291

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