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The present position: TopIt is house, traffic, town development of the inside of thisIt is transport policy of Kanazawa of the inside of thisIt is Traffic safety of the inside of this
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Traffic safety

The tenth Kanazawa-shi Traffic safety plan

 In Kanazawa-shi, we devised "the tenth Kanazawa-shi Traffic safety plan" as general rules of measure about Traffic safety which you should lecture on for five years from 2016 to 32.
 We are doing by promoting Traffic safety measures that Motoichi and Related institutions, group accorded with the traffic situation based on this plan precisely smoothly that we act for "town development to be safe, and to be able to live for in peace".
 Please see by all means.

The spread of Reflective Sash promotion

In Kanazawa-shi, we promote wearing of Reflective Sash to citizen for night Traffic accident prevention.

[when we wear Reflective Sash…]

  • It may reflect light of car and can appeal to showiness, driver for own existence.
  • Distance that walker looks like in state that lowered light of car is 20m - 40m, but can confirm by night from 100m - 130m ahead by wearing Reflective Sash.

So that lose Traffic accident from dusk to the night by wearing reflection cord, and walker, bicycle does not meet Traffic accident, "one reflection cord in home" let's make o widely available.

In addition, you can buy Reflective Sash in the east, the west police station out of Kanazawa (association of Traffic safety window).
Inquiry about the handling of Reflective Sash

Driver manner up

In Kanazawa-shi, driver manner up DVD produced "let's run Kanazawa in Sensitive Drive" for improvement of driving manner of driver from point of view that planned "Hospitality improvement" for restraint and the Shinkansen opening of business of Traffic accident.
Let's make security, reliable town with "Sensitive Drive".

Traffic safety classroom

In Kanazawa-shi, we carry out Traffic safety lesson targeting at elderly person, infant, third graders.


Urban Policy Division Traffic Policy Section Walkable Environment Promotion Department
Phone number 076-220-2371
FAX number: 076-220-2048

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