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Guide to Special Cash Payments

The application deadline to receive the payment is: August 24th, 2020 (Mon) [postmarked by deadline date]


Kanazawa City will send the application forms for the Kanazawa City Special Cash Payment to all eligible households starting on May 22nd (Fri). Application reception via post will also commence from the same date.
The application forms for the Kanazawa City Special Cash Payment are written in Japanese, and you must send in your
Application in Japanese using the Japanese forms.

The four documents linked below will explain the content of the Japanese documents that will be delivered to you by mail.
Please refer to them when you are filling out your own application form in Japanese.
English translations of items sent to you by post can be found below:
1. Kanazawa City Special Cash Payment Application (Invoice) (ENGLISH SAMPLE)
2. Concerning the Application for the Special Cash Payment (Notice)
3. How to fill out the Application (Invoice)
4. Guideline leaflet
※ reply envelope will also be included



How to write application

Information for special Supplementary Income Payment

For more information regarding the Kanazawa City Special Cash Payment, please refer to the chart below.

The Special Cash Payment was implemented in light of the April 20th COVID-19 countermeasures declared by the cabinet as well as the continued efforts to limit the spread of infection. This simple mechanism is designed to give rapid aid and
appropriate financial support to each and every Japanese household.
Eligibility Anyone who is on the basic resident register in Kanazawa as of April 27th 2020.
Payment Amount 100,000 yen per person
(the applicant)
Head of Household (one application for all members of the same household)
How to Apply Online Application or Application By Post
Start of Applications Online Application: May 1st (Fri)
Application By Post: May 22nd (Fri)
Application Deadline Within three months of the start of postal applications (August 24th, Fri)
Payment Method Money transfer to the bank account of the applicant (head of household)

Based on the objectives of the Covid-19 countermeasures, the Kanazawa City Special Cash Payment Operations
Headquarters have been set up in order complete the payment transfers as soon as possible.
If you have any questions regarding the objectives of this system,please consult the homepage of the Japanese Government (the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications) or contact the call center below.

Special Cash Payment Call Center (Ministry of Internal Affairs and                  Communications)

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications has set up a special call center that will take any questions you have.

[Outline of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Call Center]
- Phone number: 0120-260-020 (toll-free number)
- Office hours: 9:00 until 18:30

※ The lines can be very busy due to the current circumstances. If you are unable to connect, please call back at a later time.

About the online application for the Special Cash Payment

The online application is available to you if the head of household has a MyNumber Card and a computer compatible IC card reader or smartphone with IC card reading function. Please fill out the application on the appropriate device.

Applications for the Special Cash Payment using the online service of Mynaportal started on Friday, May 1st 2020.

※You cannot apply for the Special Cash Payment through the Kanazawa City Electronic Application Service

[Online Application Steps]
 1. Access the Mynaportal site
 2. Fill out the application in accordance with the guidelines on the website

[Online Application]
Start of ApplicationsMay 1st 2020 (Fri)
Payment PeriodWire transfers start in order of application on May 13th (Wed)

[What to prepare]
  1. MyNumber Card (including your password of 6 to 12 characters)
  2. Computer compatible IC card reader OR smartphone with IC card reading function
  3. Digital copy of your bank account information (such as a cash card, passbook, or internet banking screenshot             containing the bank number, account number, and account holder's name)

About the postal application for the special cash payments

Postal application for the Special Cash Payments will start being processed on Friday, May 22nd 2020.

[How to apply by post]
  1. Kanazawa City will send the head of household the application with a return evelope.
  2. Fill in the application and prepare the necessary documents (Identity verification document's copy and a copy of           the bank information of the account you want the payment to be deposited into).
  3. Put the application and the necessary documents in the return envelope and send via post mail.
the postal application
ApplicationWill be sent from May 22nd 2020 (Fri) onwards
Processing of applicationsWill start from May 22nd 2020 (Fri)
Payment periodWill start from May 29th 2020 (Fri)

[What you need to prepare]
  1. Copy of an identity verification document (residence card, passport, driving licence, MyNumber Card, health insurance card, etc.)
  2. Copy of a document to verify the bank account you want to receive payment in (a passbook with the name of the          bank, account number, name of the account holder, a screen capture of your internet banking screen, etc.)

For people who are victims of violence and are taking refuge                            From their spouse or family

If you are taking refuge from a violent spouse or family member in Kanazawa City but haven't had a chance to change your residence certification yet, please contact the Human Rights and Gender Equality Policies Section (076-220-2095).

After undergoing the designated procedures, the measures below may apply.
  • You may apply and receive the special cash payments, for yourself and the people with you, even if you are not the       head of the household. You will have to apply to Kanazawa City.
  • If you apply in this manner, the head of household will not be able to recieve the money designated for the person who applied (you), or any other person that you applied on behalf of.

Please beware of bank transfer and personnal information fraud disguised as Special Cash Payments procedures.

  • City hall or a government employee will NEVER ask you to use an ATM (be it a bank's or a convenience store's cash      dispenser).
  • You will NEVER be asked to pay for a service fee to receive the money.
If you think a phonecall or a parcel is suspicious, please contact the consumer center or the closest police station.

Kanazawa City is still preparing to send out the special cash payment applications. You will not receive yours before Friday, May 22nd, so if you are contacted by phone or mail before that, please be careful.


Kanazawa City Special Cash Payment Operations Headquarters
Kakinokibatake 1-1
TEL: 076-220-2200
FAX: 076-260-0023
[email protected]
Opening hours: 9:00~18:00 (closed on Saturday, Sunday and national holidays)
*Kanazawa City provides foreign langauge interpreting telephone services for communication between the caller and city staff through an interpreter.
※1 No interpreter fee is required, but you must pay all related phone call charges.
※2 Supported languages (English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian)
※3 It may take some time to connect to an interpreter.
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