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Kanazawa-shi electron application service


  • The credit card settlement came to be possible by electronic application (April 1, 2021)
     About about 20 procedures including "request of Certificate of Residence for copying grant" and "seal registration proof" "grant application of income, taxation certificate", the credit settlement by electronic application was enabled from April 1, 2021.
  • We largely extended target procedure for electronic application (January 4, 2021)
    Even if we are where anytime in Kanazawa-shi while practice of "new lifestyle" is demanded, we promote electronic application that can complete administrative procedure without coming to city hall.
     About procedure for "Kanazawa koiku tesumairu coupon grant application" or "immunization costs subsidization application arbitrary for the infants period", electronic application was enabled from January 4, 2021.

About Kanazawa-shi electron application service

 Kanazawa-shi electron application service is service to be able to perform procedure with application reports which had you submit by the space until now from PC and smartphone electronically.


For security enhancement, TLS communication protocol that can be used by Kanazawa-shi electron application service becomes TLS1.2. Thus, smartphone (before before Android4.4 or iOS4) which we can connect only in TLS1.0 or TLS1.1 and cell-phone (future fonds) cannot use electronic application system.

I apologize for the inconvenience, but I would like understanding and cooperation.

※Even if it is browser supporting TLS1.2, setting change is necessary when we invalidate TLS1.2 by security settings.
※Please refer to each manufacturer for method of version confirmation of the OS of smartphone of the use.

Access method

We can access from this to electronic application service.
We can access even from this QR code.

QR code for access

Flow of the use

Kanazawa-shi electron application service is available by the following flows.
※Number (1) - (6) in figure supports with the use procedure of Kanazawa-shi electron application service listed under the figure.

Flow of electronic application

          ※You can see image when we click.


(1) We access Kanazawa-shi electron application service

Please access "the access method" mentioned above from URL of mention or the following links.

* Kanazawa-shi electron application service


(2) Choice of application procedure

Please choose necessary application procedure. From search menu, we can search each procedure name by keyword.


(3) Conduct of user registration

Depending on procedure, user registration is necessary. Contents (e-mail address, Full Name, address, phone number) which had you register are automatically input into application style, and application is pushed forward smoothly.


(4) Input of application contents

We input necessary contents every application procedure. When application is completed, confirmation email (notice of reception desk completion email) that accepted application to e-mail address that had you register arrives.


(5) Application reception desk, examination

The person in charge every application procedure confirms application contents and will examine. We can confirm the situation of application from "application contents inquiry" of Kanazawa-shi electron application service.

We calculate necessary Nuka every procedure and, in the case of paid procedure, will tell by email (notice of acceptance email).


(6) Information for sending, credit card settlement information input screen of notice of application acceptance (as needed)

Depending on application procedure, we will send notice of acceptance email.

In the case of paid procedure, I send email (notice of acceptance email) that listed URL of screen inputting credit card settlement information. You register credit card information, and please pay necessary Nuka.


About the use of electronic certificate

We may need electronic certificate to have proof of being applicant in some application procedures.
Electronic certificate which is available to laws of nature by Kanazawa-shi electron application service is as follows.

(1) ... public personal identification service (we store away to personal number (my number) card) for individuals
(2) E-signature based on ... commercial registration for corporations


We have you offer

(1) Personal number (my number) card
 Personal number (my number) card which electronic certificate was stored away is necessary to prove individual.
 Person who does not have take issuance procedure separately.

(2) IC card leader writer corresponding to reading of electronic certificate or smartphone
 It is necessary to read electronic certificate.
Please refer to this  about IC card leader writer.
 About smartphone, in the case of the use, in the case of the use, please confirm this on this, iPhone in Android.

 About the e-signature-response situation of iPhone
 It is errand on iPhone, and, in the case of after 14.2, e-signature is not available to versions of iOS. I am sorry that I cause inconvenience.
 We are going to cope in a few days.

※Version of iOS "setting">We choose in order of "the public" and we tap "information" and confirm.

(3) Installation of user client software
 We install user client software which coped in apparatus to use.
For details, please confirm help "Chapter 6 e-signature"  of Kanazawa-shi electron application service.



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