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Cultural charm dispatch of Kanazawa

 In Kanazawa-shi, we memorialized birth 100 years of great writer, Kyoka Izumi of native district in 1973 and praised achievement of Kyoka, and, by "decentralization of culture", was crowded in hot thought by "dispatch of culture from Kanazawa" and established Kyoka Izumi literary prize. Of local literary prize that spread through the whole country lead, and there is, and bring about many superior writers, and get evaluation that is extremely high in many literary prizes.
 Here, we introduce essay which award-winning writer of Kyoka Izumi literary prize wrote a new under the theme of Kanazawa and send new charm of "town of literature Kanazawa".

Short essay by Kyoka Izumi literary prize-Winning author

"Town permitting happy undecisiveness" Eimi Yamada

Eimi Yamada

 It is about 1996 that I won Kyoka Izumi literary prize of Kanazawa-shi sponsorship. However, on the next day when we attended at award ceremony with there not being operation to taste strain noamarihoottoshiteshimai, charm of town called Kanazawa in gorgeous heaviness of prize that we had, we came back to Tokyo busily.
 In spite of being joy of receiving a prize going away at that time, we read my essay which appeared in northern country newspaper, and emotion that came so that moat Mr. Fumi met expressly in charge when we were in the first grade was big at all. In fact, just it was such a short time, but I have lived in Daishoji, Kaga-shi when it was transfer of father and was young. ・・・(continuance clicks this)

"Town, Kanazawa breathing by culture" Michiko Ryou

Michiko Ryou

 Opportunity when we got Kanazawa and deep edge from was receiving a prize of the 33rd Kyoka Izumi literary prize of 2005. Kanazawa thought that it was arrival, wonderful town several times, but, in having known the true value, this prize was opportunity till then. The day before when I reach 50-year-old birthday in the award ceremony. We were told to give a speech by city beforehand, but there are what 30 minutes, too. We were upset. What should we talk about? We cannot but make oneself the material by oneself to address other people as there is not anything else.
 We won "the children's story rookie of the year title to have days" at 31 years old and, since writer debut, published picture book, children's story and novel. However, it was never treated as "literature". As we are classified in "juvenile literature" automatically when we make child main character. It was irritating. Therefore having written determination, work which did adult with main character for the first time "chicken - Calcutta fantasy of paradise." ・・・(continuance clicks this)

"Good old Kanazawa" Mieko Kanai

Mieko Kanai (godogijosatsukage)

 It becomes bad-mouth of Kanazawa boy and feels embarrassed only a little, but quotes sentence pouring disarray Exit on "Kaga tsu po" in essay that we wrote in 1915 of Kyoka Izumi from the very start.
 When "human being of Kaga is arrogant (arrogance), and conceit (unubo) rega is strong, and share (is heated) razu Han comes in thing with stubbornness with family with samurai antecedents, "the bad habits is clear and is shown, and we merchants have impossibility enthusiast of manner that is at all arrogance haughtiness (haughtiness) that said that do not think with human being either (fish preserve) realized, and unpleasant, as for the characteristic, there is no help for it even in me as home boy. We think that what get more like hirameki (hira) in great (obtain) ragariga which we said when and it is Hyakumangoku, the depths of the even today character is not interesting above all." (omission) ・・・(continuance clicks this)

In "the one of mirror and water, vertical" is Mayumi Nagano

Mayumi Nagano (Kodansha/Ei Kin ball)

 The Shinkansen buried in water is projected by morning, telescreen which typhoon carries, and fell out and tells when it is vehicle base of Hokuriku Shinkansen. We were going to go to Kanazawa ten days later. Ticket is bought. We noticed, "we cannot get on Hokuriku Shinkansen" and ran to station. As we cannot change schedule, we change route.
Via Kyoto, we decided to change to limited express, and to go to Kanazawa. We are asked not "Maibara way" at window and, "yes, reply that it is in Kyoto". We speak reason among chests saying "we wanted to look at Lake Biwa on Thunderbird". The limited express was name "snow grouse" for chicken enthusiast and wanted to get on in those days when we touched head mark representing snow grouse of purity, but there was not opportunity. Without ability to operate stupid train like hyaku閒sakisei. ・・・(continuance clicks this)

"Temptation of Kanazawa oden" Kozaburo Arashiyama

Kozaburo Arashiyama

 European system young man who carried day pack on his shoulder entered and said that we went to Kanazawa and drank liquor at counter of familiar Japanese‐style bar with "oden, oden". When newspaper reporter living in Kanazawa that stayed together received, "we told, and seemed to give me shop of Kanazawa oden". Mr. newspaperman drew map on paper and told two or three neighboring oden shops. It is not revealed whether all the oden shops are full, and you can enter immediately if we do not perform.
 We visited Kanazawa with Cami who just got married in 1968. Large snow fell, and all the town of Kanazawa was silver worlds yours sincerely. We walked Ishikawa-mon Gate of haze ka pond and Kanazawa-jo Castle of Kenroku-en Garden, classic course such as Nagamachi samurai residence and entered small oden shop when day went down. It was wrapped smell () that oden was boiled when we took out shop in look of a shop with stone in thatching the roof with shingles (bu) kino roof to be. ・・・(continuance clicks this)

"Art museum of rainy Kanazawa, Monday" Kyoko Nakajima

Kyoko Nakajima

"Such you, umbrella do not last, too"
 Taxi driver was disgusted.
 Rain has begun to make a sound with a rushing sound when it began to rain bit by bit if we completely forgot weather forecasts happy with fine weather and took a walk through nishino teahouse town and appeared in main street to pick up car.
 We rush into parking lot with tin roof in a hurry and wait for taxi of sink, but do not readily come. Rain is just strengthened. When we got in one which we finally caught and wiped rain of head or arm with handkerchief, opening words appeared.
 It becomes light before we get on for several minutes and is driver, this time leisurely voice,
"The time when we got on a while ago falls most, and is there not sputum?"
 We said this. Sunny interval was given to such a house. ・・・(continuance clicks this)

"Scale of violent change and the town of heavens" Tomomi Muramatsu

Tomomi Muramatsu

  We came to strongly feel that Kanazawa stood by combination of scales of the exquisite town which should be also known as change and act of Providence of scenery of characteristic heavens from a certain time.
 In Kanazawa, it is said to be to fine weather, cloudy weather, rain, wind, hail (hail), hail (hail), sleet (sleet), snow, ... which can taste weather on day for one year including thunder and friend of Kanazawa proudly and looked puzzled at first, but feels but nod for the words when it is at now when we paid frequent visits to Kanazawa several times. ・・・(continuance clicks this)

"Feel of rose" Chihaya madder

Chihaya madder

 We are doing work absentminded somehow called novelist, but it is rare that we use the word fate or relationship by type to act being conscious of cause and effect in person voluntarily.
 However, expression to "include relationship" when it comes to Kanazawa seems to be good.
 At first, younger sister living. And having had the 37th Kyoka Izumi literary prize in "fish God" (iogami) in 2009.
 "Fish God" This was my initial work. We had the novel Subaru rookie of the year title in full-length novel that we wrote for the first time and received news that it became long-cherished novelist and still won Kyoka Izumi literary prize within one year. ・・・(continuance clicks this)

"Reward of Kyoka Izumi literary prize" Yoko Ogawa

Yoko Ogawa

 Memory of award ceremony when we had the 32nd Kyoka Izumi literary prize by "burial of Bram" in 2004 still remains as important memory for me vividly.
 More than anything, we were glad that we could go to Kanazawa on Thunderbird for award ceremony. In joy that as trip was added, had prize, feelings that we were excited about of excursion occurred at the same time, and chest throbbed still more. Sign of Kyoka literature drifted in color, Asano River of sky and flow of Saigawa, appearance of bridge, scenery, many places of riverside path to leave Kanazawa Station, and to look up at, and air which we tasted in book until now was feeling to be right right here. It was good having been able to realize Kyoka literature and ties of land, that, at first, that said reward of prize for me. ・・・(continuance clicks this)


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