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KANAZAWA Civic Tech Contest


KANAZAWA Civic Tech Contest 2018 examination result

As a result of examination of "KANAZAWA Civic Tech Contest 2018" application section and idea section, the following works won.

Application section

The grand prix

Another kun
  • Prize winner
    Kaisei Sato <personal (student)>
  • Work summary
    It is application that comes to be able to easily separate garbage in anyone who knows classification method just to photograph thing which we want to separate definitely.
  • Point of receiving a prize
    With visualization of problem, possibility of solution to problem, inspection using AI technology (deep learning), point where open data of Kanazawa-shi were effectively utilized was evaluated.
  • Voice of prize winner
     Thank you very much for such a honorable prize.
     After checking recycling rate of Kanazawa-shi on participating in this contest, we thought that there was room for improvement still more. People who separated definitely increased, and recycling rate hit on "different kun" from thought to have possibilities to go up if we easily understood classification method of garbage.
     By this application, we aimed at solution to the problem by making image recognition using deep learning. The first characteristic of this application only takes photograph which we want to throw away with camera of smartphone and tablet of the things, and classification method is that it is revealed. In addition, we can know garbage collection day of district living in.
     Through this application, consciousness to recycling increases and thinks that it leads to improvement of recycling rate.
     We want to work hard at development of application to solve local problem using open data in future.
    (Kaisei Sato)

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3

The mayor prize for encouragement

  • Prize winner
    toGather purojiekuto <group (public)>
  • Work summary
    Where does it gather?…? Have you not had a talk called this? toGather is application to connect "meeting room in Kanazawa-shi for rent" with such "people to want to gather a little".
  • Voice of prize winner
    We have honorable prize and feel very honored. We thank member and all of projects who had you support heartily.
    Our trouble "that place to be able to gather is not readily found" in may not be felt for big problem. However, if people who are active in Kanazawa are in trouble in the same way. It thought that after all there should be application that could be settled. With simple structure, we do everyday activity slightly usefully. Intellect uses various facilities in the city and is happy if in that way width of activity spreads. We will be glad in future when you can watch in what you are thinking to be able to plan improvement of expansion and function of data sequentially.
    ("toGather purojiekuto" Takashi Oya, Kozue Kinoshita)

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3

Where is refuge?
  • Prize winner
    Yusuke Shiraiwa <personal (student)>
  • Work summary
    What would you do if earthquake is generated now? One which is useful at such time "refuge anywhere" We do in this. It is chat bot of LINE returning refuge nearby when we send positional information.
  • Voice of prize winner
     We have such a splendid prize and are glad very much.
     People whom we instructed contribute to the fact that we were able to obtain this splendid prize.
     We knew that Kanazawa-shi released data of refuge, and we thought that you utilized these data, and it was what, or you could not make helpful thing, and "refuge developed chat bot called where". Through open data, we will think that we can think about idea to lead to local solution to the problem in future.
    (Yusuke Shiraiwa)

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3

Idea section

The grand prix

Kanazawa bulletin board
  • Prize winner
    I-O DATA team QA <group (corporation)>
  • Work summary
    It is bulletin board application that attracted flyers of held event of Kanazawa broken up in various sites.
  • Point of receiving a prize
    Point that realized reading of various event' information in simple user interface was appreciated clearly.
  • Voice of prize winner
     We have you choose for idea section Grand Prix from idea that there is number and we are honored at all and think.
     "Kanazawa bulletin board" can list flyers in smartphone and is simple application to choose curious thing intuitively. From open data of each site, we gather image and information of event flyer to collect brochure and free paper which various places are dotted with. As a result, trouble to look for omit and can choose on seeing photograph and image happily.
     Which looked at flyer by having many people see flyer which is hard to spread in paper medium may scatter impression and flyer in SNS. In addition, we can publish flyers such as mall and store, street live if we prepare structure which we can post flyer on from general one and think that it may be in tool which we can utilize very much toward the hometown.
     Opinion that all of you gave to served as a reference very much. We think of live kaserarerebato in the future. Thank you very much.
    ("I-O DATA team QA" representative Shiori Kinami)

The mayor prize for encouragement

Education application ... which meal ... city, school, protector not to look after cooperates, and brings up Food education of child
  • Prize winner
    Abiko seminar <group (student)>
  • Work summary
    It is education application to raise Food education of child who can see information of production centers of menu and ingredients every elementary and junior high school.
  • Voice of prize winner
     We appreciate your choosing as honorable prize called the mayor prize for encouragement.
     We perform Food education led by young generation in Ishikawa and Kanazawa-shi, and even school lunch uses local ingredients such as Kaga vegetable positively. In addition, in late years allergy increases, but there is example that we eat by mistake when we substituted in school lunch, and fatal accident got up. We had you be interested in meal by this idea promoting local production for local consumption, and sending the safe eating habits and we wanted to promote Food education and suggested.
     This plan is realized and thinks that children living in Kanazawa want to be healthy well and to bring up through Food education. We want to think about idea that can solve social problem in future.
    ("Abiko seminar" representative Moe Omichi)

About holding of the second examination (public presentation)

We hold "KANAZAWA Civic Tech Contest 2018" application section second examination in the following schedule. By public presentation form using samples such as application, we decide the grand prix work.

[the date and time]
 Saturday, February 16, 2019 13:00-17:00 (plan)
 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa lecture hall (no charge for admission)
[time schedule]
 1 opening of a meeting [13:00 ...]
 2 mayor greetings
 3 member of a selection committee introductions
 4 public presentation [13:13 ...] ※We may be changed by progress at time
 <application section first examination passage work>
  Work name Publisher
13:13 ...kanayadoSmartphone application project
13:28 ...toGathertoGather purojiekuto
13:43 ...Another kunKaisei Sato
13:58 ...Where is refuge?Yusuke Shiraiwa
14:22 ...Trip to Hyakumangoku, Kanazawa guidancesatorabo
14:37 ...Words that going person speaks and mini-robot which we guide depending on appearanceKeisuke Nakamura
<idea section prize winner>
  Work name Publisher
14:52 ...Education application ... (the mayor prize for encouragement) that meal ... city, school, protector not to look after cooperates and brings up Food education of childAbiko seminar
15:08 ...Kanazawa bulletin board
(the grand prix)
I-O DATA team QA
 5 examination [15:30-16:30]
 6 examination result announcement, commendation [16:30-17:00]
   ※We perform commendation of idea section prize winner in addition
 7 closing [going to be finished at 17:00]

We started offer of KANAZAWA Civic Tech Contest 2018

※Offer was finished. 

 It recruits application and services to lead to open data and local problem solution that we applied ICT in and, through approach of the production, promotes utilization of the community data in private enterprise and plans promotion of improvement, regional activation of administrative transparency, reliability and Civic technical center activity.
Offer period
It must arrive by 17:00 on - Monday, November 26 on Thursday, July 12, 2018 ※Japan Standard Time (JST)

Corporation or the personal and group
Offer section
(1) Application section
We raise application and services to lead to solution to local problem that utilized open data of Kanazawa-shi
※The use that we combine with opening data which other groups provide is possible.
※Other than smartphone and tablet for computer terminals application and Web application, Web Service, we raise works advocating in the following reference example widely.
[reference example]
・Application that utilized advanced technology such as AI and drone, VR
・Application that let link IoT apparatus (other reference example lists in offer essential point)
[open data]
Open data of Kanazawa-shi become following (A) (B).
  (A) Kanazawa-shi opening data
It is "data which are released now" of open data portal     in Kanazawa-shi official homepage.
 (B) Opening data which Kanazawa-shi releases for contests
It is "open data which 2(1)(B) Kanazawa-shi releases for contests" of special page for contest.
(2) Idea section
We raise ideas to meet two following conditions
Oh, being idea to lead to solution to local problem that we applied) ICT in
(i) Being idea utilizing data such as open data
The grand prix for each one point commendation, supplementary prize (application section: prize money 300,000 yen, idea section: prize money 50,000 yen)
Prize for encouragement    A few commendation, supplementary prize (plan)
※Application section Grand Prix prize winner actually completes to state that you can operate about entry by the end of June, 2019, and please start opening to the public (registration exhibition to App Store and Google play or exhibition of URLs such as application).
Offer essential point
   After checking offer essential point, please apply.
   Offer essential point (316 kbytes)pdf
Application method
You list the requirements in documents to submit, and please submit to application (the Kanazawa-shi Information Policy Division ICT Promotion Office "KANAZAWA application development promotion meeting secretariat").
(1) Documents to submit
[application section]
①Application application (50 kbytes)doc ② proposal (285 kbytes)ppt
[idea section]
①Application application (46 kbytes)doc ② proposal (287 kbytes)ppt
(2) Submission method
Please submit by any of the following method
③We bring to Kanazawa-shi Information Policy Division ICT Promotion Office directly
Offer flyer
 Please download from this.

Application development seminar that utilized advanced technology

 Of contest "KANAZAWA Civic Tech Contest 2018" raising application and services that utilized advanced technology such as AI other than smartphone application and Web application, toward various places interested in various places that considered by application of contest and application development about advanced technology, held seminar on holding.

The second <10/21 Sunday holding>

 We held "application development seminar (the second) that utilized advanced technology" on Sunday, October 21, 2018.
As for the  held result, please see this.

The first <9/12 Wednesday holding>

 We held "application development seminar (the first) that utilized advanced technology" on Wednesday, September 12, 2018.
As for the  held result, please see this.

Urban data challenge "Kanazawa-shi special prize"

Elect work superior from work applied for for contest "Urban data challenge 2018" of general participation type to raise application idea data which are effective for solution to local problem and commend; "Kanazawa-shi installs prize particularly".

KANAZAWA application development cram school

  While student interested in application development of smartphone or the group gets advice such as IT engineers, we wrestle for development of application to be connected for local problem solution.

Application development seminar

Past contest

KANAZAWA application university

We hold for the purpose of connecting with creation of activation of application development in Kanazawa and further business opportunity by planning level improvement and the foot expansion of application developer in Kanazawa, and providing place of connection between application developers.

Application and reference

〒920-8577 1-1-1, Hirosaka, Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa
  The Kanazawa-shi Information Policy Division ICT Promotion Office "KANAZAWA application development promotion meeting secretariat"
  TEL: 076-220-2014 FAX: 076-220-2777
  Mail: ict@city.kanazawa.lg.jp


Urban Policy Division Information Policy Division ICT utilization promotion room
Phone number 076-220-2014
FAX number: 076-220-2777

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