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CSF (hog cholera) information

About confirmed infection of CSF (hog cholera) of wild wild boar

Update day: December 25, 2019

 After wild wild boar (the death) being discovered in the Tajimacho, Kanazawa-shi ground on November 14, 2019, and performing CSF confirmed infection inspection, we were judged with positive on November 15. In addition, about wild wild boar captured in Mizubuchimachi place on December 21, we were judged to be positive on December 23 (in the city the second case).
 CSF may not infect human being for pork and disease of wild boar, but infection might spread when virus attaches to people and vehicle, supplies.
 Citizen's all of you would appreciate your being careful about the following things.
1.Please refrain from entrance to the non-pivot non-sudden forest to prevent CSF virus from spreading.
2.When you discover wild boar which died, you touch, and please never walk around the outskirts.
3.When you discover wild boar which died, please report to agriculture fisheries promotion section. In addition, on report, please let know number, size on place, the discovery date and time.
In addition, detailed information about CSF look at the following websites.
・Ishikawa website "information about CSF" (hog cholera) (external link)
・About Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries website "CSF" (hog cholera) (external link)

It is pork, disease of wild boar, and CSF may not infect people. In addition, meat of infection pork may not circulate in market, but does not influence health by any chance even if we eat infection pork and meat of wild boar.


The agriculture and forestry fisheries station agriculture fisheries promotion section
Phone number 076-220-2213
FAX number: 076-222-7291

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