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About reading software

With lead speaker SpeechPanel

 Other than high-quality sound reading function, we are equipped with change function of letter-colored/background color or change function of size, and barrier-free of homepage is Web accessibility service that lead speaker Japan Corporation which becoming is big, and is promoted provides with one this.
 One-click, sound reading function is possible and color change or size change are setting windows and, simple setting, are similar setting when we visited on the next time as setting information is further saved and can read homepage.
 Exclusive plug in, which is old in one which application is all-free, and is brief as for the operation method and weak, eyestrain of eyesight breathe, and can use homepage for comfortably.

How to use

Lead speaker SpeechPanel is started when we click "we start lead speaker SpeechPanel", and various buttons are displayed on the screen.

[we read sentence]
We read text information on page aloud by sound when we click.

[we read link]
Number is dumped in each link in page and reads link words aloud with link number in turn.

We stop reading.

It is text inputting box "→" button [we move to link]
When we input link number or link words into text inputting box [→ arrow] and click button, it changes to appointed page.

[sentence mode]
We display screen only with text (sentence).

[normal indication]
We return text (sentence) indication to normal raster display.

When we perform size change, color change, we click this and set in setting window.
In addition, change of reading speed, having highlight function or not are modifiable, too.
For more details, please confirm in help page.

We explain how to use lead speaker SpeechPanel.


 For automatic sound reading by sound synthetic as for the reading function including person's name, the place name, proper noun, abbreviation please note that may not be read definitely.
 In addition, please note that we do not take any responsibility when some kind of damage occurs by the use of this service directly or indirectly.


Urban Policy Division Public Information Department
Phone number 076-220-2033
FAX number: 076-220-2030
[email protected]

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