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Wild boar information

We are careful about wild boars! Without when we met, being upset

Illustration of wild boar

Wild boar haunting information email

 We can receive haunting information of wild boar by email.
 For more information:


Measures when we came across wild boar

If measures 1 comes; ...

1. We do not stimulate wild boar

We may not attack suddenly unless we do anything from this as wild boar is coward animal.
It is important not to excite without giving stimulation even if we see.
You chase using sticks and must not throw stone.

2. We edge back slowly

We edge back slowly not to show back without being upset when it approaches if possible, and let's leave the place.
Wild boar leads to unexpected accident in wonder when we move suddenly.
And let's evacuate to safe place (place that is not seen from wild boar including the inside and appearance of building).

Generally, wild boar goes apart from nature and downtown

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So that measures 2 does not come; ...

1. Let's do invention to inform human existence

  1. We inform by sound (we put bell)
  2. When we go out at night, we inform by light (flashlights)

2. We do not feed

  1. We do not feed
    Please never give bait even if it is wild boar (gourd Bo) of child.
    We are not afraid of human being.
  2. We do not make bait ground of wild boar
    Please do not leave vegetables dreg unattended around private vegetable garden and the fields.
    Wild boar learns as bait ground.
  3. Thorough getting out garbage manner
    Let's send to place appointed in morning of collection day. In addition, we conclude tongue of bag properly and hang net for prevention of garbage dispersion properly, and let's protect manner of garbage soup stock.

As we may perform "feeding" before we know, we check again,
Let's do environment creation which does not call wild boar together.


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Downloading (flyers such as circulation use)

Kanazawa-shi wild boar measures manual

In March, 2010, we made Kanazawa-shi wild boar measures manual.

Support for wild boar measures

We support production association working on measures with the whole communities to reduce damage of farm products due to wild boar in Kanazawa-shi.

Contents of support

  1. The acquisition of hunting license (trap hunting), support for shooter registration
    Supporting rate: 1/2
  2. Support for introduction of capture cage
    Supporting rate: 1/2
  3. Support for introduction of electric fence
    Supporting rate: 1/2
  4. Holding of class
    We hold "protection, capture technology class" of wild boar


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