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The present position: TopWe conduct a business of the inside of thisIt is Kanazawa-shi company support consultation counter from this
We display page for print

Kanazawa-shi company support consultation counter

The new situation about company support

o which "worked in Kanazawa." released Kanazawa-shi company support PR video!

In "Kanazawa, we work."

We made company in Kanazawa and, through person who worked, released promotion picture which conveyed charm of doing company in Kanazawa.

Three people who make company in Kanazawa, and hold each hot thought, and work.
Various people and Kanazawa whom what we want to do by taking community accelerates more and more. Town where Kanazawa stimulates Gokan from high maturity degree of culture. Genre is different, but we are impressed deeply with charm of such Kanazawa, and, as for three people, it works.

Do you not consider that "you make company in Kanazawa" as choice of your life?

If think about company; at first to this! Kanazawa-shi company support consultation counter

At first please use "Kanazawa-shi company support window" if you begin to think about company.
  • We do help to advance to one not to know what we may begin with for the next stage.
  • We offer support information that we accepted for stage of company of consultant.
  • Depending on consultation contents, we introduce "company practice adviser" and think for problem solution together.
    Window establishment place Kanazawa City Hall the second floor industrial policy inside of a section
    From window establishment time weekdays 9:00 to 17:45
    Inquiry TEL220-2204 FAX260-7191
            e-mail sansei@city.kanazawa.lg.jp

We support company in Kanazawa-shi! -- that Kanazawa-shi founding support project plan received the first authorization of country

 In Kanazawa-shi company consultation counter, knowledge, know-how, financing necessary for company, the city wanting to be company by consultation by one stop in cooperation with company support engine including market reclamation, companies wrestle for support of which there is not.
Based on "the industrial competitiveness reinforcement method," "founding support project plan" of Kanazawa-shi development received the first authorization of country on March 20, 2014. By this plan, we build the founding support system of one stop that plural founding support companies cooperate with city and support the founder.
Specific founding support project
Which we attend "specific founding support project" that knowledge necessary for founding can learn and founded can receive founding kind treatment plan of countries such as reduction measures of registration and license tax, expansion of credit guarantee frame by receiving authorization of country.
      ※Business such as specific founding support that thing except Kanazawa-shi carries out
    [(public corporation) Ishikawa industry creation support mechanism]
     ・Founding support support desk (by making of basic management knowledge and business plan individual guidance)
      ※Founding mood breeding business that thing except Kanazawa-shi carries out
    [Kanazawa Chamber of Commerce and Industry]
     ・Kanazawa founding support cram school (seminar to learn process and point for founding intensively)

Person that grant of certificate to receive preferential treatment is hoped for, please contact industrial policy section (076-220-2204).

-Information introduction - to be useful for company

Company support group network of Kanazawa-shi

We utilize founding support menu of each support organization mutually and build the founding support system of one stop and support founding in Kanazawa-shi in all the members.
We can download list of menus of support organization in Kanazawa-shi from the following.

Figure of company support group network

<founding support project conduct engine link of Kanazawa-shi>


Economic Affairs Division industrial policy section
Phone number 076-220-2204
FAX number: 076-260-7191

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