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The present position: TopIt is municipal administration information of the inside of thisIt is public information, program, SNS of the inside of thisFrom this by Twitter disseminate information
We display page for print

By Twitter disseminate information

As you send announcement of homepage of city or event information, disaster prevention information through "Twitter" (Twitter) in Kanazawa-shi, please respond.




Dispatch contents

  1. Delivery information (automatic delivery) by RSS on Kanazawa-shi homepage
  • Disaster prevention, flash news
  • News from Kanazawa-shi
  • Event information
  1. The mayor regular news conference, other content (hand-operated delivery) that we want to tell about including photonews

About operation

  1. It is driven by publication
  • Public Information Department
  • It becomes each department in charge placing individual information of news and each contribution (tweet) of event information in homepage.
  1. Response to follow 
  • We do not perform follow from Kanazawa-shi.
  1. Response to reply
  • We do not reply principle, reply.
  • About opinion for Kanazawa-shi, please send city homepage to "opinion, suggestion".

With Twitter

Twitter is communication service in the Internet to post short sentence information within 140 characters, and to read.
If there are any environment (PC or smartphone) that the Internet is available to, we can read anyone.

Please refer to Twitter help center for how to use of Twitter.

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Urban Policy Division Public Information Department
Phone number 076-220-2033
FAX number: 076-220-2030
[email protected]

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