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The present position: TopWe conduct a business of the inside of thisIt is Kanazawa Sodachi certification system of the inside of this
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Kanazawa Sodachi certification system

About conduct of Kanazawa Sodachi certification system

Kanazawa Sodachi certification mark


We plan production promotion and consumption expansion by authenticating superior farm products which make use of climate of Kanazawa, and were produced as "Kanazawa Sodachi", and enhancing common knowledge and trust to consumers.

It is driven by conduct

Association of Kanazawa-shi farm products brand

Target item

Target item

  1. Japanese radish
  2. Watermelon (we include small ball watermelon)
  3. None
  4. Tomato
  5. Cucumber

Requirements of the certification applicant

  1. Individual that we have address in Kanazawa-shi, and fixed quantity produces farm products targeted for the certification and group.
  2. What we have cultivation guideline about farm products to produce and practice.
  3. What we have shipment standard about farm products to produce and observe.
  4. About farm products to produce, cultivation history is entry and thing paid off.
  5. About farm products to produce, try to work on GAP (agricultural production process control).
  6. About farm products to produce, try to work on cultivation method that is security/safety in consideration for environment.

※Matter to fix for Kanazawa Sodachi certification system summary, the point other than the above

About standard of amount of production

Object Individual Group
Scholar of authorized agriculture
  • Production group (sectional meeting) which belongs to Kanazawa-shi agricultural cooperative or Kanazawa center agricultural cooperative
  • Agricultural corporation
  • Group which person of agriculture with fate such as terms about organization where member beats by three or more and administration organizes
Fixed quantity Japanese radish It is almost 1.0haIt is almost 3.0ha
Watermelon Watermelon It is almost 1.6haIt is almost 4.8ha
Small ball watermelon It is almost 0.9haIt is almost 2.7ha
None It is almost 0.8haIt is almost 2.4ha
Tomato It is almost 0.3haIt is almost 0.9ha
Cucumber It is almost 0.3haIt is almost 0.9ha

Application method of the certification

You mail submission documents after mention, sealing or applications are bringing, and apply for association of Kanazawa-shi farm products brand.
When you want application, we have you download from our site, association of Kanazawa-shi farm products brand homepage, or please consult as I can send by mail, email.



Address 〒920-8577 1-1-1, Hirosaka, Kanazawa-shi Kanazawa-shi Agriculture Promotion Department
Phone number 076(222) 0831
FAX number 076(222) 7291
Email address info@kanazawa-kagayasai.com
Address 〒920-8577 1-1-1, Hirosaka, Kanazawa-shi
Phone number 076(220) 2213
FAX number 076(222) 7291
Email address nourin_s@city.kanazawa.lg.jp


The agriculture and forestry fisheries station agriculture fisheries promotion section
Phone number 076-220-2213
FAX number: 076-222-7291

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