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Accommodation tax

 Accommodation tax raises history, tradition of Kanazawa, inherent charm including culture and, in special-purpose tax to allot for expense to need for measure to plan promotion of sustainable sightseeing that harmonized with civic life, is taxed for hotel guest of the accommodations.


About accommodation tax

Summary of accommodation tax

System summary

◎One (taxpayer) to put
Person who stays at the next accommodations to be located in Kanazawa-shi
  • Inn, hotel which receives permission of the hotel business, and is open, simple accommodations
  • House which reports staying in house business (so-called vacation rental), and runs business
◎Tax rate
About a one night
  • Thing 200 yen with less than 20,000 yen in hotel charges
  • Thing 500 yen with more than 20,000 yen of hotel charges
[about the hotel charges]
  • It is included in the hotel charges
    Hotel guest is value of accommodation or amount of money that you should pay to the accommodations as burden
    (service charges that it costs in room without meals rate and it)
  • It is not included in the hotel charges
    Land tax, advances such as dining charge, consumption tax
◎Method to put
Depending on payment of the hotel charges, we pay to the accommodations.
※Accommodation company (person of special collection duty) performs report and the delivery in Kanazawa-shi.
("special collection system" means such a system.)
◎Taxation start
From accommodation of April 1, 2019


Laws and ordinances concerned

Process of introduction


General Administration Division Revenue Department
Phone number 076-220-2171
FAX number: 076-220-2154

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