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Ishikawa Historical heritage

With Ishikawa Historical heritage

 It is intended that we plan sightseeing promotion for attracting tourists and regional activation by bundling up tangible intangible cultural assets scattering in each area in Ishikawa, and history, tradition, manners and customs inherited more than generation authorizing story to convey charm of this prefecture as "Ishikawa Historical heritage", and sending charm of this prefecture to the whole country.

"Ishikawa Historical heritage" in Kanazawa-shi

Three temple group and teahouse street ... ... to walk, and to watch, and to pray for

Three temple group and teahouse street ... ... to walk, and to watch, and to pray for

Authorized day
January 20, 2016
Constitution cultural assetsThree temples group
 「The foot of east-southeast traditional buildings preservation district
 「Teramachi stand traditional buildings preservation district
 「Kodatsuno temple group
Three teahouses street
 「Higashiyama higashi traditional buildings preservation district
 「Kazuemachi traditional buildings preservation district
 "Nishi Chaya District"
Cultural assets
 "Cherry blossoms (Teramachi stand) of Syogetsu temple"
 "Shima" (Higashiyama higashi)
 "Asanogawa-ohashi Bridge" (Kazuemachi)
 "The west geisha agency office" (Nishi Chaya District)
[Ishikawa Historical heritage story]
There is that form as city of Kanazawa is regulated well after Kanazawa-jo Castle entry into a fortress of Toshiie Maeda of 1583 (Tensho 11). Sougamae (moat) of two folds of inner outside was built over 1610 (Keicho 15) from 1599 (Keicho 4), and premeditated Castle town space extended with this. The samurai family premises put mansion of "the eights" which was chief vassal of feudal clan in care of castle, and they were formed concentrically to surround that. House in the town of influential merchant was placed by roadside of Hokkoku Kaido which ran through castle lower center to the north and south. Temples were collected in blood relation part of castle lower Mikata for defense. Higashi Chaya district and Nishi Chaya District were installed each near East-West ford Exit (current Asanogawa-ohashi Bridge, Saigawa-ohashi Bridge) neighborhood more than Asano River and Saigawa namely east-southeast mountain range foot temple group and the Teramachi temple group Hokkoku Kaido in 1820 (Bunsei 3), and we entered Meiji, and Kazue-machi Chaya District was established in the Asano River banks of a river. Fortunately, such an urban structure is inherited in Kanazawa who avoided War damage in now. Air of Castle town drifts in alley such as maze around temple group and teahouse street and rapid slope quietly.

Gold leaf ... of Kanazawa sighing in town - now surrounded by sparkle

Authorized day
January 20, 2017
Constitution cultural assets"Kaneshiro soul swamp" "Gold leaf tile" "Gold leaf production tool of Kanazawa,"
"Goldbeater plane" "marrying into a family" (Gold leaf production),
"dansetsu" (Gold leaf production) "Futamata Japanese paper,"
Production tool of making paper by hand Japanese paper of Kaga and private house」、
Kanazawa City Yasue Gold leaf crafts building」、
"Mt. Kanazawa east-southeast crafts studio" "Honganji Kanazawa annex,"
"Kaga black kite escalade" "Kaga fireman's standard production,"
"Kanazawa lacquerware" "Kanazawa Buddhist altar,"
"Gold leaf production and sales related facility"
[Ishikawa Historical heritage story]
As for the place name of Kanazawa, legend that "Kaneshiro soul swamp" in Kenroku-en Garden is Izumi which washed Gold dust which Yam which young man called country bumpkin Goro Fuji dug had is said to be origin, and almost all of Japanese Gold leaf is made of Kanazawa by the traditional skill that has been inherited from the affairs of a feudal clan period currently. Gold leaf of Kanazawa is used in various scenes of everyday life, and living of people is given to glitter.

Authorized object of Ishikawa Historical heritage

 Ishikawa Historical heritage authorizes story on the basis of the following points, and does not aim at cultural assets itself for authorization.

  • It is story on the basis of tradition, manners and customs that come from historic process and local climate, and are inherited more than generation.
  • We set clear theme to send as local charm, and thing concerning cultural assets that it comes from building and remains, scenic spot, area including festival, and the succession, preservation is done is fixed in the core of story.
  • We do not come to merely just comment on value of local history and cultural assets.
  • Story has two kinds of next.
  1. "Local model:" Story concludes in homogeneous municipalities.
  2. "Serial model" (network type): Story unfolds on plural municipalities, and there are constitution cultural assets of story in each municipality.



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