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Sister city of Kanazawa

Sister city of Kanazawa

Depending on country, we may adopt daylight saving time.

With Sister city tie-up

International movement of Sister city activity includes two flows. One came from exercise of "citizen and citizen" whom the late aizenhaua President proposed, and other one is activities of the international Sister city alliance putting the headquarters in Paris.
Both "citizens and citizens" interchange in the basics by friendship and trust more than border and history, difference in culture directly, and it develops international understanding and friendly relationship, and it is purpose of Sister city activity that measures interchange by citizen's power to swell to love peace mutually.
Kanazawa-shi is linking buffalo, Irkutsk, Porto Allegret, Ghent, Nancy, Suzhou, overseas 7 city and Sister city tie-up of all states currently, but we raise "Kanazawa world city design" while we measure promotion of friendship, the friendship between citizens through various interchange activities that kept features of Kanazawa alive and push forward the making of city giving off unique brightness in the world even if it is small.


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