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The present position: TopIt is Hometown tax payment of the inside of this
We display page for print

Kanazawa-shi Hometown tax payment donation

Hometown tax payment for Kanazawa

With Hometown tax payment system

Inflection of donation

Application for contribution method

Thought of leading figure

We play Hometown tax payment in Kanazawa marathon

About support to new coronavirus infectious disease emergency measures
We added "new coronavirus infectious disease emergency measures support" to purpose of Hometown tax payment for Kanazawa.
We utilize this donation for support to children carrying the future of Kanazawa and healthcare worker working in the front line.

About Hometown tax payment made with people in culture

 In Kanazawa-shi, we utilize donation that we had from for the making of people carrying culture of Kanazawa to establishment of "the regulations about promotion made with people in culture in Kanazawa-shi".
 Specifically, we save donation in "foundation made with people in culture" and do and allot to upbringing business of leading figure connected for the succession of culture.
 To all of you who had you donate, charm of Kanazawa offers many rewards products such as ingredients clogged up commencing with culture experience to conflict with crafts culture of Kanazawa, food culture, sports culture and manufacturing culture. Apply from the following Hometown tax payment application site.

 Kanazawa-shi spins your thought that you can contribute carefully to the future.


The regulations about promotion made with people in culture in Kanazawa-shi

Support reward article made with people in culture

 10,000 yen or more contributed people can choose reward product that can thoroughly enjoy culture of crafts, meal, sports of Kanazawa and manufacturing according to contribution amount of money by residence outside Kanazawa-shi.

 Ingredients and Kanazawa of "jiwamon" longing for Kanazawa come over and, mainly on "hospitality" to conflict with culture of Kanazawa, offer a lot.

 As reward product lineup is updated every day, please confirm from site for exclusive use of the following Hometown tax payment.

 ※"jiwamon" means local ingredients and dishes using them in Kanazawa accent .

Application method of contribution and guidance of Hometown tax payment application site

Application for contribution method

Oldness and choice banner

furupo banner

Rakuten banner

furunabi banner

Recruitment of Hometown tax payment reward product cooperation companies for Kanazawa

 It recruits companies of city (※) which can cooperate with return favor product to give donor living in the suburbs in Kanazawa-shi, and to do (food, drink article and industrial product).
※About offer requirements whether correspond to "company in the city", please confirm the Hometown tax payment reward product cooperation company offer point for Kanazawa.

 The recruitment of Hometown tax payment reward product cooperation companies point for Kanazawa

 [application and references about unidentified point of others such as applications]
   JTB oldness and development Division charge crossroads, Nagase   
   2-6-12, Minamihonmachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
   Phone number 06-6120-9120
   [email protected]

≪Please be careful about fraud sites of Hometown tax payment≫

Existence of fraud site that camouflaged receptionist of Hometown tax payment is confirmed.
We would like Hometown tax payment site to Motoichi from the site mentioned above.
(reference) Consumer Affairs Agency attention awakening page


General Administration Division General Administration Department
Phone number 076-220-2091
FAX number: 076-260-6921
[email protected]

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