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The present position: TopIt is municipal administration information of the inside of thisIt is statistics data of the inside of thisIt is 2020 national census topics from this
We display page for print

2020 national census topics

Thank you for your cooperation to national census in 2020

Thank you for your cooperation to national census

About all of you who had you reply national census,
Thank you for your cooperation.

Person who does not finish answer yet would like answer after checking investigation documents as soon as possible.

We will peep at national census 100 years ago

We will peep at national census 100 years ago

In Kanazawa-shi Research and Statistics Department, material of 1920 first national census carried out 100 years ago is still saved.
To conduct of national census to reach turning point, we published the material in Kanazawa-shi municipal administration information digital library.
Please peep at national census 100 years ago.

Answer from smartphone and PC is recommended

National census uses the Internet, and please reply

National census begins, and investigator distributes investigation documents to each family sequentially.
We would like answer from smartphone and PC by all means.

The Internet answer is possible at time that we had free anytime for 24 hours.
As information that had you reply is protected by severe security, it is relief, security.

During answer period, it is Wednesday, October 7 from Monday, September 14.
We click lower link by all means, and I would like answer.

National census to make our future begins

With Kanazawa-shi formula YouTube channel, we introduce national census of this year.
Check it out!

It is Notice about Census to residence foreigners

We carry out national census as of October 1, 2020.
A Census will be held on October 1, 2020.

Please click lower link in detail.
For details, click the link below.

About conduct of 2020 national census on the basis of new coronavirus infectious disease measures

In past national census, investigator visits each household,
We performed in form to hand investigation documents after having explained purposes in and meeting of inhabitants.

About this investigation, to secure relief, security of citizen's all of you and investigator,
We perform by method that all of you and investigator of household do not meet as much as possible as follows.

・ In distribution of investigation documents, investigator visits each family from the middle of September,
  We perform explanation such as purposes of investigation over intercom and investigation documents can enter mailbox, the door post and distribute.
※ When there is not intercom, and explanation in meeting is necessary, please let me perform briefly while keeping constant distance.

・ Answer to investigation is on the Internet, please as much as possible. (mail is possible, too.)
※ In this case investigator may not visit for questionnaire collection.

I would like understanding to your investigation and cooperation.


To apartment managers

To apartment managers

To conduct research activities smoothly in apartment complexes such as apartments,
Cooperation of apartment managers is essential.
I would like cooperation to investigate household without overlap with all people without exception.

(request contents)
・ Notice of poster for public information
・ Offer of vacancy information    nado
In addition, all of the apartments living in apartment complex would like understanding to investigation and cooperation.

Recruitment of head counters was finished

About recruitment of head counters, thank you very much for a large number of application from all of you.
I would like cooperation to national census sequentially.

It recruits people engaging as investigator on carrying out national census in 2020.
Reward is paid to investigator after the research activity as public employee of part-time service.


※From May, 2020, Research and Statistics Department moved to Kanazawa-shi second main government building the first floor (we display map in click).
When come here, have the wrong; please be careful that there is not.

The second main government building map

National census reaches turning point of conduct 100 years this year (May 11, 2020)

National census for all people and households staying habitually is carried out every five years from 1920 (Taisho 9) by our country,
We will reach turning point of conduct 100 years in 2020 (Raiwa 2).

We think that to be worried about comes how the first national census carried out in 1920 was carried out in all of you.
Of the first national census that was stored there this time by Research and Statistics Department "head counter is indispensable", and will introduce ogo.
"Head counter is indispensable"; niha, basic matter "what does perform national census for?,"
Knowledge of head counter, law about national census are written down.


Investigator vade mecum list

Investigator indispensable table of contents

The investigator indispensable text
The text

The investigator indispensable text
The text (follow)

Investigator indispensable questionnaire entry example
Entry example of questionnaire

Investigator indispensable colophon

Logo mark commemorative for national census 100 years

Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Statistics Bureau settled history of national census, outline of findings of each time and topic concerning this
We published "Ayumi of national census 100 years" (we click this). We put together by all means, and please see.

We set up the national census Kanazawa-shi conduct headquarters in 2020 (April 2, 2020)

Toward smooth conduct of "2020 national census" to assume October 1, this year investigation date in Kanazawa-shi,
We set up "the 2020 national census Kanazawa-shi conduct headquarters" on April 2.

We notify signboard of the conduct headquarters
Notice of conduct headquarters signboard by General Manager Murayama and 髙桒jimukyokucho

Person wanting to know national census in detail is this

National census 2020 general site


Urban Policy Division Planning and Coordination Department Research and Statistics Department
Phone number 076-220-2040
FAX number: 076-260-7195
[email protected]

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