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City declaration

City declaration

(12)Gender-free participation city declaration (December 16, 2013 decision)

 Each citizen learned from history and tradition, and our town Kanazawa pushed forward unique personality and town development with vitality.
 For social realization that all people are respected regardless of sex, each citizen detects each other's differences, and opportunity to participate in every field in equal situation is found, and it cooperates with approach in international community, and it is important to deepen cooperation.
 Thus, citizen of all of us declares that it is in gender-free participation city to do with the future when youth and children living in the next generation can show individuality and ability.

(11)Good manner practice city declaration (September 19, 2007 decision)

  Our town Kanazawa was blessed with rich natural environments and life culture, and consideration to attachment and others to citizen's town, heart of cooperation have been brought up in that.
 However, in late years heartless act of some people and lack of manner hurt heart of many people, and they are to disturb good social relations.
 Each one follows public rule so that people live comfortably peacefully each other, and it is necessary to do others and eco-friendly consideration. This is condition of human being society existence and is basics.
 Therefore, also, we declare that all citizens work hard at practice of good manner that civic living is beautiful and becomes town lively brightly to welcome various places visiting Kanazawa.

(10)The healthy social environmental formation city declaration (March 15, 2007 decision)

 Our dignity that we waited, and Kanazawa respected a certain unit-related history and traditional culture brought up citizen's rich mind by promotion of town development that there was and formed healthy, good society environment.
 However, in late years good community of solidarity and Kanazawa of community is on the verge by act and outbreak of case in defiance of the local fact to disturb public morals.
 It is our mission to live in now that succeeds personality and dignity of town which ancient people built in history.
 Therefore, citizen of all of us removes any act to adversely affect everyday life decidedly and protects solidarity of community and community of Kanazawa and declares what we act as for the formation of healthy society environment.

(9)Security, reliable city declaration (March 8, 2006 decision)

 Child is our treasure.
 House is our rest and kan rogino space.
 Meal is the root of our life.
 Evil threatens life and property which are our tranquility.
 Uneasiness and menace to these are remarkable, and recent social conditions are in the situation to let you concern about our living.
 Citizen of all of us prays eagerly to keep reliable living by security when we want to continue living in this irreplaceable town which we brought up while taking hand until now while local.
 Anyone is spiritually rich, and, with this wish, we declare that we serve for reliable town development by security to be able to live.

(8)Kanazawa fashion industry city declaration (June 22, 2004 decision)

 Our town Kanazawa cultivated traditional culture that was high in fragrance and inherited the skill of craftsman full of originality and, with connection with the arts and sciences accumulated, developed original industry, culture.
 We keep this soil alive, and fiber promotes high quality manufacturing in the field of fashion concerned with all the life culture from the start and brings up new industry and is going to raise vitality of city more.
 Therefore, citizen of all of us,
1 culture (ibunka, interchange with new business, promotion of fashion industry by fusion
Promotion of 1 industry and fashion study by cooperation of the arts and sciences
Personnel training for fashion creation full of sensitivity that is full of 1
We declare that we push forward the making of fashion industry city leading the world in basics in this.

(7)Environmental city declaration (March 26, 1998 decision)

 We add to green of Kiki (kigi) coloring flow, terrace (dankyu) of our many rivers where we wait, and Kanazawa quenches downtown and do breathing cityscape of culture and history cultivated by rich blessings of nature with assets and aim at environment city in the world conveying beautiful Taste of Japan.
 Therefore, citizen of all of us,
The succession of one and climate that nature lives together
The training of easy heart to be considerate of 1 environment
Practice of business and local action that thought about circulation of 1 resource
We follow global environment bringing up all life including prevention of warming in basics in this and declare that we pull heart city environment feeling at ease as more healthy thing in history, and tsugi (tsu) is.

(6)World crafts city declaration (September 26, 1995 decision)

 In traditional culture that was high in flavor and seasonal beautiful nature, it produced many master craftsmen, and our town Kanazawa brought about perfect gem by many maneuvers to boast of to the world and brought up the grand skill and rich sensitivity for the beauty in civic life.
 Citizen of all of us,
Traditional cultural inheritance that 1 is beautiful and environmental maintenance
Technique, technical succession and upbringing of successor that 1 is traditional, and are high
Exaltation of creation mind full of life for 1 future
Support of fictionization with original individuality that 1 is new
We succeed to further new "heart of manufacturing" in basics in this toward the world and declare that we send.

(5)Scenery city declaration (March 23, 1992 decision)

 We conveyed our culture that we waited, and Kanazawa was brought up against a backdrop of comfortable nature and topography by historic cityscape and tradition in now and formed unique, attractive town beautifully.
 Citizen of all of us,
1 making of scenery to keep beautiful nature and climate in good condition
The making of scenery in succession to 1 traditional culture-like assets
The making of scenery creating new city space that harmonized with 1 environment
We declare that we form cityscape like Kanazawa in basics in this more.

(4)Peaceful city declaration (December 21, 1985 decision)

 Our oldness and Kanazawa are cities that built inherent traditional culture in harmony without, fortunately, being exposed to the war. We follow this precious cultural heritage, and what we convey in history is mission imposed on to we citizens.
 World permanent peace and all-out ban, extinction of nuclear weapon are wishes of all the human, and we must make constant effort for the realization.
 We already perform each world city and sisters friendship town tie-up and are acting as our Kanazawa-shi for increase of citizen interchange and the friendship friendship, but we desire world peace and limitless prosperity of the human, and Kanazawa-shi declares that it is in everlasting peace city inside and out.

(3)Green city declaration (June 12, 1974 decision)

 It is the root of all life, and green is healthy heartbeat itself of nature.
 We recover and, for survival and prosperity of the human, keep green which is lost, and goes in good condition and develop and pray when we want to continue protecting irreplaceable nature.
 With this wish
 We declare that citizen of all of us conveys beautiful nature in now and does proudhearted "Forest City (we see and bake) Kanazawa" in everlasting green town.

(2)Traffic safety city declaration (March 15, 1962 decision)

 fuku* of urban traffic accompanied with progress of economy becomes tougher, and, in in recent times, appearing in succession of Traffic accident by this becomes big social problem.
 Traffic condition of our Kanazawa-shi is extremely serious, and is line where most of city area grids have narrow overflow and much winding, as for the sharp increase of the passage vehicle of Route 8 bisecting city, particularly more for traffic congestion in the city; accelerate. Therefore, the number of frequent Traffic accident accounts for half of the number of throughout the prefecture outbreak, and menace to human life just gathers more and more.
 We promote improvement of traffic environment to ensure the security of civic life except menace of such a traffic disaster and keenly realize citizen bullet and urgent business of it being, and being devoted to awareness of security traffic.
 Thus, we declare that we assume Kanazawa-shi "Traffic safety city" here in order to achieve ideal of safe city with all citizens.

(1)The World Federation of Nations peace city declaration (September 26, 1957 decision)

 Our Kanazawa-shi approves of purpose of the World Federation of Nations construction for world permanently peaceful realization and declares that sokei (we opened) is peace city that obtains, and makes an effort for development of the human welfare with people of the whole world.


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