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Kanazawa-shi public wireless LAN "KANAZAWA FREE Wi-Fi"

Expansion [news] of service offer area

On February 26, 2021, we start service offer in the next area.
It is Higashi Chaya district from KazuemachiAround Higashi Chaya district (expansion of existing area)
It is along moat of outer moat Park majorCommon soldier museum
Around Katamachi (Katamachi mica Susumu) bus stopAround Katamachi (Pasion Susumu) bus stop
Around Hirosaka, 21st century Museum (we turn to shiinoki guesthouse) bus stopAround Hirokoji (Teramachi temple group, Nishi Chaya District) bus stop
Around Hirokoji (large cherry blossoms Susumu) bus stopAround Kenroku-en Garden bottom, Kanazawa-jo Castle (sightseeing product building Susumu) bus stop
Around Hashibachou (higashi, Kazue-machi Chaya District) bus stopAround Hashibachou (we turn to gold lookout in a castle) bus stop
The center Elementary School side small town gardenKohrinbo turnout open space
Nagamachi ease green tract of landNagamachi green tract of land
Kiguramachi open spaceOyamamachi door front green tract of land
Oyamamachi miniparkbi﨑shinshazenshibashiteiryokuji
Outer moat park 2 green tract of land 

Change [news] of connection method

 With renewal of portal site sending sightseeing information displayed at the time of connection of "KANAZAWA FREE Wi-Fi", we change connection method on February 25, 2021. For details, please see following "KANAZAWA FREE Wi-FI" service guide.

Kanazawa-shi public wireless LAN "KANAZAWA FREE Wi-Fi" service summary

 Anyone applies Kanazawa-shi public wireless LAN "KANAZAWA FREE Wi-Fi" that free, is available (we say "KANAZAWA FREE Wi-Fi" as follows.) to be able to connect to improvement of tourist and business visitor visiting Kanazawa in convenience and attractive dispatch of Kanazawa.

Logo mark


  • If there are any communication terminals which we can connect to wireless LAN, anyone is available free.
  • We just register e-mail address and are easily available. (information that we registered is effective for 365 days.)
  • The connection number of times does not have the upper limit. It is available again and again in 180 minutes per once.
  • By displaying portal site at the time of wireless LAN connection, and publishing sightseeing site infos, send charm of Kanazawa to users including foreign tourist.
  • By using private exclusive application, other than this service, wireless LAN is easily available in main stations and airports, tourist facilities of the whole country.

Service offer area

Service offer area
※You can see the details when we click image

Service offer area (in detail)

 You can see service use range than the following. ※Range becomes approximate indication.
 Use of service is

QR code
Even this QR code can access

How to use

 Please see service guide.

In portal site disseminate information

 In "the portal site" displayed at the time of wireless LAN connection, we display sightseeing site infos.

Portal site

  • Other than Japanese, it supports English, French, Chinese (kantai, hantai), Korean.
  • At the time of large-scale disaster, we are going to leave Internet connection open without depending on having user registration or not.

Cooperation with other public wireless LAN by exclusive application

  • Wireless LAN is easily available even to main airport, railroad (Narita Airport, Haneda Airport, JR East) or other local governments (Fukuoka-shi, Osaka tourist bureau) by one registration by using exclusive application "Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi" that NTT BroadbandPlatform, Inc (we say "NTTBP" as follows.) provides.
  • It is available in about 160,000 access points of the whole country.

Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi

iOS version is this
iOS version is this

Android version is this
Android version is this

Terms of use

 It is necessary to have you agree to terms of use on using. It is considered that he/she reads terms of use and was agreed to contents by KANAZAWA FREE Wi-Fi being used.


  • This service uses Internet connection function that NTTBP which is carrier which Kanazawa-shi entrusts with provides.
  • Anyone seems to be able to easily use this service including tourist from foreign countries and does not encrypt radio using WEP. Therefore when there is user with malice, communication contents of wireless section (sections from terminal to access point) are intercepted and they steel a glance at personal information such as ID and password, credit card number that they input and may be done. We hope that you have it be so understood and use this service in the responsibility of the user.
  • Please note that Kanazawa-shi and NTTBP cannot be due to all responsibility even if disputes with your damage and third party occur by the use of this service by any chance.
  • By facilities maintenance, it may not be available. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

Reference site (external link) about use of public wireless LAN


 If assembly operations have a question, please connect with call center.

 [call center for exclusive use of KANAZAWA FREE Wi-Fi]
    Phone number 0570-6 6 6 4 6 2 reception hours: From 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
    e-mail  :[email protected]


Other public wireless LAN

 Conduct of "KANAZAWA FREE Wi-Fi Lite" by cooperation of private business person

 We provide "KANAZAWA FREE Wi-Fi Lite" led by private facilities such as stores to supplement "KANAZAWA FREE Wi-Fi", and to plan expansion of aspect of service.

 Past public wireless LAN maintenance

 In Motoichi, we pushed forward public wireless LAN maintenance by the following technique until now.


General Administration Division digital administrative strategic section
Phone number 076-220-2044
FAX number: 076-260-7191
[email protected]

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