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The present position: TopIt is report, tax of the inside of thisIt is City tax of the inside of thisFrom this payment (account transfer) of City tax
We display page for print

Payment (account transfer) of City tax

Place (Kanazawa-shi designation financial institutions) of payment

Places that can pay City tax are as follows.

Kanazawa-shi designation financial institution, Kanazawa-shi designation substitution financial institution or Kanazawa-shi storing substitution financial institution (called the following, Kanazawa-shi designation financial institution.)

Hokkoku Bank,Ltd.Fortune Japanese banks line
Association of Ishikawa trust agricultural cooperative society
Kanazawa Shinkin Bank
Shoko Chukin Bank
Ishikawa trust Fisheries Cooperatives
Mizuho Bank
Mitsui Sumitomo Trust & Banking Co.,Ltd.
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking
Hokuriku workers' credit union
Mitsubishi UFJ Bank
Kanazawa center credit union
Hokuriku Bank, Ltd.
It is mutual prosperity credit association of this
Fukui Bank,Ltd.
Isurugi Shinkin Bank
Hokuriku Shinkin Bank
Kanazawa-shi agricultural cooperative
Safe for crane letter received
Kanazawa center agricultural cooperative
Interest ability credit association
Io credit union
Toyama first bank
Yokohama good luck silver credit union

(as of April 1, 2019)

All stores (we remove agency.) which run duties in Japan of the financial institution mentioned above
※We cannot pay at The headquarters and branches of Japan Post Bank and post office.

About convenience store payment

It is guide about convenience store payment.

Items of taxation that can pay convenience store are city prefectural tax (the normal collection), property tax, urban planning tax, light vehicle tax.

The following convenience store has payment notice which bar code was printed on and confirms kibetsu and deadline of the delivery not to make any misunderstanding well, and I give, and please pay only necessary payment notice to cash register in cash.
If there is during business hours of convenience store, we can pay by night on Saturday and Sunday.

Convenience store

Living houseFamilyMart
Community storePoplar
Three eightMINISTOP
Person of life AyaYAMAZAKI special partner - shop
Seicomart- store - reon YAMAZAKI day
Thai ALawson store 100
Daily YAMAZAKIMMK setting shop
New YAMAZAKI daily store 
Hasegawa Store 
Sweetbrier club 

(as of January 1, 2019)

Instructions by convenience store payment

We cannot pay the following payment notices at convenience store.

  • Payment notice which bar code is not printed on
  • City prefectural tax (the normal collection), property tax, urban planning tax, payment notice of items of taxation except light vehicle tax
  • Payment notice more than 300,000 yen
  • Deadline for handling passed
  • We corrected amount of money
  • Payment notice is fastened with staplers

Please be careful about the handling of payment notice

  • As payment notice is enclosed without being kept on file in envelope which we sent one by one, please be careful not to be lost.
  • As receipt paper is separated after the payment, you receive receipt paper with receipt, and please keep carefully.
  • Payment notice and kakukibetsu*fusho for lump, please be careful not to use at the same time for the entire period.

2019 City tax tax payment calendar

【】 It is inner ga deadline of the delivery.

Items of taxation
Deadline month
Personal city, prefectural tax
(the normal collection)
Property tax
Urban planning tax
Light vehicle tax
The first
[origin of Reiwa.5.7]
[origin of Reiwa.5.31]
The first
[origin of Reiwa.7.1]
The second
[origin of Reiwa.7.31]
The second
[origin of Reiwa.9.2]
The third
[origin of Reiwa.10.31]
The fourth
[Reiwa 2.1.31]
The third
[Reiwa 2.1.6]
The fourth
[Reiwa 2.3.2]
Corporation municipal tax Office tax
(Final income tax return)
It is less than two months after fiscal year

(middle report)
From day that passed in six months after the starting date for fiscal year
Less than two months
It is less than two months after fiscal year

Until next year March 15 of taxation period
※ In the case of Sundays and holidays or holiday making up for the overlap of holidays on Sunday, next business day of these days is deadline of the delivery on Saturday (the last day of deadline) in deadline of the delivery.

Account transfer (automatic payment)

With account transfer (automatic payment), financial institution changes from designated account on behalf of you automatically and pays tax.
We do not forget to put and recommend to all of you who are busy with work and housework as we are reliable.

Person whom account transfer (automatic payment) is available to

It is person having account in Kanazawa-shi designation financial institutions or Japan Post Bank (post office) that account transfer (automatic payment) is available.

Items of taxation that account transfer (automatic payment) is available to

  • City, prefectural tax (for the normal collection)
  • Property tax, urban planning tax
  • Light vehicle tax

Application for account transfer (automatic payment) procedure

Person who has account in store located in Kanazawa-shi

Application is provided for store located in Kanazawa-shi among Kanazawa-shi designation financial institutions and Japan Post Bank (post office) mentioned above.
You have next 1-3, and apply at window of financial institution.

  1. Deposit (savings) bankbook
  2. Use of bankbook mark
  3. The tax payment notification

Person who has account in store located outside Kanazawa-shi

There is not application in store located in the suburbs, but is available by the next method.

  1. We mail application if you can contact Kanazawa City Hall Revenue Department.
  2. Application is spelled, and it is crowded by the tax payment notification. (for mail to Revenue Department)
  1. You have case, 1-3 mentioned above of this, and apply at window of financial institution with account.
  2. You fill in case, the requirements of this, and you seal request book and two pieces of notice, and you expose the following, and, as for all two pieces of them, please mail use of bankbook mark.

Mailing address 〒 920-8577 1-1-1, Hirosaka, Kanazawa-shi Kanazawa City Hall Revenue Department

Window Revenue Department (076) 220-2148

Application month and the transfer start period

City tax which is made of transfer Application month (※ 1) The transfer start period Transfer day (※ 2)
Property tax
Urban planning tax
From February to MarchThe first (the entire period) (※ 4)The end of April
From April to JuneThe secondThe end of July
From July to NovemberThe thirdDecember 28 (※ 3)
From December to JanuaryThe fourthThe end of February
City, prefectural tax
(for the normal collection)
From January to MayThe first (the entire period) (※ 4)The end of June
From June to JulyThe secondThe end of August
From August to SeptemberThe thirdThe end of October
From October to DecemberThe fourthThe end of January
Light vehicle tax
  • Transfer day is the end of degree May every year.
  • In the case of application after May, we start transfer in the next fiscal year.
  • Light vehicle tax of all vehicles to own becomes a target of transfer.
  • The tax payment certificate of for automobile inspection mails transfer payment after the confirmation in the middle of June.

※In the case of 1 mail, we would like Kanazawa City Hall Revenue Department must arrive within this period.
※In the case of 2 financial institution holidays, next business day is transfer day.
※The first financial institution business day of January is transfer day when 3 December 28 is financial institution holidays.
※When we propose 4 payment in a lump sum for whole terms to the moon except the first application month, we change every kibetsu in the year and perform payment in a lump sum for whole terms from the next fiscal year.

Transfer method

About transfer method of property tax, urban planning tax and city, prefectural tax (for the normal collection), we can choose among two of next.

Transfer method Transfer day
(1) Transfer every kibetsuWe change the amount of a tax of kakukibetsu on the last day of each deadline.
(2) Payment in a lump sum for whole terms (※)On the last day of the first deadline, we change the total amount of first ... four sittings in a lump.

※ When we propose payment in a lump sum for whole terms to the moon where the tax payment notification of the new year reached, transfer day is not enough in paperwork for the last day of the first deadline.

  • In the year, it becomes transfer every kibetsu.
  • Please pay share of kibetsu which is not enough for account transfer by payment notice at windows such as Kanazawa-shi designation financial institutions.
  • It becomes payment in a lump sum for whole terms from the next fiscal year.

In addition, please be careful as the account transfer start period varies according to application months.

About re-transfer

When we change for insufficient funds and cannot pay, we perform second transfer (called "re-transfer" as follows.) as follows.
But please pay in financial institution which can pay City tax in what mail payment notice when arrearages are caused by date of re-transfer without changing again.

Transfer method Date of re-transfer
(1) Transfer every kibetsuAt the end of the following month
(2) Payment in a lump sum for whole terms
  • We change to chisel, at the end of the following month of payment in a lump sum for whole terms month for the first.
  • After that it becomes transfer every distinction for the second for the limit period in the year.
  • In addition, after the next fiscal year, we return to payment in a lump sum for whole terms.

About continuation of account transfer (automatic payment)

As a general rule, it is continued after the next fiscal year when we will apply for account transfer (automatic payment) once.
But, in the case of the following, it is not continued.
As application is necessary some other time, please be careful.

About property tax, urban planning tax, it is buying and selling or the inheritance

  • When member of joint owner has change
  • When share of joint owner includes change
  • When person registered of assets has change
  • When the registration holder of a title deed of assets dies and submits notification of change (representative heir-designated notice) of taxpayer to Kanazawa City Hall Propety Tax Department


  • When account transfer payment is impossible for a long term

The tax payment cooperation meeting

The tax payment cooperation meeting is history and one that designated area and jobs area such as town assemblies was organized to unit of the classic community for the purpose of putting City tax before deadline against a backdrop of the soil of the official and private matters cooperation of Kanazawa.
We work on uplift of the promotion and tax payment awareness of payment in deadline so that City tax does not forget to deliver for member in the tax payment cooperation meeting.

Participation method to the tax payment cooperation meeting

When you join the tax payment cooperation meeting which has been already established in area and the office, please report to representative (cooperation Chairman) of the tax payment cooperation meeting.
The next procedure is newly necessary when we establish the tax payment cooperation meeting.

Procedure (submission documents) of new establishment

  • Report of cooperation society establishment
  • Cooperation society officer list, list of members
  • Cooperation society terms
  • Payment notice sending method notice and proxy
  • Account transfer payment request book

The tax payment subsidy

We issue the tax payment subsidy based on "Kanazawa-shi tax payment encouragement official regulations" about office work costs equivalency Nuka for payment in deadline of member of the tax payment cooperation meeting for the tax payment cooperation meeting in Kanazawa-shi.

Items of taxation to deal with in the tax payment cooperation meeting

  • City, prefectural tax (for the normal collection)
  • Property tax, urban planning tax

Consultation of participation of the tax payment cooperation meeting and new establishment

Window Revenue Department telephone (076) 220-2148
     FAX (076) 220-2154

The tax payment consultation

When it became difficult that tax payer puts City tax by poor disease and business, please consult to Revenue Department in what accept consultation about the tax payment including system of postponement of the following tax payment.

Postponement of the tax payment

 The collection postponement
 When we cannot pay City tax for reasons of the following collectively, only for less than one year, we may receive the collection postponement (we pay separately).
When we received 1 disaster (fire, storm and flood damage) or we encountered theft.
When 2 people or family suffered from disease and got injured.
When we abolished 3 business or we stopped.
When we received remarkable loss for 4 business.
 Postponement of kanka
 When we correspond to the following condition, we may receive postponement of kanka.
By paying 1 total amount at 1:00, thing that might make maintenance of continuation of business or life difficult.
There not being city tax delinquency other than the City tax which is going to catch postponement of 2 kanka.
Being less than six months from deadline of the delivery of 3 City tax.

 Leaflet which "has postponement system for one that cannot pay City tax at 1:00"
Window Revenue Department (076) 220-2172

In addition, about exemption of City tax, please consult depending on items of taxation at the following.

Items of taxation Taxation department in charge Phone number
Personal city, prefectural taxCivil Tax Department(076) 220-2162
Corporation municipal tax, office taxCivil Tax Department(076) 220-2168
Property tax, urban planning taxPropety Tax Department(076) 220-2151
Light vehicle taxRevenue Department(076) 220-2147


General Administration Division Revenue Department
Phone number 076-220-2171
FAX number: 076-220-2154

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