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The present position: TopWe conduct a business of the inside of thisIt is firm location of the inside of this
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Information for firm location top page

Information for firm location

By new business field and support project, company advanced to is supported to Kanazawa



Industrial area of Kanazawa-shi

Under Kanazawa techno park sale in lots

Creation base appropriate for high technology industry, local base industry and value-added high urban industry including examination research and development engine

Morimoto, Kanazawa interchange industrial area is sold out

Inaho industrial area is sold out

Ysuhara new business industrial area is sold out

Katatsu industrial area is sold out

Industrial area position figure

Industrial area position figure
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Various subsidy programs

Introduction of subsidy program supporting advance company positively and strongly

Promotion Committee such as Kanazawa-shi firm location

Summary of meeting, the held situation

About maintenance of new industry site

Types of industry that are targeted for district, sale in lots

About report based on the factory location method

Report about specific factory located in Kanazawa-shi

As for factory sites, it is reporting page

To person who is looking for factory sites

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Economic Affairs Division Marketing Skill Department Firm Location Department
Phone number 076-220-2225
FAX number: 076-260-7191

Urban Policy Division Tokyo Office
Phone number 03-3262-0444
FAX number: 03-3234-0990

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