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The present position: TopIt is report, tax of the inside of thisIt is City tax of the inside of thisIt is summary of City tax from this
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Summary of City tax

City tax bakes; break

Kanazawa-shi works in various ways to be able to do living that is healthy whether citizen's all of you are rich. To that end, it entails many costs, but must contribute the fund together. It is City tax.
Citizen's all of you participate in municipal administration as main character of Kanazawa-shi, and municipal administration is supported by sharing the expense. It may be said that City tax is like fee as citizen in this sense.

  • Improvement of old people's welfare, child welfare
  • Construction management such as house, park, road
  • Environment protection such as disposal of waste
  • Setting management such as school, Public hall, library
  • Setting management such as hospital, Healthcare Center
  • Firefighting ambulance service
  • Official family registry resident registration

Budget (2018 general account budget) of Kanazawa-shi ※Substance

The annual revenue budget for City tax of 2018 accounts for 48.6% of annual revenue of city for about 81.7 billion yen, and it is the most important resources in pushing forward municipal administration.

General account budget

General account budget

Breakdown (2018) of City tax budget

Breakdowns of 2018 City tax budget are as follows.

Breakdown of City tax budget

Application of City tax 10,000 yen

In 30, Heisei fiscal budget, application of City tax 10,000 yen to have citizen's all of you put is as follows.

Application of City tax 10,000 yen

Kind of Kanazawa City tax

Kind of Kanazawa City tax

※Other than the above, there are mine products tax and special holding tax, but, as for the new taxation, there are none now.
※Accommodation tax starts taxation from April 1, 2019.

◇Classification by laws and ordinances
 Legal tax :In Local Tax Law, we say tax prescribed as thing which local public entity taxes.
 Legal outside tax: Local public entity establishes the regulations originally and, other than the items of taxation established in Local Tax Law, taxes
      We say tax.
◇Classification by application
 Ordinary tax :We say tax to allot for general expense without application of tax being identified.
 Object tax :We say tax to allot for specific expense.
◇Classification by the end
 Direct tax :We say tax which person bearing tax delivers to country and the prefecture, the municipalities directly.
 Indirect tax :Person bearing tax and person putting tax say different tax.

PDF for 2018 "bookmark of City tax" printing

PDF for 2018 "City tax summary" print

The change of tax and tax practice mechanism


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