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Collection of Kanazawa-shi statistics data

Latest information, news

The number of population, the households

  We update every month on around 15th.
  As of May 1, 2019 Susumu these past months
Population    464,220 people
     833 increase
Man    225,106 people     523 increase
Woman    239,114 people     310 increase
The number of the households   205,293 households  1,206 households increase

Statistics investigation to carry out this year

Search according to item

When you look for matter that you want to check, please inflect. (there are "update data in item of ☆ together with three months")  

As a result of main statistics investigation

Kanazawa-shi statistical documentation

MicrosoftExcel is necessary to look at statistical table. Person who does not have, please download MicrosoftExcelViewer.
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Urban Policy Division Planning and Coordination Department Research and Statistics Department
Phone number 076-220-2040
FAX number: 076-261-2016

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