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The present position: TopIt is way of thinking of Kanazawa-shi official homepage of the inside of thisAbout consideration from this to accessibility
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"Accessibility" is word to express "accessibility which was devised to use any including impaired person and elderly person".
We perform consideration to the following accessibility to send information that Kanazawa-shi sends to to more people in Kanazawa-shi official homepage exactly.

Basic rules of Kanazawa-shi homepage making

We assume gentle homepage toward impaired one and elderly person

  • We introduce sound reading software (lead speaker SpeechPanel) so that even person with impaired sight and elderly person can use Iine-net Kanazawa and make page that considered reading.
  • Even person using browser not to display image considers to be able to receive information definitely.
  • We maintained function that we enlarged letter to eyesight of one to use and could display.
  • Even person with abnormality considers sense of color to be able to tell the difference between information.
  • It is clear and does sentence briefly and keeps plain expression in mind.

We assume homepage that does not depend on specific device, browser, version

  • We make page that is not limited in performance and the operating system of PC of one to use, kind of browser.
  • We prepare for substitute means so that information comes in environment of non-correspondence without depending on specific program.
  • When software is necessary for indication including PDF and Flash separately, we prepare for acquisition means of software.
  • We consider slow environment of line speed.
  • We do not use "platform dependent characters" displayed only in specific model and environment.
  • We consider to operate even if we do not use mouse.

Kanazawa-shi homepage universal design guideline

On making of homepage, we devised "Kanazawa-shi homepage universal design guideline" to become unified guideline in February, 2005.

We download leader at Adobe


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FAX number: 076-220-2030

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