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The Kanazawa-shi manufacturing basics regulations

With the manufacturing basics regulations

The skill and heart of manufacturing brought up by inherent nature, history, culture melted into in living of people, and feelings to this skill and innovative consciousness brought about product and agriculture and forestry product that it was unique, and quality was high in the fields such as Traditional craft, fiber, machine, agriculture, and Kanazawa created various industry.
Furthermore, while these industry supported culture, and culture gave industry stimulation, and industry and culture played an aggressive role for improvement of civic life, and life, culture and industry did chain mutually, we made individuality as town of manufacturing, and it became attractive and supported development of town.
In addition, manufacturing cultivates will and pride to act and raises cooperation awareness and it is made with person and is connected for town development, and manufacturing plays a big role from such a point of view.
We value manufacturing and promote manufacturing as industry full of originality and variety, and the cause of such a background will be important from now on when it is rich to challenge creation of new value, and vitality realizes community which there is.
We established these regulations to contribute to healthy and sustained development of Motoichi by the succession developing tradition and pride as town of manufacturing.

Contents of the regulations

Significance (Article 2) of term


Based on knowledge, experience, wisdom, idea of person, we say that we create moral and material things leading to creation of value by a variety of techniques or skill depending on purpose.

Manufacturing industry

We say type of industry about Traditional craft affecting life, mason, carpenter, type of industry about art to be concerned with plasterer or other craftsmen, machine, type of industry about production such as parts for machine, type of industry of agriculture and forestry and type of industry to perform operation to modify information and communication, picture, design or other manufacturing.

Local resources

Nature, history peculiar to Motoichi, the soil such as culture, knowledge to affect manufacturing, high technique or skill says thing admitted that it is useful for manufacturing industry and manufacturing in accumulation or other Motoichi of higher education system.


  • Fiber, machine, food, industrial accumulation about information
  • Superior agriculture and forestry products such as Kaga vegetable
  • Genuine article culture (well, crafts, meal, entertainment are associated) that was lined in tradition
  • Approach to new culture creation
  • Accumulation of higher education system…nado

Basic principles (Article 3)

  1. We value manufacturing
    We support civic life and improvement of culture, and manufacturing plays an important role in development of Kanazawa. Manufacturing must be pushed forward positively while recognizing importance of manufacturing, and breeding social feeling to respect.
  2. Basics of manufacturing are made with person
    Manufacturing leads to the making of person and knowledge, technique, the succession such as skills, improvement development are supported by person. Manufacturing must be pushed forward on the basis of planning securing of leading figure of manufacturing and upbringing of human resources.
  3. We promote manufacturing as industry
    We promote manufacturing as industry and effort that is voluntary of company which is the leading role is the most important and, in promotion of manufacturing industry, must be performed on the basis of promoting this.
  4. We utilize local resources and plan harmony with environment
    Rich nature, agriculture and forestry fisheries product, technique, traditional culture of production center, Kanazawa including accumulation of higher education system have unusual attractive resources. We utilize local resources becoming "strength", and promotion of manufacturing industry must be performed by harmony with environment being planned.
  5. We plan interchange, cooperation with foreign countries
    Promotion of manufacturing industry must be carried out with the goal of unfolding in global scale by interchange with companies, cooperation in overseas area being planned.


Company (Article 4)

  • We plan innovation of management consistently while trying for knowledge, technique, the succession such as skills, improvement development and we cope with change and act for improvement, improvement of management in voluntary.
  • We plan security, upbringing of person who mastered knowledge, technique, skill.
  • We work on local contribution while securing local good environment.

Industrial relation group (Article 5)

  • We show aim, directionality for manufacturing industrial development and work on problem grasp, solution continuously.
  • We support management improvement, improvement of company positively.
  • In cooperation with Related institutions, we act as accumulation, characteristic of manufacturing industry that we made use of local characteristic in for upbringing of production center that there is.

Higher education system (Article 6)

  • We try for upbringing of human resources and try to utilize result of research and development, and to contribute to promotion of manufacturing industry.

Citizen (Article 7)

  • We deepen understanding and interest about importance of manufacturing.

City (Article 8)

  • We devise general and premeditated measure and, in conduct, act to get understanding and cooperation such as Related institutions.
  • We try for general adjustment so that mutual cooperation with Related institutions is planned.

Basic measure

  1. Promotion (Article 9) made with person
    • Children carrying society of the next generation promote education about manufacturing to be able to deepen understanding and interest about importance of manufacturing.
    • We carry out crafts, production, agriculture including craftsman college, securing of manufacturing human resources by business such as forestry, person, engineer, security such as the successors that we try for upbringing and found in the manufacturing industry in cooperation with Related institutions newly, measure about promotion of upbringing.
  2. Maintenance of business environment (Article 10)
    • We try for base maintenance of manufacturing industry and carry out measure necessary to maintain business environment such as reinforcement of management base of company, creation of new business, support of a variety of manufacturing industry accumulation.
  3. Promotion (Article 11) of manufacturing to raise added value
    • We carry out measure necessary to promote manufacturing to raise added value such as new product by inflection of local resources and university-industry research collaboration, development support of new technology.
  4. Promotion (Article 12) of strategic market reclamation
    • Improvement or consumption expansion of brand power that company, industrial relation group perform enforce measure necessary to promote market reclamation of manufacturing industry and send manufacturing in Motoichi to home and abroad.
  5. The spread enlightenment (Article 13)
    • We try for the spread enlightenment to deepen civic understanding and interest about importance of manufacturing and carry out necessary measures such as security at opportunity when citizen mentions manufacturing.


  1. Support (Article 14)
    • When we admit that it is necessary to promote manufacturing, we provide technical assistance and can give financial support.
  2. Commendation (Article 15)
    • It can commend person who contributed to promotion of manufacturing remarkably.
  3. Construction (Article 16) of network
    • We take measures necessary to promote construction of the organic cooperation system with Related institutions to promote manufacturing.

The manufacturing basics regulations whole sentence


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