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About establishment of Bylaw of Exclusion of Criminal Gangs

Bylaw of Exclusion of Criminal Gangs was enforced on April 1, 2012.

Establishment reason

We established these regulations to promote Extermination of Gangs, and to secure peaceful life by civic security, and to contribute to healthy development of social economic activities in Motoichi.

Summary of the regulations

Basic principles

Extermination of Gangs,

  • Do not be afraid of gang
  • Do not contribute fund to gang
  • Do not use gang

This must be promoted as basics, also, country, the prefecture, city, citizen, company mutually cooperation cooperation
It must be promoted in Great Society while planning.

Measure of Motoichi for Extermination of Gangs

While city plans country, the prefecture, violence exile campaign promotion center, citizen, company and cooperation, Extermination of Gangs
We promote notameno measure.

  1. Exclusion from Motoichi community construction 
    City takes necessary measures such as removing gang from the community construction of Motoichi so that office work business of public construction or other Motoichi does not become profit of gang.
  2. Other measures
    City carries out support for citizen and company or enlightenment, instruction to the young people.

Role of citizen and company

  1. Civic role
    It is said that citizen acts in performing cooperation to measure for Extermination of Gangs which approach and Motoichi to voluntary and Extermination of Gangs which cooperated mutually perform.
  2. Role of company
    It is said that we act as company in performing cooperation to measure for Extermination of Gangs which all block and Motoichi with gang about the business to perform concerned perform.


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