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eLTAX (L tax: electronic report of local rates, application, notification)

About the use of eLTAX

To perform electronic report of local rates, electronic application, report; eLTAX

In Kanazawa-shi, we started receptionist in eLTAX on December 20, 2010.
eLTAX is system performing procedure of local rates using the Internet electronically.
In this way, we came to be able to perform report or report of local rates that went with paper on the Internet from PC of company so far.
In addition, when we reported to plural prefectural and city governments and municipalities until now, it was necessary to submit report which we made to each window, but came to be able to send report to plural municipalities by electronic report by eLTAX at a time.

Service that is available in Kanazawa-shi

Items of taxation Report, application, report
Personal city, prefectural tax (report)
  • Submission of salary payment report
  • Salaried employee transfer notification form which affects salary payment report, special collection
  • As for the public pensions, it is payment report
  • Special collection reshuffling notification form
  • The delivery report which affects the retirement income
  • Special collection vote of the retirement income earner
(application, report)
  • The location, name change report of person of special collection duty
  • Application about exception of deadline of the municipal tax prefectural tax special collection amount of a tax
Corporation municipal tax (report)
  • Report (decision, the middle, plan, correction) of corporation municipal tax
(application, report)
  • Incorporation (setting) notification form
  • Corporation transfer notification form
Office tax (report)
  • Report of office tax
  • Reports such as house loan for office
(application, notification form)
  • The new abolition reports such as offices
When report report of office tax in eLTAX; is careful
Property tax
(depreciable property)
  • Depreciable property report (all assets, increase assets, decrease assets, correction)

※In Kanazawa-shi, we cannot use the electronic tax payment.
※User ID and electronic certificate are necessary, but, as for the electronic report, only as for electronic application, report, the use is not necessary for user ID.
※Application, report is available for submission with standard style or style according to group.

Standard style Style common throughout the whole country. We copy and can submit to other municipalities.
Style according to group Submission is possible only to Kanazawa-shi. Ichitaro viewer is necessary to process.
We can move from report menu in application, report screen (we link to the outside site) to download page of Ichitaro viewer.

How to use

1. We prepare to use eLTAX

  • PC environment that can connect with the Internet
  • Electronic certificate which is available in eLTAX
  • Electronic eLTAX-adaptive software to declare of eLTAX

2. Flow of the use procedure

 eLTAX was renewed from September 16, 2014. In this way, we accepted electronic reports promptly and were able to use service using user ID and temporary passcode after submitting the use report (newly).

Flow of the use procedure
Renewal Susumu

Flow of the use procedure
Service that became possible after the renewal

※1 user ID and temporary passcode are issued.
※To e-mail address that we input in the case of use of 2 report (newly), "procedure completion notice" to tell about what we accept, and procedure completed email reaches from submission ahead group.

3. Procedure of the use report

Person using eLTAX needs the use report for the first time.
Procedure accesses eLTAX homepage and will report, but electronic certificate is necessary for report.

In addition, electronic certificate is unnecessary, but please perform the use report by all means when you ask licensed tax accountants for report as the acquisition of user ID is required.

Electronic declaring person does not need the use report anymore in other local public entity, but it is necessary to add Kanazawa-shi to submission ahead of report and local public entity where it is.

4. The use time

From 8:30 to 24:00 (on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, year-end and New Year 12/29-1/3 is excluded.)

※Local rates combination mechanism to organize in local public entity runs eLTAX. About detailed contents and procedure, please see homepage of local rates combination mechanism.


General Administration Division Civil Tax Department
Phone number 076-220-2161
FAX number: 076-220-2154

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