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The present position: TopIt is way of thinking of Kanazawa-shi official homepage of the inside of thisAbout consideration from this to accessibility (accessibility) of Kanazawa-shi official homepage
We display page for print

About consideration to accessibility (accessibility) of Kanazawa-shi official homepage

About approach of Kanazawa-shi

We devised guideline unified on making of homepage and "Kanazawa-shi official homepage universal design guideline" that it was in February, 2005 to send information that Kanazawa-shi sent to to more people exactly in Kanazawa-shi and performed consideration to accessibility.
Japanese Industrial Standards JIS X 8341-3 about Web accessibility investigated the correspondence situation to 2010 (the following, JIS and mention) about official homepage from June through July in Kanazawa-shi in 2012. We set "Web accessibility policy" based on problem that became clear as a result of investigation as follows in Kanazawa-shi and will perform approach for accomplishment.

With Web accessibility

It is consideration for use of homepage of elderly person and person with a disability mainly. We mean that all people using homepage access information and function provided on homepage without trouble regardless of mental and physical condition and environment to use, and "they are available".

JIS X 8341-3 about 2010:

Based on JIS revised in 2010, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications "public site operational model (2010 revised edition) of all" was announced in 2011, and public institution homepages such as the local government or country set "Web accessibility policy" to aim for after having grasped the correspondence situation to JIS, and it came to be demanded that we pushed forward approach for the achievement.

Kanazawa-shi official homepage Web accessibility policy (correspondence aim)

As a general rule, about Kanazawa-shi official homepage, we aim at "class AA conformity" of JIS by March 31, 2015. But as correspondence is difficult, we aim at "class A1 region conformity" from operational aspect about page where video is published in and it follows and will examine correspondence.

We are based on AA

  • Target range
  • Contents to exclude
    • Page where we publish video in
    • PDF file (we examine correspondence separately)

We are based on A partly

  • Target range
  • Contents to exclude
    • PDF file (we examine correspondence separately)
  • The achievement standard not to include in aim
    • As for the correspondence to add subtitles to when we offer video, "the achievement standard about caption of sound contents that have been recorded" does not include achievement standard in aim from aspect of operation because it is difficult, but publishes scenario of program on the homepage so that contents such as the narration of video reach.

In accordance with class AA, in class A with some conformity

JIS has A, AA, three classes of AAA. When "conformity cannot meet about of the achievement standard of class A in class AA" when we meet all the achievement standards of class A and AA, we are with "conformity in class A". As for this notation method, "JIS X 8341-3 of Web contents is thing by notation set on 2010 correspondence degree notation guidelines first edition - August 20, 2010" information and communication access meeting Web accessibility base Committee.

About problems confirming at present

As a result of investigation, we confirm class A, thing having problem with of class AA in some pages of Kanazawa-shi official homepage. We perform improvement by next site renewal for accomplishment in Kanazawa-shi and will work on JIS correspondence through everyday page correction, making work.

About confirmation and exhibition of correspondence

We carry out examination on the basis of content shown in "item 8 test method" (method to confirm whether it can support JIS is listed) of JIS and are going to release result in Kanazawa-shi official homepage by March 31, 2015.

Test result

Public announcement of test result
As a general rule, based on the test result mentioned above, "class AA conformity" of JIS is quite accomplished by March 31, 2015, but will work on improvement of accessibility sequentially.

Correspondence about attached file such as PDF

We do not include PDF in the Web accessibility policy (correspondence aim) mentioned above about attached file, but will perform correspondence such as putting HTML pages together as much as possible, and preparing about thing to make in future.

The achievement standard to adopt in class AAA

In the achievement standards of class AAA, we include in aim about the following and will cope as far as it is possible.
  • The achievement standard (offer of sign-language interpreter supports about possible video) about sign-language interpreter of sound contents that it has been included achievement standard in
  • The achievement standard about the achievement standard present position


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