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Sound sketching

Sound sketching

We hang saw with Nagamachi samurai family shop floor

  • Winter charming sights komo credit that can continue that earthen wall is sharpened when snow piled up melts for the purpose of preventing every year. When it is hung earthen wall nikomoga, cityscape of Kanazawa changes for the winter clothing, too.

zokusakidaijin shop native line

  • Adult shop native line to be called yakkofuri by is entertainment to be carried out at the time of festival in zokusaki. We have pole carried lacquered traveling box, Japanese halberd with chimaki look to happi coat, and kneading on fire is lively line to advance to in leaders of lumber-carriers.

Yuwaku Onsen public bath "hot water of white heron"

  • It is completed in June, 1999. Bathroom becomes area of former about 2 times and can enjoy hot water of Yuwaku (tie) casually and it increases in former public bath and gains popularity.

Sound of Clappers sounding through the House of east-southeast Yamadera group

  • One of the old manners and customs that people of town follow their towns to live in by turns, Clappers of looking out for fire. This sound that is beyond * (come) is Moriyama school bottom (or like this), Clappers of former Ogawamachi town assembly. This sound resounds in Witching hour without dying out for a long time in this area among the House of east-southeast Yamadera group.

Mt. east-southeast sumo wrestling hall, exciting game music

  • Mt. east-southeast sumo wrestling hall (jo) becomes base of Sumo kingdom Ishikawa (Ishikawa) since completion of 1962. Though we may call high school sumo Kanazawa Games the first summer feature of Kanazawa. Heat of fight is handed down directly.

When Tatsumi does not come; drum

  • When Tatsumi coming to Tatsumi district of Kanazawa for a long time does not come, drum is wonderful skill of wild drum which took in potato Chaki dance that imitated gesture of mantis. Sound that we heard was called "rokukansanhyaku" and was pleased with gain and we prayed and clapped good harvest in the next year livelily.

The skill of mason

  • In Kanazawa, the skill is inherited by generation who is young by the skill of traditional mason.

Pass prayer Kanazawa Shrine

  • Kanazawa Shrine got close to as God of study of Kanazawa for a long time. It is the after 30s of the Showa era that we write wish in Wooden votive tablet and pass and came to pray, and 50,000-60,000 people visit prayer every year from New Year holidays.

Kaga black kite, New Year's parade of fire brigades

  • One of the events to color New Year holidays of Kanazawa has New Year's parade of fire brigades inheriting tradition of Kaga black kite. Originally it is beginning to have played an active part as Susumu country house daimyo's mansion in Edo, fire brigade, and nude drainage in cold wind and wonderful skill of scalade of 6 meters above the ground can see the skill and the best of men of Hyakumangoku.

Bell of Teramachi temple group

  • Bell of Teramachi temple group is chosen as "100 selections of sounds () of Japan". Temple of big things and small things 70 compares with Teramachi according to the name. Bell which duty to tell people of town about time was disappeared with the times until prewar days. Local volunteers gather now and make bell sound (we carry) fans society and we hit at 6:00 p.m. every Saturday and sound and bring back this sound again. It is intokuji (ji) and bell of wish sense temple (ji) to hear.

Bell of Onori temple

  • Bell of Onori temple (daijoji) tells the southwestern part in Kanazawa-shi, morning around the Noda mountain (mountain). It will be about 300 years ago now that Onori temple (daijoji) which has history 700 years or more after making founding (manipulation) as temple belonging to the Zen sect moved to current place. Building including Buddhist sanctum of important cultural property may be also known as witness who stared at history of Kanazawa calmly.

Bush warbler tension of Kurando Terajima's house tei trace

  • As for samurai family (buke) mansion, Kurando Terajima's house (tei) trace, feelings to architecture are felt between tea-ceremony room and reserve in everywhere including (ma). It is sound of corridor where is bush warbler-clad to hear, and iron clamp which stopped floor board when we step creaks and sounds like cry of bush warbler.

Kaga Lion dance

  • As for Kaga Lion dance, the body called "mosquito net" is 12 meters in length, 7 meters in width with large size most in the whole country. Size of head is 50-60cm in width in height square, too and it is stored about 220 and shows dignified presence of Hyakumangoku culture in Kanazawa-shi.

Sham increasing prosperity

  • It is one, Noh comedy of traditional entertainment by the people comedy of the Middle Ages. Kanazawa inherits Izumi style. Program called this folding fan is Noh comedy about happy thing according to the name.

Children singing Kagahosho

  • In elementary school in Kanazawa-shi, we actually demonstrate Kaga Yuzen and local Traditional craft including grilled Kutani as part of class. Children who stretch out the back with sitting straight look to handmade Ougi, and sing. Strength to create their culture when slim to absorb traditional culture straight. Good point only in such children is felt.

We inquire into gems and stones of Kenroku-en Garden

  • Dirt last joke of gems and stones of tanka feast on the curve of a river bank carried out from around July, 1980 becomes summer feature of Kenroku-en Garden. Gems and stones polished up with gold brush individualize beauty of tanka feast on the curve of a river bank in summer sunlight still more.

Kohrinbo mica (the murmuring) street

  • Street along Kuratsuki water flowing through Kohrinbo is named "mica street". Good naming of the nuance of a word reflecting the image of state that water of water shined was chosen among general open call for participants. The murmuring of mica street always softens passerby with ear and eyes.

Good-bye Kenroku-en Garden tennis court

  • In Kenroku-en Garden tennis court adjacent to Kanazawa-jo Castle, we heard pound with light tennis ball. This coat was made as official tennis venue of the second National Athletic Meet in 1947. Thereafter we finished the duty while this coat got close to to citizen was regretted for half a century by much tennis lovers.

Summer when young sweetfish jumps

  • The removal of a ban day of sweet fish which person who enjoyed mountain stream fishing waited impatiently for. In Saigawa, the Asano River, the Morimoto River flowing through the city, many people lower fishing line early in the morning. Of course device is Kaga fishing lure. It is said that samurai began for own training in the Edo era. Kaga fishing lure which repeated tradition and mastery of skills with young sweetfishes jumping by flow of clear river well tells summer opening of Kanazawa.

We dig bamboo shoot of Bessho

  • It is sound to dig one of the taste to enjoy spring of Kanazawa, bamboo shoot of Bessho.

Gulls getting close to the Asano River

  • The Asano River is sung in Kanazawa City song and is got close to citizen for a long time. When does a flock of gulls rest feather with bridge, Kobashi appearing in the Asano River for place of rest between *eikyo after? People and gulls of town enjoy the contact while hearing flow of easy river.

Winter birds coloring surface of a lake of Kahokugata

  • Kahokugata in the northeast (hokutou) district of Kanazawa was ever a cough lakes (come) one of the best in Japan. Surface of a lake decreases to a one-third by reclamation, and environment greatly changed before, but it is in habitat of one of the best wild birds in prefectural through the four seasons including winter cancer, ducks and birds of prey (we already forbid). Winter birds color gray seasonal surface of a lake noisily again this year.

Scenery of Kanazawa Port

  • Port of Kanazawa is the entrance of the sea of Kanazawa. This port receiving ship which suffered hardship in violent wave and wind of The Sea of Japan easily plays a role as all weather-shaped base-style, to cope with of which direction in men of the sea. Let alone fishing boat, it is applied in patrol boat, luxurious passenger liner, trader with Russia, Korea protecting the Japanese sea widely.

Autumn insects of Mt. kigo

  • Mt. kigo is wild bird, insect, treasure house of animals. He/she invites us to paradise of nature by the cry in each in the four seasons. In this mountain, the autumn leading role is symphony of insects. It will be what animals which began winter clothes listen to unintentionally.

Cicada chirps of forest of Honda

  • Cicada chirps of forest of Honda is chosen as "100 selections of sounds () of Japan". In city area, higurashi that there is few inhabits much in forest of this Honda. Time when higurashi calls is just a time at the time when time and day when Asahi begins to be go down. We can taste summer feeling (kokochi) good point defeated in the rain with sunlight to pour brightly symmetrically.

Tatsumi water (sound of current)

  • Tatsumi water which flows from the upper reaches of Saigawa, upper (chews) Tatsumimachi under Kanazawa-jo Castle. It is used as irrigation water while being said to be castle water (we do not see) and, by total leader (if we spread and do), Heishiro Itaya, is completed in only less than one year in 1632. This sound is the murmuring of the front side of Kanazawa Shrine.

Song (forest of *seiji) of birds

  • With forest of Fushoujimachi wild bird facing the The Sea of Japan, birds crossing the sea throughout the year, this forest hears song of chicken to finish.

Churn hole group of Fushimi River (chase) (sound of current)

  • There is churn hole group that many round holes are seen in the upper reaches of Fushimi River, Yamashina district near stream bed (we chase). In this, fast flowing stream broke stream bed of the sandstone layer, and nyu (yes) ri turned, and pebble became deep round hole.
  • It is said that we were able to do it 23 million years ago and can feel the ancient old days.

The shore cleaning at the Senkouji beach

  • There is not beach in the city, but the shore cleaning is performed now ahead of season of the sea by thought to want to protect beautiful shoreline.

News of flower from flower market (ichiba)

  • It is sound scenery of Japanese parsley of public facilities flower market (ichiba) in Futakuchimachi, Kanazawa-shi that energetic shout resounds with signal of bell at 6:30 a.m. From market (ichiba) where Japanese parsley is developed in inspiration and expiration to us, news of seasonal flower arrives today.

Youth that we entrusted ball used in baseball with

  • Much support and voice of friend bench to echo through the cause, baseball stadium under hot weather of midsummer. Moment ... which is nailed for every moment (ikkyoshuittousoku) of members of baseball club who entrusted ball used in baseball with dream and admiration. At ground where loser intersects the winner in emotionlessness, page of one youth is turned up again.

Bell of Hirosaka, Kanazawa church

  • It is Catholic Kanazawa (Kanazawa) church bell in according to Hirosaka. We hear this tone in time for prayer of morning, noon, evening. As for the bell made in Italy, father and people of church pull string with prayer of peaceful (rock) directly every day and sound.

Turnout (au: 160KB) of Omicho-ichiba Market (ichiba)

  • Kitchen, Omicho-ichiba Market (ichiba) of Kanazawa citizen. It prospers as fish market from the affairs of a feudal clan period and gets over big fire of Meiji, the war damage of the World War. Freshness market (ichiba) lets you feel even personality of history. For fresh, cheap ingredients, many people come today. There is Kanazawa looking good with the word "crowd" and sound of sound like this only here.


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