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Administrative evaluation

What is administrative evaluation?

 Administrative evaluation raises administrative transparency and, aiming at realization of effective, effective municipal administration, is means to explain contents of municipal administration by citizen clearly.
 We analyze contents of business that city carries out, and "validity of city participation" evaluates "clarification of role allotment", and, in Motoichi, "cost-effectiveness" is doing "validity of public participation" with structure connecting with improvement "accomplishment degree" now.

Administrative evaluation illustration

Ayumi of administrative evaluation of Kanazawa-shi

 We performed full-scale introduction (Heisei 14, 15 trial) of administrative evaluation in Motoichi in 2004. 
 In addition, we introduce the outside evaluation evaluating from citizen's viewpoint to plan objectivity of evaluation and improvement of transparency from 2006.
 Furthermore, we are enriched and we let you increase and, from 2011, do function of outside evaluation with citizen administration evaluation system and act to reflect opinion of citizen's most for evaluation more.

Purpose of administrative evaluation

  • Securing of transparency of municipal administration, improvement of promotion and accountability of civic participation
  • Realization of effective effect-like administrative administration in response to administrative needs to diversify
  • Improvement such as check and review of business effect
  • Consciousness reform of the staff through these

Structure of administrative evaluation

 We carry out subsequent evaluation about office work business that we carried out in last year (note obligatory expense is excluded.) and are doing with system which lets result that we evaluated link compilation of the budget, and wrestles for improvement immediately.

 ※Obligatory expense…We are comprised only of personnel expenses, aid costs, public loan costs, office work expense for agency

Structure of administrative evaluation

Internal evaluation

 We analyze contents of business that we carried out in last year, and, "accomplishment degree," department in charge evaluates "clarification of role allotment" "validity of city participation" "validity of public participation" "cost-effectiveness". (primary evaluation)
 Based on primary evaluation, member (planning and coordination section manager, head of personnel, the Organization Management Department head, financial section manager, the manager of Accounting Division) of working group in agency evaluates from all agency-like viewpoints once again afterwards. (the second evaluation)

Outside evaluation (citizen's administrative evaluation system)

The choice of business targeted for evaluation

 8 business that civic administrative evaluation Committee to be composed of well-informed person and open call for participants committee member chose

  • Business that should examine shift to the private main constituent
  • Business to be related to an indefinite or large number of inhabitants burdens directly
  • Ten years or more almost pass after the business start
    Or it is original, and the close when we set comes     nado

Civic opinion offer

 Based on the first, result of the second evaluation, it recruits opinions about object business of citizen's administration evaluation to let evaluation reflect opinion of more citizen's all of you.

Civic administrative evaluation Committee

 Based on opinion of citizen's all of you, we carry out evaluation by citizen's administrative evaluation committee consisting of well-informed person and open call for participants committee. We report in Kanazawa-shi administrative reform promotion Committee and discuss and are settled afterwards.

Constitution of civic administrative evaluation Committee

We are composed of ten such as well-informed person, open call for participants committee of Kanazawa-shi administrative reform promotion Committee.
(term from April 1, 2018 to March 31, 2020)

Hiroshi OkadaKanazawa University human being sociology area law Professor Rui
Seiji SakashitaCertified public accountant
Shugo SasakiOpen call for participants committee
Tomoko TakeshitaOpen call for participants committee
Haruo HayashiOpen call for participants committee
Chiaki MiharaOpen call for participants committee
Yoshiharu MurakamiOpen call for participants committee
Izumi YamaguchiCitizen meeting adviser who recommends cooperation
Jun Yamazaki lifeKanazawa-shi Council of Social Welfare's executive managing director
Yoko YamazakiKanazawa Eco life kurabu
※The order of the kana syllabary, honorific title abbreviation

Plain publication

 We announce result or the deliberation process of evaluation clearly.

The approach situation, evaluation result to administrative evaluation


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Phone number 076-220-2028
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