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Monkey information

We are careful about monkeys! Without when we met, being upset

We are careful about monkeys!

Monkey haunting information email

 We can receive haunting information of monkey by email.
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Measures when we came across monkey

If we come across monkey for at the time of attending school…

1. We do not put eyes which do not approach together

As wild monkey does not fit we human being, there is the risk that is attacked when we approach without any reason.
In addition, you must not stare at eyes of monkey. We are convinced that it is enemy when we put eyes together and may attack when this missed eyes.

2. Do not stimulate, do not surprise, do not run

When we throw thing for fun and speak loudly, monkey is dangerous in excitement.
Let's leave the place calmly without turning the back, and running.

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If we look at monkey near house…

1. We do not show food which does not do food

You must never put up food (bait).
When human being gives food, monkey cannot live an original life and cannot return to mountain.
We snatch from person having food when not afraid of human being and invade house, and damage enlarges more and more.

2. We do locking properly

The entrance and window will carry out locking thoroughly not to enter house and shed without modelling with opening out.

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Do not seem to accustom people, thorough chasing away!

Monkey is afraid of human being basically. However, effect does not go up when we learn when human being is not scared once even if we take any measures.
It is important to send away for mountain not to accustom people as soon as we discovered. Let's perform repeated chasing away in the whole area.

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