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The present position: TopIt is played sports child care, education of the inside of thisWe play sports of the inside of thisIt is professional player Kanazawa sports information from this
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Professional player Kanazawa sports information

Professional player Kanazawa sports home game calendar 2019

The home game date is clear at a glance!   
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Kanazawa-shi supports local professional sports team!

The Ishikawa million Stars
The Ishikawa million Stars

The BC league 2019 season end
Please support in the next season!

Ishikawa million Stars formula HP is this


Zweigen Kanazawa
Zweigen Kanazawa

2019 J2 league season end
Please support in the next season!

Zweigen Kanazawa formula HP is this


Kanazawa samurai group
Kanazawa samurai group

The B3 league 2019-20 season start
Please support during exciting game development!

Kanazawa samurai group formula HP is this


Zweigen Kanazawa

The Ishikawa million Stars

Kanazawa samurai group

Let's enjoy sports to support to see to play


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