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Coronavirus Diseases (COVID-19) Information

※The zhongwen living-in-undersurface.

Consultation for COVID-19 Infections

Coronavirus Consultation Center (returnee, contact consultation center)

If you suspect that you are infected with the novel coronavirus, there is a specialized Coronavirus Consultation Center (Returnees/Contacts Consultation Center) that you can seek consultation with. When traveling for medical examination, please wear a mask and avoid public transportation.
For other consultations related to COVID-19, please contact the "Novel Coronavirus Infections Call Center".

Standards for Seeking Consultation

If at least one of the following points applies to you, please contact the Coronavirus Consultation Center (Returnees/Contacts Consultation Center) immediately.
(You can also consult with this service even if none of these points applies to you.)
・If you are displaying strong symptoms such as breathing difficulties, intense fatigue, and/or high-grade fever.
・Those who are prone to serious illness (※) and have relatively mild flu symptoms such as fever and cough. ※Elderly people, people with general diseases such as diabetes, heart failure, respiratory diseases (COPD etc.), people undergoing dialysis, people using immunosuppressant medications and anti-cancer drugs.
・Anyone other than those mentioned above who has had continuing relatively mild cold symptoms such as fever or cough.(Please be sure to seek consult if symptoms persist for more than 4 days. Symptoms may vary according to each individual, so if you think that you have a strong symptom, please consult immediately. The same applies to those who have continued to take anti-fever medications.
<For Pregnant Women>
Along with those who are prone to serious illnesses, as a precautionary measure pregnant women should also seek consult with the Coronavirus Consultation Center (Returnees/Contacts Consultation Center) as soon as possible.
<For Those with Children>
For children, medical examination by a pediatrician is preferable, so please consult the Coronavirus Consultation Center (Returnees/Contacts Consultation Center) or your child's pediatric medical institution by telephone.

Returnees/Contacts Consultation Center (Kanazawa Health Center)

TEL: 076-234-5106 FAX: 076-234-5104 
Reception time: 24/7 service including weekends and holidays
※reception via fax is conducted until 17:00. All fax delivered after 17:00 will be responded to the next day.
If you are having difficulty connecting to the phone, please contact the following telephone consultation center: Kanazawa City Health Center: 076-234-5116.

COVID-19 Telephone Consultation Centers

Kanazawa City Health Center

TEL: 076-234-5116 FAX: 076-234-5104 
Reception time: Weekdays 9:00 to 17:00

Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare

TEL: 0120-565653 (toll-free) FAX: 03-3595-2756
Reception time: 9:00-21:00 (including weekends and holidays)


关 *shinkatakanjobyodokuhaiemmato* 询

归 country people, the setsushokusha* 询 center

I 们 kaikonsuwarizai 归 country people, setsushokusha* 询 chushimmato* 询结 ka 进 line judgment, infection new model coronal disease pneumonia available for nyoka 怀 doubt, "归 country people, contact 门诊" of I 们 shokai 绍您 kyo 专门 shu 诊. shu 诊 period 间, 请务 **taikuchi*, *jinryohimenshiyokokyomatokotsukogu.
jokokoregaimatosota* 询 ji 项, 请 chi 电 "ministry of new coronal disease pneumonia 关 condition 电话 * 询 madokuchi" 进 ko* 询.

* 询 kijun

yuishitaninichijo*mato 场 go, the 请 ritsusoku 联 system "归 country people, setsushokusha* 询 center."
(joishitajo*igai*kai 进 ko* 询)
Any job one 种 shojomatojo* such as existence breathing non-畅 (kokyukon 难), 强 *matokentaikan (lassitude), 发 Taka 烧
Easy aggravation person 员 (※), kanyu 发烧 arushaseki*tohi 较轻 matokamboshojomatojo*
※Person from Taka 龄, kanyutonyobyo, heart failure, person 员 of person 员 arushaseizaisetsuju**chi 疗 of respiratory illness (COPD) basis 础 illness, Person from mark 员 such as plus living-in-remedy immunosuppression 剂 arushakogan 药
It is person 员 tadashizeji 续 yu 发烧 arushaseki*to 轻 bikamboshojomatojo* more than fault
(kanyu 轻 bikamboshojo*ji 续4 tenijomatojo*, 请务 * 联 system 归 country people, the setsushokusha* 询 center, yoshi*kataisa 异导 chi 发 disease symptom degree inequality, 请 ritsusoku 联 system 归 country people, setsushokusha* 询 center once for 发现 jimimitaijo*yukajumato 倾, fukuyotai 烧药 Empress, shojo*mi 缓 kaimatojo*, 样 * 请联 system 归 country people, the setsushokusha* 询 center.)
<chiharami 妇>
对 * 怀 yumiharamimatojin 员, 为 ryoho 险 ki 见, it is any 发现 job physical non-适, desired fortune-telling aggravation person 员 one 样, 请 ritsusoku 联 system 归 country people, setsushokusha* 询 center once.
In wakakachusho*mitaifu 适, I 们-based 议 parents 带 sho*kyo*ka 进 koshu 诊, arushachi 电联 system 归 country people, setsushokusha* 询 center, flat 时 shu 诊 mato*kai 疗 desk 关, it is 进 ko* 询.

归 country people, the setsushokusha* 询 center (gold 泽 city Healthcare Center)

电话 码: 076-234-5106 FAX: 076-234-5104
Acceptance 时间: 24 small 时 whole sky acceptance (Shuroku day, 节 *nichifukyu)
※Acceptance 时间为 totenshitago 17:00 *shi of the 传 truth, 17:00 ikisakimato 传 shinshozaijinichi 进 line answer 复.
※电话 * 询 madokuchi (gold 泽 city Healthcare Center: 076-234-5116) 进 ko* 询 lower than 电话难 idatsumatojo*, *kachi 电.

Ministry of new coronal disease pneumonia 关 condition 电话 * 询 madokuchi

Gold 泽 city Healthcare Center

电话 码: 076-234-5116 FAX: 076-234-5104
Acceptance 时间: Work day 9:00-17:00

Ministry of public welfare 劳动

电话 码: 0120-565653 (men 费热线电话)  FAX: 03-3595-2756
Acceptance 时间: 9:00-21:00 (Shuroku day, 节 *nichifukyu)

*Information will be updated.



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