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Contact list

Inquiry about City tax

Contents of inquiry Contact information
It is personal city prefectural taxTEL 076-220-2161Civil Tax Department
It is corporation municipal tax
It is office tax
TEL 076-220-2168
It is property tax, urban planning tax (land)TEL 076-220-2153Propety Tax Department
It is property tax, urban planning tax (house)TEL 076-220-2156
It is property tax (depreciable property)TEL 076-220-2158
It is light vehicle tax
It is bath tax
It is city tobacco tax
TEL 076-220-2147Revenue Department
It is account transferTEL 076-220-2148
It is the return appropriation of overpayment
It is convenience store payment
TEL 076-220-2171
It is the tax payment consultation
It is disposition for failure to pay taxes
TEL 076-220-2172, 2175
It is Various certifications which City tax relates toTEL 076-220-2147
It is Central Fixed Assets Evaluation CouncilTEL 076-220-2149


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